blueachilles 11:25am, 28 December 2008
We'd like to replace ours this year, but work on the cabin roof and a new VHF has to come first.

What have people paid for dodgers please, and any supplier suggestions appreciated.

We want plain white, sides only.
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
The expensive bit is having them measured , ,
You can borrow Chilles and try Penrose sails Falmouth or I will get a price from my friendly sailmaker in Hayle for you , (if hes still trading ,, every one going bust down here)
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
we didn't pay a lot for ours around £30 but that was using the old ones as a template, but included lettering. They shouldn't be too expensive if you only want white and already have some old ones that fit to copy.
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
£30 !!!!!! No wonder they hang loose!!!!!!
Skykomish E29 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Skykomish E29 (member) 10 years ago
They only hang loose because the safety rails are not tight but the dodger itself isn't bad at all. That was each too
NormanKlipspringer 10 years ago
£30 is very cheap if it includes lettering. I think I paid over £100. Plain white with no lettering should not be expensive. Get some pockets made on the inside. They are very useful for rope ends etc. Keep them up off the deck about 4inches to allow for the sheets to come in underneath - otherwise dimensions are easy.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Yes my man is generally cheap he made the spray hood for £120 but I did have to wait a long time for it. As I understand it he makes Dinghy covers as his main source of income, the extra jobs are fitted around these utilising fabric already purchased for bigger jobs so you are only really paying for his time, & if you see the speed that he runs this stuff up on the sewing machine that is quite a profit margin. I have to say given the choice I would have preferred nicer lettering as close up it is pretty poorly cut out but at the price I can hardly complain as I remember that I paid nearly that much for a sail company to apply self adhesive lettering to my old dodgers when I changed the name of the boat.

As I said my guy does do a good cheap job but is a bit unreliable and needs constant chasing up, It took over 6 months for him to produce my Sprayhood.
busy home [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by busy home (member) 10 years ago
Sailmaker opens on Monday, do you want the shiny water proof stuff or softer material like chilles .(gets dirty quickly)
blueachilles 10 years ago
We will go for the shiny waterproof stuff, which is what we have at present. We will go for white again.

But I think Chille's pushpit is higher than Blue's, or so it seemed last time I climbed on to Chille, so the dimensions will be slightly different.

We are down to Falmouth next weekend: I intend to take the old ones off, and send the dimensions to a few sailmakers to get some quotes. I will send you the dimensions, and would be grateful if you could get a quote from your chap please. I'll also try Penrose.
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
£ 92 inc ,,
Stretched old dogers not good enough to copy, They wanted to go down and measure Goskar (i took goskars in) but I told them i had near new ones, Chilles, They were happier with that.
You will have to check the height and lower eyelet positions properly
and let me know,
blueachilles 10 years ago
OK, Will do. many thanks.

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