Red Marlin 7:45am, 22 July 2010
Mixed week here in Turkey. Sunday started well with the first race of the newly formed ICYC (International Cesme Yacht Club) which I entered in spite of being overweight (Skipper and boat) and competing with Yachts all fairly new, over 40 foot. 14 entrants. First 49 ft Jeaneau Lemon Sailing School team, 2nd 49 ft Jeaneau White Pidgeon racing team, 3rd Oyster 60ft, 6th Achilles 9m metre. Weather sunny Northerly force 5 - same every day all of July)

Then the bad news. The Turkish Government has changed its visa rules from 90 day renewable visa to 90 day within 180 day period. This means we have to leave the country every 90 days for 90 days before we can return. Alternative is to apply for a £800 residents visa. Since Greece is only 10 miles away and these restrictions do not apply we may have to leave, but we love Turkey Oh Hum
Red Marlin 8 years ago
So much said about Visa rules they have gone back to normal and the new law cancelled
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