PembsA24 8:39pm, 3 April 2008
Has anyone used the L bracket, I think bolted on to the first keel bolt, to lift their boat? I'm thinking of using a large telescopic farm loader to lift it off my trailer onto the slip way rather than pay for a crane.

It looks as if you could drop a single chain/ strop with a shackle on the end down through the main hatch to attach to the bracket. Also does anyone use the original factory system of 2 "A" frames and chain hoist?

busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
Its on the balance point I can not see a problem. But i have not tried it
Super Snoopy 050 11 years ago
Just added two photos to the group. When we brought Snoopy home prior to the inboard installation, we used the L brcket to hoist from a small Hiab. Dangling from a single line from the L bracket was a no no. She nose dived. By using a supplimentary sling along with the L bracket line, it was just about acceptable. On the return, we used a much bigger Hiab and a conventional double sling which was a great deal more stable.

The previous owner allegedly used to haul Snoopy out of the water on Caldy Island by means of a crane and single line on the L bracket but he must have had a lot of ballast in the stern!

Be cautious - be very cautious.
PembsA24 11 years ago
Thanks for the info - really helpful. I've ordered a pair of slings off the internet for £40.

PembsA24 11 years ago
Lifted Catrin-M off trailer this morning - see pics in pool. Slings worked brilliantly - you could describe her as a "trailer sailer" as we had her off the trailer and mast up in less than an hour. Only problem is that we'd have to find a farmer with a telescopic loader every time we wanted to launch and retrieve her!

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