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blueachilles 3:18pm, 1 September 2008
Hi Neil, etc, only just seen your comments on the "get together" thread, and so have started another.

We are in Cheltenham.

I will not be down to the boat again till the end of Sept, when she comes out for the winter (even tho we don't seem to have had a summer yet).

I would rather Ron didn't leave the legs on Blue; if, Ron, you are coming to the Swansea do can you bring them then, and I'll keep them at home for Neil?
rothwell_neil Posted 10 years ago. Edited by rothwell_neil (member) 10 years ago
That would be great as I can make Cheltenham no problem. After the meeting would also be fine as I hope to get a few sails in October. Went out yesterday, dull and damp then hammered it down, at least I had a sail but full oilies wasn't the original plan.

Ron, shame about the break in, I was going to tinker with the honda over the winter then sell it on ebay for an RNLI donation. Didn't have a chance earlier this year as seem to have spent the summer servicing engines and selling them on ebay.
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Fine i will bring them with me,Thanks for the cheque.
Blue sky this morning But not promising..
Chille wil go on the beach berth Sept, Ian can see her from Rustler all day then ,and walk home ! not a bad arrangment !
Goskar is still hiding in the shed , the theif did not get in there only into the caravan outside.
Glad you liked the books ,,what a woman , !
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Well Ron... we have our tin hats on down here for fear of concussion from the "cats & Dogs" falling from the sky!!!!! Absolutely tipping down !!!!
rothwell_neil Posted 10 years ago. Edited by rothwell_neil (member) 10 years ago
Plan to get out tomorrow as well, make the most of September. Will pull Emily out onto hard standing over winter and take the chance of repainting topsides as tatty. The legs will come in really handy for this as it was always difficult working on the old trailer.
In case others didn't see the thread the books referred to are:
Ann Davison sailed across the pond in the 60s the first lady to do so. Her books are classics .My ship was so small The last voyage. Home was an island.
I got these off Amazon second hand for a couple of quid each and they are a great read. Mashfords are still trading and claim to be the original owners since 1936.
rothwell_neil 10 years ago
Hope that you enjoy the get together and also hope that you have room to bring the legs to pass over to Blue. I will contact him and then pick them up when down that way in the next few weeks. I can then get Emily out for a good overhaul. Will be planning on a paint job in spring.
Thanks again, Neil
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Legs in camper. Looks like a fast trip up tomorrow 30mph wind up the stern, look foreward to meeting all,.
blueachilles 10 years ago
Neil, we have your legs, email, to arrange pickup.
blueachilles 10 years ago
Neil, would you like to give me a call re your legs, we are away from 24th-31st Oct, but we can leave them for you to collect if you are down this way that week.

rothwell_neil 10 years ago

Will do, not an issue as after the 31st will be fine.

Enjoy the holiday.

rothwell_neil 10 years ago

Picked up the legs from Rod today and must say that they are excellent. Looking forward to getting the boat out now as I have something to hold her up. Also expect to use them quite a bit next year as we have some nice sheltered drying bays along the Solway.

Many thanks and I will post a few photographs of them in use. As to length, with the ply 'foot' on the end of the legs is that it sitting on the heel of the keel?
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
When chilli or Goskar are in the workshop sitting on the floor flat, the legs are approx 3ins off touching each side. This is to avoid pivot movement draging them fore or aft . Note Ian made shaped pieces
to help prevent this ..I like strong tight lines ..
You can redrill the legs where they join if neccessary
We have a piece of wood on board to jam under one leg when working on board , to stop sudden tipping!
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