Aeolus Test Sail

Vidwatts 7:58pm, 25 August 2009
Hi, I'm the new owner of Aeolus.

At long last I have had my first sail on an Achilles 24! I was able, with the help of some good friends and benefiting from Malcolm's sound advice, to take Aeolus out for a quick test sail in sunny but quite gusty conditions on the Swale last Sunday.

Conyer Creek is a lovely spot but the mud berth she's in is quite difficult to get out of due to an outpost of the North Downs just behind her, before you get into the marina channel. It took some effort of pushing and reverse thrust to extricate her but we managed it. Of course we could have waited for a bit more tide but were eager to get her out on the water.

She manoeuvres incredibly easily in the confines of the marina - no windage of course and the outboard being in front of the rudder meant she went exactly where I wanted her to go.

We motored along the creek to the open water then hoisted the sails (the main with a reef in it and just the yankee jib rather than genoa as there were reports of 30kts in the gusts). Under sail she was transformed - alive and responsive, easily tacking through and not being upset by the strong gusts that did come. We had a great time just going up and down by Fowley island before being conscious of the falling tide and awkward home berth so reluctantly motored back to the marina.

It was a really lovely experience and I know I'm going to have a lot of fun with Aeolus.

The plan is to move her to a mooring on the Thames at Greenwich Yacht Club and to take part in regular club races. I'll be reporting back on our progress over the winter.

Skykomish E29 9 years ago
Nice to see that you have enjoyed her and glad that she has gone to a good home.
The book is great and will be very useful, thanks again.
Hope that you have a great time in Greece
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