Super Snoopy 050 5:25pm, 8 March 2009
We're attempting to get leak free windows on Snoopy yet again. Gone is the quest for the moody sleek black look with tinted one piece acrylic, we've crashed and burned so many times and the area around the windows has so many holes, it resembles a Swiss cheese. We're going for the Blue look with individual windows held in with rubber surounds. A few questions for the experts.

1 Should the round insert that forms the ultimate seal be on the inside or outside? It looks easier to fit on the outside, but more secure if it's on the inside.

2 Should the join on the main seal be at the top or the bottom for better integrity?
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Years ago on car windows the stretcher was outside ,
Snowgoose has it inside. they dont leak .
Buy or make a bead fitting tool ,, a diamond shape piece of strong wire (the width of the insert held in a mole wrench) use soap.
The jion must be at the top.
Do not cut the insert for a week it will shrink ,, shorten ,, leaving a gap. Never use a screwdriver to force the bead in you WILL cut the rubber ,, I will make a tool and post a pic
Super Snoopy 050 10 years ago
Thanks for the info and advice, the pics help too.
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