craig48uk 12:32pm, 15 February 2010
Managed 3rd in Wannabee class, a J36 won it and a First 42 was second, both massively bigger and faster boats. We did beat the Santa Cruz 70 (yes 70) Hotel California Too, but not on the water, although after a 3+ hour race we were only 20-30 minutes behind him.
Judging by the fact we passed most of the Classics which started an hour ahead of us, I think our class would have rounded out the top spots if there had been an overall. 2 more years and Chiron is classed as Classic, so looking forward to that!
Light winds, but not quite No.1 headsail for us, 9-13 knots apparent.
A great day, but stifling hot downwind at 4.5 knots with 3.5 knots apparent showing.
Red Marlin 9 years ago
What is the ruling on classics - when does my 1978 9 metre qualify ? Mind you to me its always been a classic
craig48uk 9 years ago
Anything over 30 years in design or build qualifies as a classic through the West End Yacht Club here. Therefore the 24, 9m etc have been "classics" here for a few years and as you know, all Achilles' are classics to us!
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