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worksoptony 3:47pm, 31 August 2009
Has anybody got any recommendation for standing rigging suppliers. I know there was one mentioned on the original Achilles website. But I can't recall the details.
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Whats the problem ? is it insurance?
We have various suppliers here in the Falmouth area..
worksoptony 9 years ago
Yes it's the usual insurance disclaimer, if you don't know the age of the rigging then replace it. But to be fair there appears to be some corrosion.
NormanKlipspringer Posted 9 years ago. Edited by NormanKlipspringer (admin) 9 years ago
When I had mine replaced in 2006 I handed the complete job over to professionals (so called). The cost was huge and I was not happy with the result - nuts not done up properly, turnbuckles not security locked etc. Next time I will take my rigging off (mast down and having labelled everything) and send to a supplier such as who I have been told will turn the job around very quickly and not charge the earth - but I do not have personnel experience of them and there must be lots out there.
Good luck
derek.oboyle 8 years ago
Has anybody replaced the rigging themselves? - I have just loaded a pic - the forestay failed at the bend out of the headstock - I am replacing all the stays with s3i (as Norman suggested), but with installation the cable will be predisposed to failure as the bend out of the headstock will take the steel through the yeild point - also the loops (at the headstock end) have no internal rings - any thoughts anybody?
neptunesnephew 8 years ago
I replaced my own rigging single - handed to a new keel-stepped mast on my Starlight 30 about 13 years ago using Dyform wire obtained from Z-spars, Hadleigh Suffolk and Sta-lok terminals from their works at Mistley, Essex.

I did forestay, backstay, cap shrouds, lowers and inner forestay in about 4 hours whilst on a swinging mooring with the wind blowing f4-6! and the yacht rolling to the wash of passing craft. (Note: I did the ends attached to the mast before it was lifted into the boat!)

It was very easy after I had done the first one. It outlasted the mast which folded 6 years later during a rather spectacular treble-broach when the rudder broke off - 1st to windward, then to leeward and then back to windward. Spectators said the keel was parallel to the water on all three occasions. We were too busy hanging on to notice.

I was planning to do the rigging on OUTLAW the same way (without the broaching), but notice that the cap shrouds on the Proctor mast require a long loop with an ordinary talurit splice which will be done by the local rigger at Walton and I doubt whether Dyform would be flexible enough for the bend.

I certainly recommend the Sta-lok terminals. They can be undone to check the condition of the wire when necessary.
sailing bye1 8 years ago
Hi, Atlantic Spars ltd, Brixham replaced the standing rigging on my achilles 9m in 2007 for £800-£850 (supply only), she is cutter rigged. I measured the existing rigging for the initial enquiry and then took the original rigging when the order was placed. Picked up new rigging within 2 weeks and then fitted to mast before being stepped.
Eclipse 1 8 years ago
I recently replaced my 5mill; difficulty I had was that I was changing the set up at the mast head, and was thus shortening the shrouds. Got a good local bloke. Hal ( at Teesside to crimp loops in one end, supply overlength, then also supply sta-lok fittings. Only did the 5 mil stuff, but cost was two hundred and something quid. A very helpful blike might I say. Sta-lok are easy to fit, have just returned from a trip to scotland from Teesside, some strongish winds here and there, no problems.
pjbharrison 7 years ago
Had forestay, backstay and cap shrouds replaced by
Left them in on Friday, ready Monday, €350.

They look great but will fit over the next few days to check before launch in a few weeks.
Daddsie 7 years ago
I have replaced all of my standing rigging over the years, do the backstay, forestay, then cap shrouds, forwards then afts and it is less costly.

You just need a rig tension gauge.

Five of us bandied together to buy one:

If you can drop your mast then you can change your standing rigging its that simple.
Daddsie 7 years ago
Article on setting up your standing rigging in PBO this month.
NormanKlipspringer 7 years ago
Also look at Chris Butlers article on setting up the rigging
frankoh2012 7 years ago

I've just done all mine on a 9 mtr. All the standing both ends on 6 mm 1x19 stainless steel from Gael force for £330 and the forestay 7 mm 1x19 s/steel from Ratsey yacht rigging for £105 including postage(Denzil is the blokes mane therem 01646601561)
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