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sparkling yoke [deleted] 4:27pm, 11 January 2010
Hi all,

After dinghy sailing as a youngster I'm wanting to get back into sailing with something a bit more comfortable and safer which will accomodate a young family. The Achilles 24 seems to fit the bill. I live in Somerset so it is likely that the boat would be kept on a drying mooring. I'm aware that this would make the triple keel ideal but is there any scope for keeping a fin keel on legs in the long term?
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
I would say no. Personally i would worry every time it was choppy or windy .Goskar is on the beach this winter , but looks a bit hairy and the shock loads on the legs are worrying, As an every day event I would not like the idea ,,, Go for a tripple with a Dolphin inboard. the ideal.
I still have SnowGoose for sale (fin) If you want to discuss or see my boats just shout!!
I live near Hayle Cwll,
elite request [deleted] 9 years ago
I have a fin "Amrum" and I almost dry out on my mooring, but it is soft mud.

No problems so far, but I would go for a triple is the ground is on the firm side.

Others have more to say on the subject, I am sure, but I love to sail this strong forgiving little boat.

Have fun.
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
I would agree with the above having had a triple keel she would take the mud very well (except when we fell into a hole) and anything firm would mean a fin would definately topple you also get a little less draft with a triiple which can make a big difference to creek crawling, Good Luck with your quest
Amrum 9171Y 9 years ago
For the Bristol Channel, I'd go for triple keel - I did! I think you get a slight edge on performance with a fin, but with so many drying harbours and beaches, the triple makes much more sense. I'd only use legs if I was staying on the boat while it dried, and i wouldn't want it to be drying on its own on legs regularly.

Having said that, it depends where you'll be sailinb and where you'll keep the boat. Where I keep mine - like Bogman it's soft mud - a fin would be quite happy. So far i haven't actually been to any of the drying harbours and beaches down channel, but hopefully this summer.....

Where are you in Somerset? If you want to come for a sail at Thornbury SC, I'll happily take you, but due to family circs it'll probably be Easter before Snifter gets back in the water.
NormanKlipspringer 9 years ago
If you want speed go for a fin with outboard in a well which you can lift out and insert a blanking plug instead of the engine to smooth the hull. As above the triple gives greater flexibility as to where you can anchor and if on a drying mooring the triple has got to be the only way unless you are in very soft mud. The theoretical hull speed of the fin and triple is the same (based on LWL), but the fin will accelerate more quickly and point higher and require less wind for any particular speed. So in light winds the fin will win easily. In higher winds particularly off the wind there will be much less difference.
neptunesnephew 9 years ago
A problem with an inboard engined fin keeler drying out in soft mud is that, as the water intakes are situated in the stub keel, mud can be forced into the seacocks, which if of the Stuart Turner type (i.e. long and thin) can hold quite a bit of mud even if closed.
The first job I had to do before starting "Outlaw's " Dolphin was was to spend a couple of hours clearing mud out of the cooling system, easy enough if out of the water.

If regularly drying out I would therefore avoid an inboard engined fin keeler.
sparkling yoke [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks everyone for your advice.

I'm hoping to try and sail out of Burnham as this is closest to will likely be mainly on soft mud. Guess it's going to be the triple keel with outboard. If you hear of good one....

Snifter534 - Thanks for the offer of a sail. However, would it be possible to have a look at Snifter while she's laid up?
Amrum 9171Y 9 years ago
Of course. When would suit you? I'll send you a flickr mail, with my address and phone, and you can contact me direct.
sparkling yoke [deleted] 9 years ago
Nice one Snifter
guillainevib 9 years ago
I'm in Bristol Channel and have a fin. Merlin is miles up the Taw/Torridge estuary in Bideford where she is safe, I would not have a fin keeler here having had three. It's tricky. Long keel possible. Go for the triple.
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