gr.kaye 6:00pm, 8 November 2009
I have play in the top rudder bearing and there appears to be a white nylon (or is it PTFE) bearing sitting at top of shaft. Does anyone know what the bearing material is and what other bearing are in the rudder system?

My old Achilles 24 had a grease nipple half way up the shaft to allow injection of greasse and this seemed to work well. No such system presnt on 9 metre so I assume that all bearings are some synthetic system. Advice welcome.

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guillainevib 9 years ago
My guess would be Delrin or polyoxymethyline (Wiki knowledge not mine) It's that stuff which those horrible food chopping boards are made out of. It is very workable and, for example, is a pleasure to turn. Any engineering shop should sort you out. Alternatively I have a good engineer here who could do it for you. It would be no problem to post it to you.
Daddsie 9 years ago
My 9m No.47 has a grease nipple as does No.48.
gr.kaye 9 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion of Delrin or polyxmethyline. I have some access to engineering here but if they cannot help will be back in touch.
I expected a Grease nipple but cannot find any sign that any was ever fitted. Our boat is later about 1981 (no 74)so may be he had changed bearings by then. Lower bearing appear to have no play so leaving alone as I do not want to have to break the joint in skeg( appears as glassed in screws) which allows lowering of the rudder and full access. I do not want to risk drilling the shaft housing to fit a grease nipple as I guess there is risk of damaging shaft?

Will keep you posted.
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