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johnjcoyle 3:31pm, 27 February 2010
Hi all,

Just a quick mail to kep in touch and help with the records... So my grandad was Fred Coyle the original purchaser of A450 fin keel 24' in red. He lived in Monaco and my family used to spend months at a time in the summer sailing the riviera.

The family had a berth in MC and later moved to Garavan / Menton and were there for a good 10 years. From here the Itallian riviera was covered and later after several trips to Corsica we moved the boat to Calvi on the north west coast of Corsica. This was and is a dream sailing location.

After my grandad passed away the boat was passed to my Dad, who kept sailing right up until he moved to Cyprus. As I had moved to Belgium for 7 years and now have been in Ottawa Canada for the past 5 years A450 was left in the care of our friend in the next berth, however contact has been lost and no doubt the boat is now either in Davy jones locker or in new hands....

Anyhow it does not end there,,, during the early 80's my grandad started to show interest in a 9 mtr to replace A450 however this never happened, then in my dad's ownership he decided to put in an order for an 840... we did the deal at the southhampton boatshow and an oxford blue / surf blue 840 went into production, we were all looking forwards to this being in the south of france as it was a larger boat and would have been great in that region. I know we changed the spec of the cockpit and a few other things and apporx 2 weeks before we were supposed to take delivery Butler mouldings went into recievership and we lost our new 840...damn it...

Anyhow, that wonderfull little boat changed my life, I went on to a lot of sailing both dinghy sailing via the sea cadet corps ( eventually being selected for the 88 olympics, but I joined the Royal Navy instead !) did 12mtr racing on "Drum" and was awarded a reserved berth on T.S Royalist for the Tall ships race...

Now in Canada I first bought a Catalina 22, very simular to a Achilles 24 and recently moved up to a Coronado 25 and am looking forward to the 2010 sailing season here on the Ottawa river out of the Aylmer Yacht club.

So if ever anyone is in the south of France / Corsica area and they see a red 24 with A450 sail number do let me know !! I have loads of pictures and will no doubt post a load very soon.

I wish you all fair winds and sandy bottoms...!

John Coyle.
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
Hi John Thanks for the info, feel free to stick around and join in not all of us have an Achilles
Red Marlin 9 years ago
Really enjoyed reading this. May be in that area next year and will keep my eyes open. In 11 years sailing the Med full time have only seen one Achilles, I guess that is why I like reading this site so much - Tony
johnjcoyle 9 years ago
Hey Red Marlin,

If ever you are going to my old area let me know I have some wonderfull bays and marinas for you to visit. I knew of one other Achilles in the med, however I think it was trailored down for a few years and then went back to the UK.

Over here in Canada there are also some excellent sailing grounds, still miss the Med...!

good luck.
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