derek.oboyle 7:05pm, 6 March 2009
Does anybody know how the wood trim is fixed? I have one part loose - two rivets have failed. I have taken the rivet head out of the wood, but the shaft (visable through the hole in the wood) does not seem to push through into the cab & I cannot see the extruded shaft (or any for that matter) inside the cab - does the shaft extrude into a blind hole in the hull?
Andrew Curry 10 years ago

Dorry about the shaft of the rivet. Either drill right through and secure gunnell using a counter sunk bolt with a nut/washer on the inside of the boat or you could also use a self tapper screw. As far is i know the rivet heads were glassed over when the hull/deck joint was made.
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
I would drill out and plug the rivet hole with a wood dowel. Drill and counter sink a new hole close to , and secure with a self tapper S/S
then plug over,
derek.oboyle 10 years ago
Thanks for the info. does anybody know if the design intent is a blind hole or through hole? Also is the 'gunnel' (periphery wood) purly cosmetic or does it serve part of a joint function for deck / hull?
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
I ve done two complete pairs now , Chille and goskar , From memory
they are blind and cosmetic to the structure, The hull deck join is glassed together and has other rivets to connect together ,
the wood is not holding the boat together!
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