Isle of Man

elite request [deleted] 1:51pm, 18 January 2010
Any info sailing around the the isle of man, please

I could be going there and I would like to know as much as I can, before going to have a look.

Any good places to get a mooring, tides, clubs and dangers.

I know some of you have been and your advice would be very welcome.

Peter "Amrum"
Andrew Curry 9 years ago

Take a look at this web site

If you take a look at my pictures you will see a few taken in Peel two years ago. The tides are very strong around both ends of the island so treat with caution.


rothwell_neil 9 years ago
This is a good site, click on area to get information. Otherwise the clyde cruising club original guide for firth of clyde includes IOM.

West coast is nice but East Coast is sheltered. Port St Mary is nice, long wall to moor against that dries one end but not other, good anchoring and a nice yacht club that is open to visitors. Douglas has a nice visitors pontoon and easy access to the town (capital). Laxey has good anchoring, Ramsey has a drying harbour but a few good visitors mooring off the pier and good anchoring.

The web site has an error and you need to use this for the north and east
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks Chaps, looking good. some very usefull sites and info.

I see there is a 24 "Yin Ogin" somewhere on the Isle of Man, according to the sail numbers page.

Nice pictures Andrew.

Again many thanks
pjbharrison 9 years ago
When are you thinking of going?
I hope to race to IOM from Skerries on the June bank Holiday.
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
That is a very good question! My partner may have to work there sometime later in the year, so we plan to go and have a look at the end of the month, but if we decide to take the position we would have to move sometime around August.

I hope She gets/wants it, as its looking pretty good from my point of view.

We would have to be poping back to find a place to live arround that time, will just have to see.

Eclipse 1 9 years ago
Used to sail ti IOM regularly from Maryport; stopped at
Laxey; can get a bit lumpy if you dont find the right spot in the harbour, but a lovely spot, (good fishing in the bay)
Ramsey; good moorings (drying) against the wall, good amenities
Peel: good moorings against the wall in the harbour (sea lock). Freindly sailing club. Freshly smoked kippers in the morning :D , pubs.
Douglas; all the facilities but too busy & commercial (marina).
Castletown etc very scenic, but never moored there.
Public transport absolutely fantastic- rail, bus, trams. If I was looking to live there, Id move to Peel I think.
But beware, there is a grumpy bus driver on the IOM (we rode on his bus on several holidays, and it was always the same guy, which we found quite amusing!); however everyone else on the island is really nice and friendly. I am envious, what a great place for an Achilles and its owners to live!
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
Thank's for that, sounds good! fingers crossed then. I could do with something nice to happen, 2009 was a bit of a drag.

2010, lets have some fun!!!
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
here here!!!
rothwell_neil 9 years ago
IOM is a nice place with lovely people, like going back 20 years, low crime, respect for people etc but it is a little bit quiet.
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
Quiet is good, I just can't wait to see Mr Grumpy the Bus driver, could be good sport!

I do like a bit of teasing, perhaps the water pistol or the pound coin on a bit of fishing line would brighten his day!

I wonder if an overer can get a job on the IOM?
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
I loved the look of the place which was the setting for the Rowen Atkinson film "Keeping Mum" looked very Idylic, if a little wet.
yogi153 9 years ago
HI All
Just signed up.
I own Yin ogin in Ramsy on The Isle of Man.

A little help getting here.
If your coming from down south finding the Island is straight forward. More or less due north from Holyhead.

There are 3 headlands to avoid in rough weather/foul tides with strong tidal overfalls.
Chicken Rock and the Calf of Man in the south, Langness Point 5 miles due east from there. There is also the Point of Ayre at the top of the Island

Port st mary is a good call in the south of the Island tie up to the pier (large tidal range) good club and pub but it is a rocky coastline with the above headlands the east and west.

Peel is the easiest village to visit. The west of the Island is clean with weak tides. Peel has a water retention scheem entry 2hours either side of HW. It has a friendly little club and many good pubs and restaurants.There is a trad boat weekend in July tha is well worth a visit. Its a short hop from there to Ireland or a straight run up the North Channel.

Ramsey is my Homeport Drying with a good wall tio tie up to. Again lots of Good pubs and a very sheltered bay. A good stopoff point for the Nothwest of england and the south of Scotland.

The main port is Douglas a good sized marina but commercial. Call them on chnl 12 and the lads in harbour control are happy to help unless a ferry is around.

All ports have good bus links with the rest of the Island.
There are tidal streams published by the MS&CC. The club in Ramsey that gives details of all ports and the tides around the island.

Hope this helps
Yin Ogin (86)
SolvaIII 5 years ago
Hi Yogi
Is that the Yogi who has since moved South, can't be another one.
Didn't know you have/had an A24.
From Andy in PSM. Recently joined.
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