craig48uk 6:14pm, 7 February 2010
After 8 months in the keel pit, Chiron was finally lifted out onto her trailer. The last 2 days have been sanding and painting and she's now got a coat of primer and antifouling on. Off to the yard again in an hour or so to install the depth sounder transducer and put a second coat of antifouling on.
Launch day should be Tuesday, not a lot of work been done as I've been snowed at work, so any of last seasons issues will have to be attended to in the water.
It's the Sweethearts of the Caribbean Regatta next weekend and Sunday should see us racing in the "Wanabee" or "Classic Plastic" class for designs 20-30 years old. There's normally some beautiful big schooners racing, as the weekend showcases the only schooner race in the Caribbean. That will probably be our shakedown sail day.
Next potential race will be the 3 day Dark & Stormy event to Anegada and back.
Daddsie 9 years ago
I shall be washing the bilge out on Rumrunner................................
craig48uk 9 years ago
I barely have a bilge, so I sympathise, although I do have 20 other boats that I look after that have 2 each. Damn catamarans!
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