craig48uk 1:55pm, 19 May 2009
In preparation for next weeks 5/6 day cruise we went shopping and boat prepping.
1/ Dug out the inflatable. A glued on patch had come off, so the last time it was used there was a fast leak. Usually we swim ashore or borrow dinghy's. Quite frankly I was too lazy to get it fixed. Purchased contact cement and on the hunt for a suitable patch. PVC dinghy's do not last long in this climate, the glue can't take the heat.
2/ Purchased more chain for the main anchor. I have 3 anchors, a CQR, a Bruce and a Danforth, but only 6ft of 3/8th chain. The anchors I switch around depending where I have to anchor, the Danforth is great in Turtle Grass (similar to anchoring in kelp) whereas the Bruce is good in hard sand. Bought 30ft of 8mm galvanised chain to boost the holding power, we normally anchor in less than 10ft so......
3/ Put the inverter aboard to charge the computer/laptop. Need to keep a weather eye out as hurricane season is only a few days away.
4/ Obtained a nice 130lb 4D gel cell battery. That takes care of the inverter needs and will be a welcome ballast addition.
5/ I have a small solar panel that trickles 0.625A in. I have just ended up with one of those larger ones from a navigation marker, so I believe charging is sorted, along with the charge from the outboard motor.
6/ Removed all the nonsense from below decks to create usable space.
7/ Put the deck cushions aboard.
8/ Repaired the original reefing No.1 jib. I repaired a tear in the luff some years back and it's been catching in the Tuff Luff foil.
9/ Bought 2 new propane burners and bottles plus all the galley bumph required to eat aboard.
10/ Attended to the wobbling outboard bracket. Thought I may have to re-shim the parts, but a quick tighten of the bolts holding it together did the trick.

So, all that's required now is to finish work, provision and jump aboard. I'm racing a 53ft classic replica in Foxy's Wooden Boat Regatta this coming Sunday, so the cruise will start on Monday. We'll probably head straight to the The Bight on Norman Island and the Willy T for food, liquid and evening debauchery. Well, maybe not so much debauchery, but after a couple of frozen Margarita's it's anyone's guess!
The only float plan we have is to get to The Bitter End Yacht Club in North Sound, Virgin Gorda, as we have a free day, dinner and dockage as guests of the resort. I think Anegada is out this time as I prefer to spend 2 nights there, but we'll see. It's all about chilling out and relaxing as neither of us has had a break since October.
Intend to take plenty of pictures and having the laptop with us, I may even be able to post as we go.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Have a great time Craig... sounds a fun trip just hope the old Hurricanes stay clear for you. The debauchery bit sounds a bit suspect do you think that you have been out there too long and are perhaps going a bit "native"? Still good luck to you and that pretty wife of yours, and as the saying goes "Fair winds and following seas"
We are planning our summer cruise at the moment trying to provision the boat but nothing as exotic as you, just a bimble up the East Coast ( weather permitting, this is the third year of trying).
craig48uk 10 years ago
Well, the debauchery was a bit steep, but the US guests here like to think they're pirates, even thought those guys disappeared from here centuries back only to pop up again in Somalia!
May make a few tips working behind the bar at the Willy T if it gets busy, should help pay for food for the rest of the trip and always a good laugh.
Getting our story straight for the inevitable bareboaters comments on the small boat registered in the UK and flying the red ensign. We have so much fun winding them up with tales of our Atlantic crossing etc.
blueachilles 10 years ago
We are always in cruising mode....

We have a week on the boat planned for June. The intention is to get to Fowey or possibly Plymouth, its about time we got out of Falmouth Bay....
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Goskar going in on Thursday,,
Susan has a week planned in June ,, In the camper!
Whats wrong with falmouth ..? at least you can sail all day and come back to your own mooring, ...!! or anchor up for the night.
But if you must go cruising Cargreen is much nicer than Plymouth
And the yelm even more so, (just keep to the right ,, RIGHT under the bank on the way in ) Very difficult to see from sea ward but worth the effort, Salcome is a bugg....r ,a bar, choppy swell .and four knot tides
on the moorings, No peace rafted up four abrest. with fenders squeaking all night,
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Whats a bimble?
craig48uk 10 years ago
From memory it's a hillwalking term for an easy hike, as opposed to screeing or more strenuous hillwalking/mountaineering.
Full of useless information......!
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Thats what me and the misses do when Holidaying in our camper.
Ill tell her we are going to have a bimble then,,
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
thought you were past all that at your age Ron.....
Yes Craig I would imagine that you must get quite a few free drinks telling the gullible Americans that one..... good luck to you hahaha
Especially if you tell them that you set off from the Clyde!!
blueachilles 10 years ago

Nothing wrong with Falmouth, its just that we would like to explore a bit further afield. We have a week - any longer and we would lose the ability to stand upright!!

If we get as far as Plymouth we'll have a look at Cargreen, and the Yealm looks good too.
Mike A1 10 years ago
Craig - I hope you have a good time and look forward to seeing the pictures. The idea of not having a dinghy and just swimming ashore is rather novel - not something I'd plan to do round here.

Malcolm - Have you decided the dates for your cruise? It would be great to meet up if you are heading this way.
Skykomish E29 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Skykomish E29 (member) 10 years ago
I think Craig is very brave going out at the start of Hurricane season....images of the end scenes of "The Perfect Storm" spring to mind...hahaha

Mike. Yes we are planning on setting off from Conyer either Sat 13th June or Sun 14th as it is approaching neap tides we are going to have to wait until the top of the tide to get off the mooring and that is some ungodly hour like 0430 am we are thinking that we may slip out on the Friday afternoon1606 high water and spend the night at South Deep on the marina's holding buoys. I think that we have to leave approx 1 hour before high water to catch a favourable tide across the Estuary and give us sufficient tidal stream to make the Blackwater before it turns, but this is going from memory from my route plan of last year have yet to sit down and rvise it.
We hope to make it to the Orwell as we do have 2 weeks to do it without the slog of getting around from Ramsgate. So Weather permitting can't see any problems ,
I think I still have your number on my phone will have to check.
Be nice to meet up as you say. I think Neptunes Nephew is around your way too, perhaps we could have a mini East Coast Rally of the Achilles Owners Association?????
craig48uk 10 years ago
The water temp really isn't up quite enough for big weather. Sea temp needs to be over 80F to feed any system and it's still hovering around 78F. Taking the computer for weather forecasts just incase!
Really isn't rocket science sailing out here, no tide to worry about,(12 inches) no complicated navigation and generally steady breeze, although summer can be hit and miss. Rain squalls are fun though, 15 knots pumping up to 35 knots for 15 mins or so, then back to 15. There is a reason it's termed the Disneyland of sailing.
Guess I'll be attending the innaugral Achilles Owners Association BVI Rally alone, I need to find that 9m that was around a few months back. The rest of you will have to be there in spirit and live vicariously through my posts and pics!
rothwell_neil 10 years ago
Once chartered out of Fort Myers in Florida, sailed out and round the end of a nice island, finally saw what looked like a nice hotel. Dropped the hook in 7ft of water, deepest we saw all week was about 10ft, swam ashore and used the pool. Then felt hungry and went in search of food, they had the sunday special buffet on at $10 a head with unlimited champagne, seemed a deal and a half. Drank too much Californian bubbly and ate too much before using the pool again and swimming back to the boat. Later that week at a conference met a guy who had seen us anchor and swim ashore. He had been treating his wife to a weekend at the exclusive Sanibel Island resort which cost $700 per night, he had also seen us at the buffet where an additional $10 per head on top of the rack rate got you the bubbly as an extra on the already paid for buffet. Felt even better after that as he was intensly jealous that we had anchored and swum ashore.
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