neptunesnephew 9:59pm, 26 May 2009
After 7 days at Woodbridge waiting for the SW'ly 4/5 to abate, we finally had a forecast of W'ly 3/4 occ.2. Great, a nice close reach down the coast and home in time for tea!

Well, we finally arrived at Walton safely with a few incidents, not surprisingly since it now transpires that she had not been afloat since the end of 2006. The first thing that went was a gasket on the Dolphins exhaust manifold which resulted in the saloon being out of bounds for about half an hour. Then the fresnal lens of the sternlight of unknown manufacture popped out and went full fathom five. The headsail unfurling system jammed and when it was eventually freed the genny sheets had a mind of their own and snagged on anything that was handy. Both the main and genny were out of shape and the kicking strap jamming cleat kept failing to live up to its name. Still if you buy a 35 year old abandoned boat for restoration with what appears to be original gear, what can you expect.

Despite all the above, it was a great sail. When out to sea, the wind grew to the top of F4 with a few whitecaps and of course backed to SW making it a solid 10 mile beat to Walton. I initially tried to sail her like my previous boat, a heavy and powerful, fully crewed 30' Starlight, by trying to power through the waves. This only produced a speed on the uncalibrated log of 3.3 knots, I then recalled my dinghy sailing days and then tried the technique of picking my way through the waves by luffing up on the face and bearing away down the back. This improved boat speed to 4.7 knots The ride was an awful lot drier and we pulled away from a couple of 30' bilge keelers that had followed us out.

She was very light on the helm and very responsive. Although when I once let go of the tiller she rounded up very quickly and went through head to wind and immediately hove to with the genoa backed and the main cleated hard in. Very clever - and a useful safety point if ever I went over the side going to windward, she would immediately stop and wait for me to swim a few yards to catch her up! I was also impressed by the fact that when I let both the main and genoa sheets go, she lay almost stopped on a steady heading about 60 degrees off the wind whilst I ate my sandwiches.

All in all a very satisfactory sail on a great boat that needs a little bit of sorting out to make her perfect, the accomodation is another thing, but she is a boat for sailing and there is plenty of headroom on deck if you avoid the boom.

She is coming out of the water in the next couple of days so that I can finish most of the restoration before the end of September. As I am now 65, I expect that "OUTLAW" will be my last boat, and I think that I have made a very good choice.
pjbharrison 9 years ago
Sounds good Geoffrey. Hope to have my first sail in my A24 as soon as I can get some winches sorted. Would you not leave the restoration until Sept and sail her for the summer?
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
Good idea PJ, after all, the things that need sorting are very minor and can be fixed whilst afloat, best make the most of the summer then resume the restoration during those dark winter months.
Glad you had a great first sail though Geof, and at least nothing too bad happened en route, as you say you have to expect some kit failure the first time the boat is sailed after a long period of layup.
I shall bear in mind the tip about sailing through the waves as I too have been guilty of just driving the boat through them,
neptunesnephew 9 years ago
You've almost convinced me! I was planning to do a complete paint job, hull, decks and coachroof etc. whilst it was relatively warm and sunny - a bit of a gamble!

The only thing that really needs immediate attention is the exhaust and that can be done afloat. I dont want to be seen charging off down the Walton channel with smoke pouring out of the cabin and me wearing a gas mask. Someone might call the Coastguard and I could be arrested for terrorist activities!

Also I didn't bother to freshen up the anti-fouling, however that can wait until weed at the water line reaches 3" probably about mid-july. It would also mean that we could attend the E. Coast Mini Rally afloat.

I'm going down to the boatyard this a.m. to see if there is a spare mooring, as the Marina comes a bit pricey for stays over a week.
pjbharrison 9 years ago
Hi Malcolm. I was just passing on your advice to me!
Geoff, I bought my A24 at the end of January and started a complete refit. Too ambitious. I have her ready for sailing, almost - genoa and winches lost in post- aaaagggh - but inside is still a mess. I'll finish interior next winter.
Anyone got some winches for sale?
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
Bet Ron has...He has everything
pjbharrison Posted 9 years ago. Edited by pjbharrison (member) 9 years ago
It was Ron who sent me the one that Royal mail and Parcelforce have lost. They each blame each other and both refuse to look for the parcel - they just say to fill in claim forms. RM say they gave it Pf, Pf say they didn't get it.
*%*^%&$$$£"%^(*&)(*)(^*&*(*(*_)(()&(^££^$^**()(_)+_+_)+_*(&)&&*$%$£^&*&^(&)*_)(++)+_((*(*(*()&*&***Y&^&*^()(*_)_(+))&(**&&&^&)_(()(++)&^%}{}{@~ s

What size sheet winches are suitable for an A24, 8:1?
busy home [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by busy home (member) 9 years ago
It was Chilles Genoa as seen in photos and her brass winches that I restored ,, New genny £350 new winches £700 ,, (not as nice)
Insured for £150 (max) 48 hr Parcel force ,, Sent 5 weeks ago from local post office,, taken at 4 ,, 30 to Hayle PO who say they do not deal with parcel force and cant track it,,!!!! Its not at Hayle ive looked.
They are utterly usless and should be done for theft,,They have them Ive lost them .. Never again,, The previous post to PJ took 2 weeks
I should have learned , I wish Id taken them there myself we would have lost less,, Remember PARCELL FORCE DO NOT USE
I have sent a claims form recorded delivery as they will deny recieving it normal post,
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
PJ Chilles new self tailers were 17 s and were £700
pjbharrison 9 years ago
Hi Ron
Don't want to ruin thread so I'll flickr mail you.
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
PJ.. you don't really need fancy 2 speed winches on an A24 our little Barlows are more than adequate, infact we don't use them at all most of the time, but perhaps I have an advantage in that years of humping overweight bodies up and down stairs and lifting heavy stretchers has given me a good upper body workout....
Seriously unless you want a really posh boat I'm not sure that you need self tailers either, they make life easier, but do you REALLY need them???????
pjbharrison 9 years ago
Hi Malcolm
The winches Ron had sent me weren't self tailers. They were just Chilli's old brass winches as Ron had upgraded to self tailers. I just want a simple pair of winches for the jib sheets.
Skykomish E29 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Skykomish E29 (member) 9 years ago
Right the large ones that go on the cockpit sides....... you should be able to pick a pair of those up fairly easily as people like Ron, would hve upgraded why not put a request on the for sale & wanted thread, I take it you have tried e bay?
Anyway this is slipping away from the original thread
best of luck

Malcolm has just had a shock at the price of winches on e bay!!!!!!
annoying when you see how many boats are just rotting in boatyards with good winches still in situ!!!
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
90 % are worn out!
pdc88 9 years ago
I have my achilles at Felixstowe Ferry and sail the Deben area. I want to get out to the Roughs Tower and and to Walton.

I still consider myself an amateur and would be bouyed with confidence if another achilles came out with me. Outlaw are you interested ? Or anyone else. I'm self employed so can pick sailing days to suit.
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