elite request [deleted] 7:58pm, 20 February 2010
Has anybody sailed around the south western tip of england?

I could after all, end up somewhere in herefordshire and Cardiff area looks like the most likely place to find a mooring I can get to.

Any local knowledge would be great. Isle of man is off, which is a shame.

I would have to get Amrum from Portmouth round to somewhere close to Cardiff. Not quite the Atlantic, but a very big step for me!

I expect I would take over a couple of weeks to get round, popping into safe havens when needed etc.
Super Snoopy 050 9 years ago
Amrum is coming home to the Bristol Channel! I believe that it was originally a Portishead boat owned by a guy who called all his boats Amrum. I now have Amrum 3 (now called Super Snoopy). Amrum was short for hammerthem, such was the feeling in the Bristol Channel between the racing boats on the English coast and their counterparts on the other side.

Things are easy once you get to Ilfracombe, the tide takes you up to Cardiff in about six hours. Nikki can tell you all the bits from Ilfracome to Lands End.

Re your choice of final resting place, look at www.bristolchannel.co.uk It gives details of all clubs and marinas in the upper reaches of our area. Newport Uskmouth Sailing Club will be the nearest (and by far the cheapest) club to Herefordshire. However if Amrum is a fin, you're out of luck, we are now closed for new fin members due to lack of space in our deep mud moorings. There is plenty of room for triple keelers.

Good luck and if you want any more info, get in touch. One thing - don't have white antifouling - it gets a lovely shade of khaki in our waters.
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks, very helpfull as allways. Amrum is a fin, interview is in a couple of weeks and should know soon after. will have to move around june so plenty of time to get the trip organised and boat ready.

got to go someone at the door, will speak soon.


rothwell_neil 9 years ago
Sailing around the UK and Ireland by Roger Oliver is a useful guide and I am happy to send you a scan of the relevant pages. Best not to post it on Flickr due to copyright but send me your e-mail address on Flickr mail and I will e-mail jpgs gladly.
Amrum 9171Y 9 years ago
Hi Peter
As Amrum is a fin, Cardiff looks like the best bet, but you might try Lydney YC. They are doing up the harbour behind the lock, and I understand there are 3 A24 fin keels there at present, although I still haven't been up to see. If of interest, let me know, and I'll get you some contact names.
Let me know when you're planning to go, and if you need a crew for all or some of the trip. I can't promise, as a full summer booked already, but if you wanted help I'd try and fit in for part of it.
Incidentally, the original owner of Amrum still sails an A24 (and an A740) at Thornbury, and as Snoopy says, 'Amrum' was his battle cry, originally when he played rugby! He owned Snifter, his A740 is also Amrum, and he's owned literally dozens of Achilles over the years! He'd be delighted if yur Amrum made it back to the Bristol Channel.
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks Snifter, we are making a trip up to Hereford for the interview and staying over for the weekend , so will probably go and have a look if we can find the time, but I expect time will be a bit tight as we will probably look at some places we might like to live.

We will have three months to plan and get things organised if She gets it.

Help might well be needed on the last legs as local knowledge would be plended thing indeed.

Need to get some work done pretty soon and get some sailing in.
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
I ve sailed from Falmouth all my life, Ive done Padstow to Falmouth, Falmouth to Dartmouth and all in between! Salcome and Padstow have bars , Do not attempt Hayle, Lizard and lands end go with the tide,But can be rough any time,, Ive gone around six or seven times
In a Hurley 22 a Covic 26 a colvic Atlanta a Jenneu 28 wonderfull cliffs
Anchor off Penzance, Falmouth exellent . Helford lovely, Fowey cramped
The Yealm better than plymouth but hidden entrance.
The nice thing is they are all day trips,
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
That's great, thanks for that just the sort of advice I need.

I would like to break it into day hops as I will probably be on my own, but we will see.

But it is looking ever more likely every day. I have lived a good 57 years now and it's the way I would want to go, sailing into the sunset doing what I love to do.
guillainevib 9 years ago
All the south coast bits are just a question of where you would like to stop. for convenient jumps you can do something like Portsmouth to Weymouth, Weymouth to dartmouth/Salcombe/Brixham, with brixham being the easiest to enter at any state of tide. From there it's any choice you like, Fowey, Mevagissy, looe. Round the Lizard with the tide in your favour, it's very strong if it's against you and go to Newlyn which is good any state of tide. Work backwards from Longships and time your departure from Newlyn to put you off longships at exactly low water. This tide will carry to Padstow with you arriving at high water. If you get it right you will have 9 hours favourable tide. Leave Padstow as soon as there is water, roughly 2 hours before HW and head for Hartland. You should get past it on the full flood and you'll be going like a train. it's wonderful. Don't go anywhere near Hartland. Stay at least a couple of miles off. It's a really bad spot for a boat and can have large, 4' plus standing waves even on a calm day. A good guide is to aim slightly west of halfway between hartland light and Lundy south. err on the side of Lundy. You'll then be charging up towards Bull Point, if it's dark there's a sector light. Turn to starboard and you're in Ilfracombe. Next day Cardiff. leave Ilfracombe about LW and you'll make cardiff for HW. it's a lovely trip with the hightlight being the run up the exposed North Cornwall/devon coats. It's wild and you'll see very little shipping. An alternative, which is what I do and prefer, is to do Newlyn to Ilfracombe in one hit. It's a beautiful sail and the tides work such that you generally arrive off Hartland at the young flood so you could possibly even make Cardiff on that tide.
Good luck and I wish you a great sail.
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Dont try P Z or Newlyn at night ,, tooo many low down shore lights.
There are two or three mooring bouys off Penzance,
Good site aint it?
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
Very good site, Chille. I should have a pretty good plan by the time I leave the safety of the Solent. Like most problems, if you break them down into smaller parts, it's not so bad.

I will allow plenty of time and not take silly risks trying to be do it fast.

Thanks Guillainevib, your a star.

All advice is greatfully received, hope we get a good season as we could all do with a bit of fun after this pig of a year.

guillainevib 9 years ago
You're welcome. Glad to be of use. Ron is right about the lights, but it's not insurmountable and anyway, you should only be doing a day trip from Falmouth so it will be daylight. Forgot to mention Falmouth, or the Helford is a nice stop. Can still anchor for nothing downstream from the swinging moorings? Ron, still free anchorage? Not been there for a few years. Seriously though Peter, don't underestimate the strength of the Lizard tides. I got it wrong once and it took me seventeen hours, yes seventeen, to get from the Helford to Newlyn. Not my proudest moment, especially as the batteries were flat when I got there and so engine wouldn't start. Had to paddle in at 0200. crap. Mention my name to Royden or Dave when you get to newlyn and they will probably tell you to f*** off. :) Send them my best.
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
Well after all that, we are not going. so on to the next.

Scotland has come up, now that's a challange!
guillainevib 9 years ago
Sure it's a bigger challenge, but if west coast, the same applies as far as west Wales. :) Then follow the tides onwards. `where is the next interview?
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
Elgin, which is very close to Lossimouth. we are flying up to Inverness on thursday from Gatwick. We have hired a car and will drive to Elgin.

T will go and have a look at the job and I will go and have a look at the marina at Lossimouth.

Would probably sail up the east coast as it would be shorter, probably not as nice!

Can you Sail up the Canal? I don't know Scotland very well, have only been to Glasgow and Edinburgh on a plane.

Interview will be in six weeks.
rothwell_neil 9 years ago
Lovely part of the world and nice people. The Glasgow to Edinburgh canal is open for crossing the middle as is the Caledonian Canal to go from Fort William to Inverness. Caledonian is fantastic as still the original from 1822 designed by Thomas Telford. The lock gates are still original and the mechanisms still work, fantastic. I am told that the Glasgow to Edinburgh is a bit shallow but the Achilles doesn't draw much.

Marinas are few and far between up there but cheap. Inverness has a nice new one but tides are strong and need watching. Findhorn bay is one of the best anchorages/mooring in the world (honest it is that good) Buckie has a commercial harbour and plenty of strange people and I believe that there are harbours at Nairn and a nice one at Lossiemouth. I had a mooring at Fortrose and whilst nice and very cheap, still have the ground anchor tackle for it, a bit exposed. Cromarty/Invergordon a nice place.

As for sailing up the East coast watch Onkudu on youtube as that guy sailed a corribee up that coast and a good watch, different from Dillon Winters but it will take Dillon 3 more years to sail all that way!
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
Thank's Chaps

I hope we get settled some place soon, I just want to get on with it.

Still my boat is back at Cowes, so it's not that bad is it.

Dillon! is he the one with the Mirror doing the round Briton going up every little nook and cranny?
pjbharrison 9 years ago
Its Dylan Winter... "keepturningleft" on youtube
Mirror offshore 19 twin keel
guillainevib 9 years ago
If you go up there I would absolutely recommend you go up the west coast and use a canal to go east. I know I'm west biased, but there's just more stuff to see up the west coast. Isle of Man, Ireland, Western Isles etc. The canals are amazing. My two pence worth, no more than that. :)
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