Skykomish E29 10:25am, 17 October 2008
It is that time of year when boats come out and weekends are spent doing those little jobs that we havebeen putting off all summer.
I have turned my attention to the now scruffy wood trim on the Aeolus and looking to bring this back to all it's splendour.
When I first purchased Aeolus I stripped the rubbing strake back and treated with 5 coats of Danish oil, looked really nice, did not take as long as varnish and was easy to apply, a month or so later it was looking very tired and faded, how disheartening.
Despite regular recoating it never really came back to that lovely finish that I achieved intially.
I have already rubbed the hand rails down and given them a couple of coats of Tonkinois varnish and they look great, only another 4 coats to go.
What do other members think, should I continue with oil on the rubbing strake or should I bite the bullet and varnish.
One factor is of course the weather this time of year, varnishing windows are few and far between, whereas oil dries very quickly.
Your views would be appreciated.
I have already spoken with Norman about this and he likes the oiling approach...........
santalars 10 years ago
I've used Tonkinios for the rubbing strake and it's still fine after a year. Sure you will have to repaint some patches but that's done in a sec. Also the real working time for applying Tokinois the first time in 5 layers was about one hour and hence I would go for that. The good thing is that you can overpaint at any stage without much pretreatment.
Andrew Curry 10 years ago

Over the years i have tired many different oils and have always had the same problem. After time the oil seals the teak causing it to go black and look a mess. However i no longer have this problem as i discovered teak wonder. Its a silicone based coating which you apply every couple of months and it keeps the teak looking as it does when frist sanded. Give it a try.
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Rustler use two pack Sikens varnish on everything . But like henry ford you can have teak or teak .
The oil I used on Chille ,Danish? did not last at all.
Goskar has Epiphanes Two Pack on teak rubbing strake, cellulose
sanding sealer on interior , I may use a fungicidle wash on the Oak as salt water environment stains light veneers, Chille is affected now.
guillainevib 10 years ago
I used that Danish oil Decs Oijle (sp?) and it was crap. I used it on some windows in my house 1/2 mile inland. I used olive oil after that. Much better.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Yes the more i read this and think about it, I may just wait for the spring now and varnish the rubbing strake with Tonkinios as that it what i already have, and found that when newly opened it goes on a dream, unfortunately as you get lower in the tin it starts to lump up and makes getting a good finish harder, but then I imagine that that is the same for all varnishes.
any more suggestions would still be welcome
Super Snoopy 050 10 years ago
You could always use a good dose of Sadolin and forget about the finish! After all the rubbing strake is there to be bashed rather than admired.
guillainevib 10 years ago
With the Tonkinois, as with any product of its type, it pays to reduce the tin size as you use the stuff up. I know the original tin is yummy, but the removal of air will keep it much fresher. Just remember to dispense into the new container just before you have finished the piece you are working on then you can use all the valuable product coating the inside of the old container. I did once try using an inflated plastic bag to displace the air and continued to use the same pot, but it was very farty. Maybe a balloon?
Sadolin is very easy and effective, but I find it gets darker and darker with each application. On one old boat I used to have I gave up and used old engine oil and diesel mixed together. Very agricultural, but almost free and highly effective. I would not really recommend the latter, but I liked it.
pjbharrison 10 years ago
Hi Santalars
I believe you are in Skerries too. I've been sailing there with my 3 daughters for the last couple of years. Hope to bump into you there soon.
Where did you buy the Tonkinois varnish? Is it available locally?
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