santalars 7:42am, 10 August 2009
This weekend I have sold Blue Myth.
I had many very good times with her an she never gave me any trouble.

Unfortunately, the job and other hobbys left very little time for sailing and so I decided to sell her.

I'm sure that the new owner will appear on this site soon.

Thanks to all for your helfull support, and I wish that this community will further go as strong as it does now.

I trust that I'm still welcome for occasional visits and some comments.

Best Wishes

NormanKlipspringer 9 years ago
Of course you are welcome to keep in touch and regale us with your exploits. Good sailing.
pjbharrison 9 years ago
Hi Lars
Will Blue Myth be staying in Skerries?
Best of luck
santalars 9 years ago
No, she will be in the Waterford area as far as I know.
How are you going on with yours?

Will you crane in when the others crane out ?
pjbharrison 9 years ago
Hoping to launch soon. Just got back - been away for last 7 weeks. Was in Wales for Mirror nationals and World with my daughters. We had a great time but had engine stolen from my wayfarer and everything stripped off boat inc. rudder cleats fairleads sheets halyards etc.
Hope to see you around Skerries.
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