elite request [deleted] 6:30pm, 6 January 2009
Purchased a 600/1000watt peak Quasi Sine Wave Inverter with euro and uk 240v outlets for running the odd tool from my boat battries.

I will have 2 batts with a selector switch, a twin battery monitor. a new 2 pin plug and socket for the autohelm, 3 pin socket for my outboard charger lead and a 3 outlet fused switch box with cig lighter socket for recharging the mobile etc.

This should make the autohelm work better as the old socket was badly corroded.

I will try to take pics of any progress.
sallybrown490 10 years ago
yes please , we can't wait
NormanKlipspringer 10 years ago
1000watts peak will be drawing 1000/12=83.3amps peak. I wouldn't want to do that to my batteries and I too have two batteries with selector switch. I have bought a 60 watt (max)inverter from Maplin which will be drawing 5amps (max). This is ideal for small lights, charging mobile phones etc and cost under £10. Yes I agree about the connections for the tiller pilot, it needs good voltage hence good contacts and wiring.
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