Phil Thomas1 9:40am, 8 June 2008
Hello's a strange one for you all. I have been given a mainsail by a generous soul who thought it might fit my A24. Unfortunately it is way too long for the A24 mast which is a shame cos it's in good nick. It has a sail number on it 1650Y...anyone got a clue as to what boat it might come from? I've tried googling but no joy. I thought it might be nice to return it to the correct owner if he/she is around. Any suggestions anyone?

Hope you are enjoying the better weather. Been out twice already this weekend...most agreeable.

Skykomish E29 10 years ago
Hi Phil have you tried the RYA as this looks like an offshore racing sail number that they may have issued (looking at the Y suffix)
Phil Thomas1 10 years ago
Thanks...I'll give it a go

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