blueachilles 9:45pm, 11 July 2010
Just back from Blue's summer cruise, more details and photos shortly.

We came into Mayflower Marina in Plymouth, where most of the boats were at least half as long again as Blue, and we felt very much the poor relation. But the the marina manager said " Are you the people with the Achilles 24? I had one of those, great little boats, etc etc....."

We nearly always get similar comments, wherever we tie up. It reminds me of when I had a classic Mini Cooper, and got a similar reaction.

Does this happen to other people?
elite request [deleted] 8 years ago
When I was in Cowes, you would get some chap with a nice big white monster saying.

I had one like yours a few years ago, great little boat, I think I had more fun in it than I do now!

I think it's something to do with lack of worry that if somthing goes wrong it could cost you thousands to put right.

I love my boat and don't want the worry of something bigger.
Skykomish E29 8 years ago
We also found that getting a mooring was never a problem as the Achilles can squeeze into the tiniest corner of a marina, especially with the outboard engine in the well option as this can be used as an effective stern thruster..
You also had the feeling that you had achieved more even on a short trip compared to those in bigger boats, so it is often nice to call up the harbour master, tell them who you are, where you are from and then invariably have to repeat your dimensions as they find it hard to believe you are so small... Having said that our Elizabethan still has the same feeling but with the luxury of standing head room, she still looks very small compared with the Westerlys that we share a pontoon with, they tower above us like hotels despite being a similar length, we are low on the water narrow in the beam and look very sleek
I lover the older boat they have a certain grace, lacking in more modern floating caravans.
Red Marlin 8 years ago
We have had more positive reaction to our 9metre in Turkey this year than ever before. Boats of our vintage are very rare here and we get very complimentary comments and enquiries if we want to sell etc. Since we are moored near the new marina office we have been regularly seen on Turkish TV and the Marina has employed professional photographers for the opening. We are on 30 of these shots they tell me but have not seen them yet. As costs go up some sailors with bigger boats are speaking enviously of our smaller boat. Next week the Istanbul/Cesme yacht race finishes here with 80 boats so yet more exposure. I wonder if I still had my 24 what the reaction would be but I can guess.
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