Super Snoopy 050 3:54pm, 2 September 2009
Writing this in the latest torrent (this time caused by ex TS Danny), what's the consensus on Summer? Speaking as someone who inhabits the upper reaches of the Bristol Channel, it's been the most vile of the last three vile years. Double digit windspeeds always beginning with 1 , 2 or 3; glowering skies and decidedly cool - is it me; or have the East Coasters had a sunny time with fair winds and fluffy white clouds?
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Im sitting here in my conservatory , Pi,,,,,,d off. Its been tipping it down for hours,,, westerly 5/6 ,, Yes this summer has been the third really bad one, weve had about 6 .7 . goodish days..
earlly April may in my camper was good but strong Easterlys (see bird photo,) Also had hip ex ray yesterday as pain is not going away
Saw a new doc ,, told him I did it working on my Achilles he said have a cup of tea and typed in Achilles 24, ,, He has a Virgo Voyager, No comments,,please... I need this Doc as a friend,
Any way bored stiff,,
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
we had a fabulous holiday in June thanks......... but yes it has not been as grim as the west country here but still very very windy and more to come looking at the forecast!!!!
So much for the Met Office's prediction of a tropical summer!!!!
I have been busy with the new boat and with the nice warm sunshine and breezey conditions have succeeded in getting 6 coats of varnish on the cockpit. We are also getting rid of the horrible "Swimming pool" blue deck paint, something more subtle like light grey perhaps.
Andrew Curry 9 years ago
June was good here in N Ireland. Past few weeks have been very wet and windy. Gales forecast for this weekend as well. I would say that my sailing is probably over for the season.
Amrum 9171Y 9 years ago
We have the Portishead CC Holms Race on Saturday, from Portishead round Flatholm and Steepholm and back to Portishead, around 38 miles. (For Thornbury boats it's an additional 2 hours at least to get to the start and home again afterwards, so probably 12 hours in total). Last Saturday was a Fish and Food festival in Cardiff, but the forecast f3 was f5 when I got to the club, so I crewed a friend's Hanse 300 down to Avonmouth, rather than beat down singlehanded in Snifter. It was blowing 23 knots there, and building, so we went into Portishead Marina.
So, I endorse all the comments about the summer - all 4 trips down channel in the last 2 months have been in f5 to 7, so I'm hoping - no doubt in vain - for an easing off by Saturday morning. Fingers crossed!
Daddsie 9 years ago
I have done a lot of sailing this year and been nowhere, Jolly's on the boat have been restricted to short day sails (3)

I'm sitting at home at the moment instead of at work, because? I'm waiting for the rain to stop.

The only reason I booked in this outside was because of the favorable forecast this week!!!

Hopefully it will brighten up this afternoon for the last evening race of the season.
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Nice here now ,,, maybe it s comming your way..
What paint did you brush on RoadRunner.. ?
Im 65 today.. !! All down hill now ,,.. Hip killing me..
blueachilles 9 years ago
Happy Birthday Ron!!
Daddsie 9 years ago
Happy Birthday Ron, I used International Toplac on Rumrunner
DAN @ CO. 9 years ago
Happy Birthday Ron!
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks all ... What a great group of friends, !!!
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
oh Ron I didn't know Happy Birthday....still get that bus pass and in a few years a free tv licence
rothwell_neil 9 years ago
Happy birthday, I went sailing to celebrate your birthday and had a great sail in a force 4 with sunshine all day. Would post some photos but left the camera on the boat.
Snoopy463 9 years ago
Happy birthday Ron! Got the NUSC regatta this weekend so that usually means the end of summer! Hopefully get the last bit of sailing done before the boats get taken out of the water in the beginning of October.
Vidwatts 9 years ago
It might have been worse. I've just come back from a week in the Cyclades - they've had strong winds all summer: an English barman in Paros said they'd had 45 days of the Meltemi blowing at 20-30kts. We were luckily there in a quieter spell but still had a couple of days mid-week stormbound in Amorgos - the voyage there was quite hairy in our 46ft charter yacht and that was before the worst of the weather arrived. This week there have been F8 to F9's around Mykonos apparently, enough to stop the ferries - for once we got the timing of the holiday right...

PS Happy Birthday to Ron too!
Mike A1 9 years ago
Happy birthday Ron! Hope you get your hip sorted soon - there are plenty of Achilles out there in need of restoration and sailing!

This year hasn't been too bad over on the East coast, but as usual I feel I haven't done enough sailing (SWMBO disagrees). Still a chance of a few more good weekends, but it doesn't help that the days are getting shorter all the time.
DAN @ CO. 9 years ago
I had some great sailing in May , June and July, than skippers course and of August we left in 44ft Bavaria from Scotland sailing down to Spain. 30th of August in the evening we left Bangor in N. Ireland in southerly FORCE 8, motoring 90 miles to Dunlaoghaire against up to 8m waves and wind up to 43 kn. Took us 30 hours to get there averageing only 3kn per hour. Hardest thing of my life, then 2 days in Dunlaoghaire, waiting for weather window, eating sleeping and fixing the boat. No weather window, only direction of the wind cgange from S to SW - W .Left Dunlaoghaire again in F 8 , sailing for 3 days in very bad conditions under very small peace of genoa, All [4 of us] very cold not eating and sleeping for long time, very bad. Then in middle of the Biscay Bay weather has changed , Sunshine, wind almost 0 and only little swell for rest of the journey. Arrived to La Coruna under the engine on Monday 7th of September, very tired , lost 5 kg, but also very happy to make it.
Great experience, boat can handle far more than I would expect , I have learned a lot.
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
did you ever find your rudder Daniel?
DAN @ CO. Posted 9 years ago. Edited by DAN @ CO. (member) 9 years ago
No, I have not. I will dry out the boat against the pier in Gourock some day next week and will have new one, made from wood, put in the place.
I was given price 70 pounds for material + couple hours of work.
I expect to pay couple of hundred pounds for all. I had no time to do it earlier.
And how is your new boat Malcolm?
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
slowly taking shape Daniel, it is funny how the list of jobs to do just gets longer.
I am in the process of changing the deck colour from "Swimming pool Blue" to more of a dove grey, this really enhances the varnished woodwork, though I need to get several more coats on before the winter sets in.
Andrew Curry 9 years ago
Have you any more pictures as am sure most of us would like to see how your are getting on.
NormanKlipspringer 9 years ago
I am down about 20% on trips out this calendar year compared to last. There have been fewer chances to get away for a day or two so most sailing has been done locally for a few hours.
This weekend it looks like high pressure, which is the first time that this has stabalised over us since June. However the winds look very light. I am planning to be off tomorrow and back on Sunday, but I doubt I will get very far given the expected light winds - not good sailing weather - maybe the lows do have advantages. I will let you all know how far I get.
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
We have a howling N.E. wind here with really lumpy seas... so much for settled weather !!!!
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Yesterday NE 5 odd ,,, Ian rang at 4 30 ,, wind easing ,, on Goskar 6 00 sailed to Falmouth warm and blue sky ,, wind dropped...
Put motor in ,,, checked Chilli at Mylor ,,, on mooring as light went 8...30 ,,, home at 9 00... beautifull ,,,,
2 /.3 NE here blue sky,

Andrew Curry 9 years ago
We are right in the middle of the high pressure which should mean little or no wind for the weekend. Am planning on heading across to Portpatrick on Sat staying overnight then home on Sunday. This will be the last sail of the season as i lift out on Sat 19th. If all goes to plan this will the 5th crossing to Scotland this season.
Red Marlin 9 years ago
Arrived back in Marmaris yesterday after sailing north against strong Meltemi winds as far as Ayvalik and Lesbos. The winds have been much stronger this year. Had problems getting north and flags and UV strip are in tatters, but what a great sail back. Single handed May June July. son out end July, wife here August Sept. Saw few boats north of Samos. Maybe should have put out an appeal for crew as I am getting a bit fed up with single handing my 9 metre. Back early as Jan, my wife also need a new hip.
Tony Red Marlin
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Ive been single handed this eve,,, did at least four miles,,,
Blue in company ,,, !! gentle east wind but stronger this afternoon
(reading My ship was so small, davidson and sleeping on mooring)
Then someone started singing Happy Birthday,,, so we went for a sail to mylor.
NormanKlipspringer 9 years ago
On Friday I managed to get round Caldey and back to Tenby for a lumpy night on a mooring. Saturday started with a good sail beating up towards Saundersfoot, but then the wind died and all there was to was fish. I had to motor to get back to West Caldey (Sandtop Bay) for a great evening and night in great shelter - fantastic sunset. Sunday again great winds to begin with. sailed accross carmarthen bay on my way home, then the winds died (a repeat of Fri and Sat). had to motor the last few miles home. This is the longest time I have been on board continuously without touchine land. I quite enjoyed it.
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