Spinaker Pole

rothwell_neil 6:23pm, 1 May 2008
As I have two decent spinakers and no pole I was wondering if anyone has any clue on the optimum length of the pole so I can get to use the sails. As the spinny isn't massive I was thinking of a two part wooden one rather than a big clunky aluminium one. Any experience or ideas on length?
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
This was discussed before. I seem to remember 9ft, i will measure Goskars tomorrow and let you know.
Didnt someone use a lazer mast?
The standard ally one is not heavy at all.
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
yes 6 months ago, santalars
8ft x 2ins
rothwell_neil 11 years ago
Thanks for that, as it happens I have a few (as in more than I care to admit to) windsurf masts and now have my eye on a rather tasty 2 piece carbon mast that is now redundant.
Daddsie 11 years ago
Im not so sure that a carbon fibre wind surfer mast is the way forward. Andy Gaunt, a friend of mine and original owner and designer for Windtek was asked this question a few weeks ago. The loadings the windsurfer mast is designed for are totally different for a spinnaker pole. A spinnaker pole takes compression whereas a mast flexes along its length. The lay up is different.
santalars 11 years ago
A windsurf mast only flexes due to compression by tensioning the sail and it takes a pully to do that with a full length mast. I think it should be ok for a regular spi on a 24. However, you might be right for anything bigger. I will test mine this season and can report then.
NormanKlipspringer 11 years ago
The spinnaker pole will also take bending moment along its length depending how the uphaul and downhauls are attached. I would be most worried with a carbon fibre pole from impact from an acidental contact with the forestay which could put very high impact bending on the pole. I swa an America's cup pole collapse in two pieces when this happened. My original alloy pole is light and very strong and will withstand all the loads including the above.
rothwell_neil 11 years ago
I don't have any issues over the carbon pole. These take enormous tension to get the luff shape on the sail, 6:1 block and still need your feet to get a purchase when pulling. Once in tension they then bend and resist further bending when gusts hit so again man enough for the job. Agree with your point about hitting the forestay but guess only time will tell, I have seen alloy poles bent. I was after a 2 part pole so that I didn't have to store on deck but as I have just found the pole off our old Hurley then guess will use this and think about making the 2 piece carbon pole later.
craig48uk 11 years ago
The pole "normally" is meant to be the same as the boats J measurement e.g. front of the mast to the forestay tang. At least that was the measurements used during the old IOR racing rule.
If you see my picture of my boat Chiron alongside the dock at the Willy T you'll see it's a good foot or two longer. It's original and is no problem, except for storage as it pokes out over the bow when I leave it rigged and ready to go.
I would hesitate using a 2 piece or extendable spinnaker pole, it'll only break if the breeze freshens. Carbon is nice, but can't take any shock loads, such as being thumped against the forestay. I'd get an alloy pole, perhaps you can find one lying around the club compound, or procure one from someone that has gone carbon?
Knabrock 7 years ago
Hi Neil, came across this discussion whilst utilising the new index and seeking Spinnaker pole info. As someone with windsurfing bits lying around, I was wondering how did the windsurf mast work out?
NormanKlipspringer 7 years ago
At last someone using the index! Thankyou Knabrock.
busy home [deleted] 7 years ago
Well said Norman.
rothwell_neil 7 years ago
Have used a few bits from windsurfing. Used an old aluminium mast from a trainer as a whisker pole and that works well. Used both halves of an old 2 part mast as an A frame to raise the mast and did use the top section of a carbon mast as a long spinaker pole. All worked well as over engineered for the job.
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