rothwell_neil 8:14pm, 8 December 2008
Emily is in need of a new coat of paint above the water line. The current paint job was brush applied and is not the best. Now I haven't the facilities and no doubt lack the skills to get a Goskar finish so would appreciate any info from anyone else that has painted the hull. I will be waiting for a warm dry day in spring (could be 2010) and the hull be be sanded smooth to get a decent start. Any experience of paints and any advise over roller/brush etc?
Daddsie 10 years ago
I have painted Rumrunner twice now, preperation is the key, wet n dry in a sponge block with plenty of water is a good start.

A Halogen lamp will pick out any imperpections which can be filled with two pack (car body) filler.

When you are satified you have a smooth well keyed surface apply a thin coat of undercoat applied with a four inch sponge roller and laid off with a sponge brush. Do not do this in the heat of the mid day or in direct sunlight as the paint will go off too quickly.

Have a trestle scaffold set up as you want to be able to paint her in one go, wet the area around the boat to keep the dust down.

When dry (24 hours) wet n dry again with something fine about 240, wash off and check again with the halogen lamp. Apply first coat of thinned top coat, allow to dry, flat down with some worn 240 and apply another thin coat, allow to dry flat down and apply final thinned coat.

Allow a week and apply wax polish. As the surface is painted, try to avoid fenders rubbing the side, tie them higher so they rub the toe rail, every year buff up with wax polish. I use Internationals Toplac, it is a single pack system and easy to apply, good luck. I shall post a picture of Rumrunner taken last year after three years of hard sailing ready for re launching, just to give you idea of the finish you can attain with a roller and sponge brush.
rothwell_neil 10 years ago
What do you mean by a sponge brush?
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
yes looks very nice...... I understand that the roller/ and brush method can give a finish almost as good as spraying.
From the books that I have read on this method the brush is like a long bristled emulsion that so?
Daddsie 10 years ago
The sponge brush is actually that, a brush that is made of sponge, but are marketed as foam brushes
rothwell_neil 10 years ago
Mailspeed are 8 miles from me so no excuse. Seems that a foam brush is a brush made of foam, how strange that English can ever be that literal. Thanks.
Amrum 9171Y 10 years ago
Thanks for the advice on this. Daddsie. I've done Snifter's hull following your guidance this week (although I won't pretend the results are as spectacular as Goskar's!). The conditions were not ideal, with strong winds, but I'm pleased with the finish. Photos to follow when I can remeber where my camera is!
pjbharrison 10 years ago
Looking forward to the pictures.
I'm waiting for the weather to improve to start pinting. It's very windy and wet here the last few days.
Daddsie 10 years ago
Snifter, dont worry about a bit of dust, you can polish that out.
Amrum 9171Y 10 years ago
Thanks, Daddsie - the finish is better than I expected, and I've now done the boot top, so nearly ready to launch. She is looking transformed!
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