Super Snoopy 050 10:29am, 1 November 2009
You could call this forward thinking, but next season I intend to get to grips with the beast of a spinnaker that came with Super Snoopy. Trouble is, I used some long ropes that I found at the bottom of a locker for tying down covers and other ancilliary duties. It was then I realised that they were spinnaker sheets.

Can I have the lowdown on lengths and diameters for general use please (not the hi tech stuff that costs £20 a foot and is stronger than steel)?
gr.kaye 9 years ago
I will measure mine when next on board but they are about 10 feet loner than genoa sheets. Had my achilles 9 for 3 years and have made up some spinnaker squeezers to help launch and recover. Made them from old spinnaker.

Aquilon of Arne
Super Snoopy 050 9 years ago
Many thanks - do you think that you give me (and others) a heads up on the design and dimensions of the squeezer?
Daddsie 9 years ago
Spinnaker sheets and guys shouls be 1.5 times lenght of boat, i.e. 14.5 metres long. Marlow braid 12mm should suffice
Super Snoopy 050 9 years ago
Many thanks, I'll see if there's any special offers at the Boat Show.
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