Skykomish E29 12:28pm, 19 June 2008
Hi does anybody know where I might obtain some replacement strap hinges for my fore hatch and anchor locker (they are actually the same hinge) all of mine have a small segment missing on the hinge pin and I feel they need some attention before they break completely.
I cannot find anything online that matches size or profile in either the original Alloy or even S/S
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
We renewed chilles with new s/s ones .Exact profile . I will ask Ian where he got them (Mc Salvers I think ) The store we went to.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
If you could Ron I will need 4 in total and S/S would look great!!
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
I ve just returned from chille (spent the night) the hinges are ally . He has them on the cooker locker fronts too,,,, but I ve not spoken to him yet, I will let you know soon!
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Yes the originals that we have are some form of Alloy which has obviously corroded over the years, the ones on the internal cupboards are s/s but much lighter and longer. I hope that Bodge can remember where he got them as I can't find them anywhere, well not ones that will fit.
We spent the night on Aeolus in the Marina last night...not the same as on the buoy in the Swale.. too many hooligans at the pub opposite.
The prospect of moving the boat to Conyer is looking more appealing each day, we will save £700 on mooring fees but will use a fair bit more fuel driving the 30 miles each way to the boat so there may not be a lot of financial advantage over the year, but the sailing will be more fun and potentially year round sailing if we chose due to the sheltered location. The added bonus is that they don't charge extra for dry storage of the boat like Ramsgate do.

We may be off to France on Tuesday if weather improves, not alas in Aeolus but our friends Beneteau still will be good experience.
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
just spoken to ian, not macsalvors bosuns locker falmouth but they are £12 each.I will ring them tommorow to see if they have still got them. If they have I will goto falmouth for them.If you want them!!
Skykomish E29 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Skykomish E29 (member) 10 years ago
I have just looked them up on web they are infact £14 each with free delivery so I will order them direct and save you the hassle of a trip into Falmouth and posting them.
Thanks anway I was having a real problem finding them , these look perfect if a little expensive, however it will be cheaper than replacing a couple of lost hatches.
I think we need to open a parts listing so that anybody looking for bits knows where to go directly for them.
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Good , all ok then , Glad I helped.
Where are you going in France ? I ve only been to Morlaix Treguier
and Peter port Jersey, I still prefer the Fal. Treguier is nice but a bit hairy as they have 50000 crab pots in the entrance channel.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Oh only to Calais estimated 5 hour trip each way but staying over for a couple of days on board, must say that it is a bit more luxurious than the Achilles but too much boat for me to handle, has all the electronics on board which obviously makes things easier but takes some of the fun out of planning
Still will be good experience.
Thanks again for sourcing those hinges
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
I have just chased up my order from Bosuns locker only to be told that these hinges are no longer available and that I should have been e mailed to that effect... so the search continues.
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
OK I hope nobody else needs to replace their forward hatch hinges. I have found a local engineering company who are going to repair mine by machining two new pieces to replace the sides that have fractured at a wacking £20 each..
However based on the fact that the originals are no longer available I have little option and for the labour involved in fabricating a part from a block of aluminium and machining to shape I can't grumble.

The hinges on the chain locker hatch I have managed to replace with a pair of cheaper aluminium strap hinges which needed new holes drilled out to fit, but as there is no deck moulding shaped to accommodate the hinge like on the forward hatch, they don't look out of place and work well.
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Hello! Thats a shame, perhaps we had the last ones.!
Just goes to show its the small bits that make boating repairs so expensive,
I ve just returned from Loe Beach ,, southerly wind very choppy ,so I did not launch the dingey . Work has stopped on Goskar ! Ian is busy on new house,
Glad you enjoyed your trip,
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Thats a shame Ron Goskar was making such good progress too, never mind all the time he is working on his house he will be too busy to sail Chille so at least you will have that for the summer
Daddsie 10 years ago
Apparently Pro boat are marketing the hinges for Holt. They are in the current Holt catalogue, both sizes.

The originals were made by YS. I ordered a pair yesterday.
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
The Boson locker wil be having them in this week!!!!!!!!!
Despite previous denial!!
But only four ordered!!!!
Skykomish E29 10 years ago
doesn't that just make me happy!!!!! haha never mind have fitted the remanufactured ones now
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