rothwell_neil 2:20pm, 17 February 2010

What do you reckon the ideal length is for the legs when drying out? I assume that they need some rock in them and as the triples have about 1" shorter side fins than central fins would assume that about 1" was close to being right. As you have Chille on a drying mooring over winter what length are these. Easy to set with packers on the hard but wondered for drying out elsewhere what you would recommend?
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
About 2ins or 3ins ,,each side.. A twist movement with a leg touching is the problem i,e .. wash from a passing boat .. or drag in soft mud. the for/aft lines must be in good nick and well secured.
A curved block also helps stop pivioting legs as Chille has
The Achilles only floats on very high tides on my beach berth and its very sheltered there, .
Having said all that I still worry sometimes when its blowing a hooooly. on springs ,,, I really should have a tripple with a Dolphin
preferably a later one.. !!
rothwell_neil 9 years ago

Thanks for that, I happened on some 2" square 10SWG Ali tube and fancy making up some light legs for cruising. Was going to copy the style of the steel legs that do a grand job at present, just don't fancy trying to put them on when single handed at anchor. We have a few really nice drying harbours and bays round the west coast and fancy over nighting in a few. Also wouldn't like to rely on Ali for winter on the hard as blows a houlie in Cumbria.

Did you see that they charged marina fees for the period of time that the sunk boats were on the bottom of Maryport marina prior to being taken away for salvage or repair!

busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Niel ,,
It would be nice to have a tube within a tube 50/50 length. to be ajustable and sliding inside to store, I dont think this is possible with square sizes,,, (not in steel any way) Round may be possiblebut I ve not checked for sure. I have given it thought and now Ians back at Pendennis welding alloy is no problem,
The difficultly putting the legs on is the weight and the heeling as your weight is on the boat, Its better with one in the dingey ,then the man on board can heel the boat over to let the dingy man tighten the bolts,If its shallow thats the only way.
Cheeky bast...... ds Their negligence caused the failure!
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