blueachilles 4:06pm, 31 January 2009
Question for Ron & Ian,

I have cut out the plywood for the new headlining, using the old one as a template. We intend to order 6mm foam backed vinyl from Hawke House (; it comes 54" wide.

The existing roof lining was in 3 pieces; 2 small ones each side at the aft end of the cabin, and one main piece for the rest. To get this large piece out of the boat, I had to cut it in half.

The new set up will be to retain the the two small separate pieces - I suppose the thought is that if we need to get at the fixing for the clutches etc we don't have to take the whole thing off - and the main section will be in two pieces, with a long join down the middle. The join will be covered by a (?3"x ½") piece of hardwood for aesthetic reasons.

The whole lot will be fixed by screwing through to longitudinal battens fixed to the cabin roof.

Do we stick the whole of the fabric to the ply, or should we simply stick the bit that is wrapped round the back of the ply? As the ply will be curved to follow the shape of the roof, I assume we will need to stick the whole of the fabric, or it will not follow the curve of the ply?

What do westick it with?

Are we on the right lines?

busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Stick all areas every where !!! Areosol trim tack ,,, carpet glue!
Be sure to leave 10min before connection ,,, No naked flame near.
i may have photos on here I will check.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Can we have some pictures of you project progression and the e mail of Hawke House on the suppliers thread.
I have to say Chille's cabin is sooooo much brighter with the lighter headlining, and takes away that old "Seventies" feel of the boat
blueachilles 10 years ago
OK, first pic posted, more to follow in due course.

Hawke House have been recommended on YBW's Scuttlebutt forum, but I haven't spoken to them yet. I will gladly put the link on the suppliers thread if/when I'm a satisfied customer.
Xantho582 8 years ago
Hi Chaps,

Just been going through various old posts regarding headlining as Im in the process of ordering the materials from Hawk House ready for tackleing Xanthos interior.
Am ordering 6mm foam backed vinyl and intend to go the same route as Rod by glueing it to plywood panels. Was hopeing someone could recomend what size ply to use. Id like it ideally to be as thin as possible to prevent losing any more headspace (!) Is 4mm going to be to thin?
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
4 is ok
blueachilles 8 years ago
We used the same thickness as the original - I guess its 4mm.

Hawke House were very helpful with advice.
Xantho582 8 years ago
Thanks Ron/Rod.

4mm it is then. Will be off down to the boat shortly to start removing the rest of the old headlining and side vinyl. Should be fun!....

blueachilles 8 years ago
We over ordered on vinyl, and had enough to do the cabin sides as well. Di refers to this as the wallpapering. Smartens up the cabin no end.

But all we did was put the new "wallpaper" on the old vinyl. I hope I haven't told you this too late....

Unfortunately I can't find the invoice to tell you how much we ordered.
Xantho582 8 years ago
Everythings now been ordered and arrived today, and for the record, like Rod, I found Hawke House very helpfull.
rothwell_neil 8 years ago
Gents what did you use to stick the vinyl to the panels on the roof and on the cabin sides, spray on contact or paint on????
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
Carpet Spray on trim tack adesive..
Be sure to leave open till tacky especilally when cold or damp//
ie spray on leave 8 to 10 mins then connect,
blueachilles 8 years ago
We used PVA, as recommended and supplied by Hawke House.
rothwell_neil 8 years ago

Take it that is stuck to the ply and not direct to the glass. How did you stick it to the sides?
busy home [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by busy home (member) 8 years ago
Yes to the ply .. then attached by screws to battens that are screwed into the balsa core or Sickaed ..the forecabin on chille was direct to fibreglass, see set 4 on my photos,. The sides are just glued to the paint job on the hull ... Same method as the super yachts at Penndennis
rothwell_neil 8 years ago
Sorry to belabour this but where you stuck the forecabin to the glass that was carpet contact adhesive? That is the area I am keen to do as well as covering the ply.
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
yes aero sol carpet adesive .. direct... Very difficult to do as multi curves.. small space ,,, be sure to wear a good mask ! seriously...
It also needs to be warm.. I painted Goskars that must tell you something!!!
rothwell_neil 8 years ago
Had heard that Sadolin acrylic emulsion gives an excellent finish inside.
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
yes I read that too.. where was that.. ?
The problem that occurs is where the fore hatch sits .. the moisture gets in and off comes the trim.. We sealed with plastic tape, all around the open ended foam but not a perfect job..
rothwell_neil Posted 8 years ago. Edited by rothwell_neil (member) 8 years ago
Crown do a 1 litre pot of acrylic eggshell for £8.40. Water based, dries in 2 hours overcoats in 4 hours and recommended by the man in the crown decorator centre for use in boats as that is what he uses on his. The canal fraternity use this. Apparently easy to paint on virtually anything, non yellowing and condensation and periodical wet proof. dug out a reference to it in Nov 2010 PBO for interior use, rated it highly. Sadolin Supadec and Dulux Aquatech are also acrylics.
Super Snoopy 050 8 years ago
Damn and blast! Just bought a litre of the Dulux Weathershield Exterior Satin Acrylic as recommended in that PBO article but it was £15.98 a litre (minus 10% on Wednesdays to golden oldies).
rothwell_neil Posted 8 years ago. Edited by rothwell_neil (member) 8 years ago
Sorry, I e-mailed Crown and they told me where to get it from! They will mix any colour you want but i thought brilliant white had a lot going for it. looking forward to having bright shiny lockers now. Found one link on the web that said you can paint it on to vinyl so may be a way of cleaning up the old headlining in the forepeak, nothing wrong with it just tatty and mucky.
Slycat777 8 years ago
Quick question on this. I've j ust finished cutting the ply and the foam and have all my battens up (see new picture).

Should I prepare the ply for the headlinging in any way? Having problems getting the vinyl to stick to it well. Thinking of varnishing the ply first?
blueachilles 8 years ago
We didn't prepare the ply in any way. What are you sticking it with? We used the PVA stuff supplied by Hawke House.

I guess that sealing the ply with varnish or whatever must help it stick.
Slycat777 8 years ago
I used some spray I got from the vinyl supplier for sticking vinyl. Didnt seem to do a very good job!

On the plus side, when this headlining is stuck, thats the interior finished (bar some wiring)
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
I never varnish or do anything with the ply ... I use aresol carpet adesive ,,, on a nice day! follow the instructions, leave to dry correct time before applying together.
Skykomish E29 8 years ago
I would imagine that if you varnish the Ply you are only sticking the vinyl to the varnish not the wood. I agree with Ron in respect of the glue. I know PVA is kinder to the lungs but I have always found it difficult to use effectively, however DO CHECK that the spray carpet adhesive is ok on the Vinyl first by spraying a scrap piece.
I am pretty sure that I read an article about applying new lining to a boat and it was a potent spray that they used make sure you wear a mask too
Slycat777 8 years ago
That did the trick!
The regular carpet glue is way better then the 'vinyl' glue they sold me where I got the vinyl.

All ready to screw up the headling this evening/tomorrow
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