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mikevass 8:05am, 10 June 2008
can anyone advise me on how best to tune the achilles rig? I have no idea about tension etc. Thank you!
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Im no expert on racing tensions, I tend not to harden the stays to much but dont want slack on leeshrouds when beating. I find Chille faster when in light winds if the rig (backstay) is very slack and foot tension very slack (Chille has footless main) I find halliard tension
is also a big factor ,moreso with the old sails, Keep the jib tightish but slack main , ..I expect you have the standard backstay tensioner the harder it blows the tighter it needs to be. When the breeze becomes stronger 2/3 tighten the main , and foot (have you an adjuster? With the new fully battened main and tri radialjib Chille is faster than a Sadler 26 fin but only when the sails are dead right.
I hope this helps but please ask again if you need more.
santalars 10 years ago
There is also some some advise given on the Achilles Website.
santalars 10 years ago
sorry, try without the www and set
rothwell_neil 10 years ago
When I bought Emily the rig had been set up by a professional rig tuner. Before taking the mast down I measured the tension in each stay using a stay tension device. Each stay, cap and baby were at 30 on the tensioner. This is very tight and there is no movement in the rig on any tack, absolutely no movement! The forestay was also reasonably tight when the back stay tension was off and was very tight when the tensioner was on with a nice 5" of rear rake when tensioned. I have put the mast back up at lower tension but have aimed for the 5" of rake as this gives virtually neutral helm in a force 3-4. Autohelm has to do very little on a reach so battery drain is not an issue. I was not concerned by the high tension in the stays as Emily has a compression post installed!
blueachilles 10 years ago

I would be interested to see photos of Emily's compression post, as I need to install something similar for Blue.
mikevass 10 years ago
I'll maybe get a tension device - are they expensive?
We lost a winch a couple of days ago!! Well the top bit popped off the spindle, but luckily landed in the cockpit. £50 to buy replacement parts.
We went racing last night at Port Edgar for the first time! Had a great time in the pouring rain. The boat kept up nicely with an H-boat and a dufour 29 which was pretty surprising. The wind died on the last leg however and we slopped about for a while and didn't finish within the time limit. Next time though! shes fast!
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
I have a spare pair!!!!!!!!!!! off chille ,, shout on here next time !!!!
Loos rig gauge ,,,, not got one sorry. Save your cash ,not really neccassory at our level..!
Yes they are really fast and get better when you know them.
rothwell_neil 10 years ago
Agree with the comment over the rig tension meter. They cost a packet for what they are, mine came with previous boat. Stays don't need to be too tight and you can get a pretty good idea from feel as to when they are all the same tension. The professional set Emily up with babystays and cap strouds the same tension. As a friend of mine states they should be tight enough to give you a stable platform for when you need to pass water. If in doubt go and twang a few of the other boats stays when no one is on them.

Bought our previous boat, a Hurley 22, from Port Edgar, nice marina and good sailing round there. sailed it up to Inverness on a non stop trip that took 44 hours. Went past some nice places, Aberdeen in the fog is to be avoided. Would recommend a cruise up to the Moray Firth and an overnight in Findhorn as that is a great place. Now got pontoons and just have to get in close to high water.
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