veron27 10:32am, 12 March 2010
Mooring at Amble has gone up again £1839 for the year! i have been looking for decent swinging moorings but nothing on NE coast, does anyone know any moorings on NW coast? also i have been quoted £500 to remove and replace Cirdan's windows (1 piece either side), does this sound reasonable or is it a job without too many pit falls that i maybe could do?
NormanKlipspringer 9 years ago
No knowledge of moorings but you may be interested in the following.
Have a look at the previous discussions on Windows from the links on the page below:
Also if you haven't read it have a look at Geoff Mark's article on windows on the link below:
rothwell_neil 9 years ago
I have replaced windows and used two methods. I had a local glass company cut me windows in 6mm perspex (nice smoked black) for £24 per window. used old window as template to drill holes in right place.

The first one I put in with silicone and went in OK and no leaks but have to be sure not to over tighten as silicon needs to be flexible. many people report problems with this and I have to admit that the second one went in with window tape. this is 3mm 25mm wide neoprene and you apply to back of the window and just put in with screws or whatever came out. This is simple and seems to be faultless so far. A roll of tape costs £25 for 25metres or £1 per meter from chandlers. This is great as you can take them out and put them back without issue. Not that you would unless very bored. I sprayed black under the window and they do look good. That would be £75 for both windows.
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
a bit cheaper than £500!!!!
Eagle windows suggested a similar solution but they suggested using both tape and sealant, the tape was to ensure that the sealant didn't spread into an unsightly gloopy mess behind the perspex, they also warned that the holes in the perspex for the screws need to be oversized to allow for expansion in hot weather, this is why many crack as often the holes are drilled to the screw size and so pressure is built up in the perspex when it expands.
Eagle sell the special window sealant which I understand doesn't set, they are always advertising in the yacht mags
veron27 9 years ago
hi guys thanks for the useful advice. i will definitely give it a go nyself now and will let you kow how i get on. still looking for moorings though...????
Red Marlin 9 years ago
I have replaced the windows twice myself. Both times I had annoying little leaks (why always over the chart table). 2 years ago had them replaced in Turkey - whar a difference. No screws - thorough cleaning of the area. spacers stuck to GRP
Red Marlin 9 years ago
why did that transmit when I did not want it to - to continue. The windows were sikaflexed in place and wedged and left for a week - installers came back and finished the job off. 50 deg temps since and no sign of a leak.
rothwell_neil 9 years ago
Maryport marina is £1050 for the 12 months including hard standing. Marina at Whitehaven is £1600 but they also do moorings in the harbour for about £700
Eclipse 1 9 years ago
Swinging moorings at Amble yacht club...
Eclipse 1 9 years ago
Kippford is a nice spot if you get a decent mooring.. depends where youre travelling from!
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
mmmmmmm red marlin ask Ron about sticking the windows in.....I believe that he tried this and had to resort to screws in the end.
I understand from the guy at Eagle windows that you have to use the right mastic to seal the perspex, plus the neoprene strip probably acts as a good flexible seal too
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Red marlin had more success than I did ,, but my fault. i did not rough up the windows enough. Goskars were primed as per the book ,,, we have only used 4 screws so far ! Gaffer taped at moment.
pjbharrison 9 years ago
Used 3mm x 25mm neoprene tape last year with screws. No leaks yet. Easy to apply and cheap. Tape cost €1 per metre. No messy sealants or glue. Neoprene tape is sticky on one side, just peel off paper.
Good luck with job
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