Vidwatts 5:46pm, 29 September 2009
I've posted some photos of Aeolus on her new mooring at Greenwich. Unfortunately when the tides out she's not sitting upright - I think this is due to a combination of the slope of the river bank (so that she leans downhill as the tide falls) and inconsistencies in the river bed. It used to be deep mud there but recently a lot has been washed away by the new fast clipper ferries going up and down the river, leaving shingle and mud patches. As she has a triple keel she'd be fine on top of the shingle or in the mud but clearly that's not happening where she is now.

Some have suggested that she'll dig herself a hole after 15 or 20 tides, but she's been there for about eight tides now and shows no sign of doing so. She's leaning over by about 30deg so quite a long way and all her weight will be on her side and the port keel stub.

I'm going to speak to the yacht club about moving her to a different mooring but in the meantime is there much risk of damage through her lying like that? I've watched her come afloat as the tide comes in and that happens fine - fortunately there are few waves on the Thames so she doesn't seem to do much bouncing up or down as she comes upright.

I've checked her since she's been there and there are no visible effects - so should I be worried?
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Dont worry too much ,, they are very strong boats ,,
Snoopy is on the mud too , i expect he may reassure you,
I would use a chain mooring right up to the cleat though ..
Rope always frays through,
Snoopy463 9 years ago
In keeping Snoopy on a mud mooring for 15 years between my self and my dad we have never had a problem. She has sat at some strange angles on several ocasions including on her side! Every winter we check her when she comes ashore and she's never had any damage.
Vidwatts 9 years ago
Thanks for your comments, I am probably exhibiting all the nerves of a new boat owner!

I've been over to her this morning and adjusted her lines a bit to see if that helps (I take your point about chain so will keep a close watch on the lines for chafe).

I'm concerned that she's digging a hole on her port side as the angle of lean seems to have increased since Sunday when she was first there. Although I stowed items carefully when I last left her there were some things on the floor which indicates she may have had a bumpy time.

The yacht club have said i can move her to an alternative position which I may do at the weekend.
Snoopy463 9 years ago
Moving mooring is whats happened to me this year. Since taking ownership of Snoopy this year i have had to get a new mooring. Now she sits a lot better. have found one of the old photos from her old mooring to show its not just your mooring.
Vidwatts 9 years ago
Thanks Snoopy! That looks very familar. Glad to learn no damage was caused but it's not a dignified position for such an attractive yacht.
Vidwatts 9 years ago
She's on a new mooring now, which may only just dry out. Unfortunately the low tides are not at times convenient to go and inspect so I shall just have to assume she's better where she is.
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