Boom Slides

rothwell_neil 9:55pm, 6 March 2008
The boom on Emily would appear to be original and has an adjustable slide underneath in the slot. I have used this for the kicker but a few more would be ideal for reefing points rather than drill holes and I wondered if anyone knew of a supply of these? I have posted a picture that just about shows this.
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
m see your problem Neil, I have done a search of all the online suppliers that i know can't find any. strange I would have thought these easy to get.

We have the same boom a previous owner has attached a small track to the side with two pulleys at the aft end, and two clam cleats further along nearer the mast, works really well
rothwell_neil 11 years ago
Malcolm and you accused me of high tech, single track reefing system is as high tech as you can get! Found some slides in the dinghy section of the local chandlers and will see if they are strong enough, the single track with clam cleats does sound rather effective and I have found I usually need something simple and effective by the time I ever get round to reefing!
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
Ok neil If you like I will photograph mine and post it on here, It does work rather well The only problem we have is controlling the drop of the sail whilst gathering the excess in to reef, but that is down to lack of experience.
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