Wood Veneer

Skykomish E29 4:16am, 10 April 2009
Probably one for Ron's Ian, but obviously open to all.... I have just purchased a length of Teak Veneer off e bay with which I plan to cover the wooden panel that I made for the "under companionway" tool locker, as I really don't like the natural ply against the teak surround.
My question is what glue do I use to attach the veneer to the ply? is it just a contact glue like Evo Stik? or do I need something special?
And what do I do to treat it afterwards, just wax or seal with a varnish?
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Contact adesive (evo stick) A sanding sealer first, then a varnish or
Rustins Danish oil or Decs ojil , (same as Goskar int) Make sure you soak the end grain or damp will enter,
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
The panel it is going onto is already heavily varnished, presumably I just sand that back to get a key then glue the veneer direct to it, then are you saying to seal the veneer after gluing before varnishing?
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
You should sand back well , every bump will show,veneering is not easy,,, use a fine serrated spreader for the glue. Yes glue on, seal ,light rub and varnish .
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
thanks Ron
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