busy home [deleted] 11:05am, 24 June 2008
We used Teamac Tropical This year ,Launched May 10 th
Already we have growth enough to slow Chille down .
Ive always used Teamac Killer Copper previously and been delighted with it,but could not get it this time ,
In one of the major mags tests the reseacher commented that he would still be using Teamac on his boat after testing many others.
(its very cheap in comparason) What do you use?
Super Snoopy 050 10 years ago
We've tried all of the premium and economy antifoulings but I have to say there is no discernable difference. After 3 months, barnacles are thriving as is slime, but we are never troubled by weed. I've put it down to the fact that Snoopy is wallowing in a mud berth for 50% of the time.

At the Club, TBT was popular before it was banned - try some concentrated tin mine effluent, should be obtainable in your part of the world!
busy home [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by busy home (member) 10 years ago
We have plenty! When Wheal Jane stopped work about 90% of the shell fish (mussels limpets sea anomies and the famous oysters)
died within six months. Our mooring chains corroded in 12 mths (4years norm) from some galvonic action, and the ariel phootos were frightning .(look at google earth bissoe ) ,..They had to plant
weed beds to filter the effluent. I would not swim even now in parts of the Fal ,,(near Mylor Penpol and Devoran)
NormanKlipspringer 10 years ago
I have used Blakes cruising performer (true blue). Boat still reasonable (no weed/barnicles only a bit of slime) after 17months. Hull was wiped down out of the water in August last. I intend to redo antifouling as soon as I can get the boat out. This antifouling has the adavantage that it holds its colour after being imersed in water. Some products fade badly. Not cheap approx £50 for 2.5litres. But then you pays your money and get what you pay for.
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
According to that resercher no you dont!!
Mike A1 10 years ago
Two seasons ago Amare was out of the water for the whole year. In a moment of madness I decided to strip the hull below the waterline back to the gelcoat and cover it with "Coppercoat", a copper/epoxy mix. I also took advantage of having a completely clean hull to apply an anti-osmosis epoxy (a purely preventative measure).

The end result is very good as far as the antifouling properties are concerned, although the finish is not as smooth as I would have liked. Amare has a muddy half-tide mooring and in the past I had to scrub her bottom mid season. Last year after being in the water for nearly 8 months I didn't even need to pressure wash her. No sign of any problems at all this year, but she has only been in the water for 2 1/2 months.

There are some disadvantages. Firstly the cost. The materials were about £400. I'll need to keep her for a very long time to justify that on a purely fiancial basis. Secondly it takes a loooooooong time to prepare the hull. Probably about the same as 10 years of a quick rub down and slap on new a/f. A triple keeler is particularly difficult of course. Applying the stuff is fairly straightforward provided the weather is good or you can do it undercover. It only took a weekend to apply - one day for the anti-osmosis epoxy and one for the Coppercoat. Third disadvantage is, as I said before, the finish is not particularly smooth. I think this is probably becuase it was a bit cold when I applied it - I have seen much better on other boats.

I don't think I would do it again, but the positive aspect is that I now have a boat that could in theory be kept afloat for the next 10 years with minimal maintenance to the bottom. If, despite what I have written above, anyone else is thinking of doing this let me know and I can give more details about what I used.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
We used shogun antifouling on Aeolus last year and haven't redone it this summer, there was a fair bit of growth on her undersides after a winter sitting on her mooring but this seemed to clear after a good sail on , when she dried out the other week on the mud berth it was the first time we had seen her undersides for 18 months and it was noticable that though the antifouling is definately wearing thin there is very little growth on her. Certainly will need doing this winter.
Andrew Curry 10 years ago
Hi Folks

I have been using XM HS3000 for the past few seasons. It seems to work ok in Bangor. After about 2 or 3 months you will get a coat of slime which is easy brushed off. At the end of the season when I lift out there is usually a thin coating of slime which easily washes of with the power washer. What I have noticed is that the side of the boat berthed against the pontoon gets less slime that the other side. I presume this is to do with less light. Based on this you would think that dark coloured anti foul should work better. Guess as with most things you pay your money and take your chance.

Super Snoopy 050 10 years ago
Does anyone else get barnacles?
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
In Actual fact Andrew dark antifouling does work better, apparently some of the effectiveness is lost when they produce lighter colours so I was reading in the yachting press last year when they did one of their ubiquitous tests on antifouling.
One that did not perform at all well was internationals Uno.

No we don't get barnacles, just the slime that Andrew describes.
blueachilles 10 years ago
We use some cheap stuff from Compass24, which seems to do the trick.

Andy did it all this year, so I'm not sure exactly what we used, but will let you know.
NormanKlipspringer 10 years ago
Yes I would get barnicles if I did not use antifoul. Bits that are not protected get covered. eg transducer wheel for the log, needs frequent cleaning, prop and propshaft. At present the prop is covered with barnicles and weed. I know this since I tilted the boat over at the pontoon and used an underwater viewing glass. I just wanted to confirn my feelings that the lack of speed on the main engine was due to a fouled prop. I was right. this will get fixed when I do the antifouling sometime in the next few weeks. I intend to use a spray-on antifoul specially designed for moving parts.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Yes Norman I was wondering about spraying the leg of my outboard as it gets covered in growth due to it being permanently in the well.
Iknow Ishould really lift it out but it is just so much hassle , but does get through 2 anodes a season.
Andrew Curry 10 years ago
Word of warning if its a Mariner/Mercury the anode does not protect the prop.This is due to the rubber bush between the drive flange and the body of the prop.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
+Yes it is a Mercury, as yet though no signs of any corrosion but will have to keep an eye on it thanks
Daddsie 10 years ago
I use three coats of the Seajet 034 Emperor in white. I have her dived on once a fortnight and lift her out twice monthly for a good scrub, the Mullet do their best at keeping the slime off the bottom but the weed growth on the waterline of which I use the International boot topping (waste of money) because I like the colour, grows at an incredible rate down here, I scrub that twice a week!!

I used the XM 3000 for one season, it was too soft for me as most had washed off half way through the year.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Linda was under our boat today giving her a clean (the boat, not Linda), it seems that we have quite a few barnicles this summer , definately hauling out this winter and giving her a thorough clean, before antifouling in the Spring, however this is the second summer since it was last done and has been in the water throughout all last winter.
Our boot top gets regular weed growth this summer, but last year none at all, I think we used Blakes boot line paint.
craig48uk 10 years ago
I've been using Petit Paint's Vivid antifouling out here. Bright white, as I like her to have a white bottom (the boat, come on....) and blue for the boot top.
It's a hard+ablative antifouling and works great in the warm waters here, which are often more fouling than in the UK. Used the rest of the Micron Extra paint I had used in the UK in Chiron's first year here, a disaster, same with the cheaper International Bottomkote the following season.
Tocviria Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Tocviria (member) 10 years ago
I use Micron Extra International and it will last for about two years in quite respectable condition , but you have to sail a lot, you really need to sail every week end, especially summertime. A Wasa 27 here rubs the boat some times and I have seen it to come out after 2 years clean. The paint is rather more expensive than the rest but I am convinced . I paint 2 full coats everywhere in two different colors and along waterline 4 to 5 coats and also 4 to 5 in leading edges of keel and skeg It works well so far , and our waters here in Costa del Sol at times are like soup
santalars 10 years ago
I have very bad growth on Blue Myth this year. Used a cheap antifouling (online order). It's all, barnakles and weed. For the next seeson I will definitely pay more attention to the antifouling as I initially thought anyone will do. Not right!
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
It seems this is a very bad year for fouling . Most boats in Loe Beach are covered , May be a shortage of Mullet!
Daddsie 10 years ago
Washed her off last Thursday before racing, raced her Sunday yet I noticed that I have about a 1 inch strand of weed in one patch growing off the rudder. Certainly is a bad year.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Dragged this one up from the archives as I was talking to a chap at the marina about antifouling, this will effect all of those with mud berths......... I was happilly (?) scraping, sanding the antifouling from Aeolus when the yard foreman came up for a cgat, we were discussing the problems with antifouling in general and I mentioned that I had cleaned my boat back to gelcoat 2 years previously and still now had the problem of it flaking off.
He said that the problem is the mud!!! they had professionally coppercoated several boats at the marina and after a year they were encrusted with growth, apparently where the boats sit in the mud between tides, this sticks to the undersides and eventually plant growth and barnicles grow on the mud which has stuck to the boat. He said that it was a waste spending loads of money on expensive antifouling as they all seem to perform equally badly, most of the eroding and hard ones get damaged when the mud falls off..........
So sounds like I have just wasted £70 on Shogun antifouling when I could have used a much cheaper brand with the same result...haha!
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Chille and Goskar have remarkably clean bottoms (yesterday)heeled!
I used two coats of International Micron on Goskar and Ian one coat, on Chille,, This is much better than in previous years .. Teamac killer copper and tropical.. I will use again for sure,
santalars 9 years ago
I can only agree! Micron extra was this seasons choice (after very bad experience with cheapish one before). As we took the boat on the trailer it was great. no barnacles or weed, just some small amount of slime and the she was only sailed very occasionally this year.
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