Chinese jibe

Daddsie 9:48pm, 25 October 2009
Experienced a Chinese Jibe on Rumrunner this morning, quite amusing really, quick hoist at the windward mark, trimmer over keen and kite was filling halfway up which took the bowman up the mast to the sheeve (naughty man had the halyard wrapped around his palm) at that point hit by a 30+ knot gust and Chinese Jibed, followed by a broach at which point the wife went in water but managed to hang on to a stantion. Anyhow back upright, jibed back over retrieved the bowman who had enjoyed all of this from halfway up the mast, hoisted the kite and carried on. Everybody was buzzing totally exciting experience, typical of a chinese though, we wanted another one.........
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
sailing bye1 9 years ago
where are the pic,s!!!
rothwell_neil 9 years ago
Was it anything like this?
Daddsie 9 years ago
Funnily enough there were photographers out on the water, but they only captured us storming along at 10+ knots with kite pulling on the right side :)

They did catch a Laser 28 broaching, when I get a copy I shall upload it.
craig48uk 9 years ago
Always good fun! In 15000nm on our half tonner we only managed a lewie once and that was in the first year. Bit too far by the lee, the supposedly windward side dug in, the rudder stalled and round she went the wrong way.
Now conventional broaches are different, but a leeward broach is something a little bit special, congratulations!
Rudders88 8 years ago
I remember a full chinese on our old 9mtr - Sailant, hull 006 - trying to run too deep on a very windy race to Holy Island from Dunbar on the east coast of Scotland (Craig knows where!) I asked for snatch block to pull down the clew of the kite to 'choke' it and make the boat more stable - too late!
Getting back out of one of those is always interesting, particulary with a good old North Sea swell keeping you knocked over!
Looked through your picks - lovely looking boat.
Have fun!
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