Phil Thomas1 10:29am, 25 January 2008
Hi All

I have been given a spare mainsail (nice start to the new year, huh?) which the giver assures me will fit the Dawn Tredder. I am not one to spurn a gift freely given but does anyone have to hand the dimensions for an Achilles 24 Mainsail so I can check before commencing replacement? The gift seems in better condition than my current one but is there anything in particular I should watch out for?

Hope someone can help. Thanks

Not long till spring (sigh)

rothwell_neil 11 years ago
The one I have just bought is luff 22.25ft, foot 10ft.
Phil Thomas1 11 years ago
Thanks Neil

blueachilles 11 years ago

Which has all sorts of useful stuff, incl sail dimensions.

Off to Cornwall this afternoon to start the fitting out process for the new season.

Skykomish E29 11 years ago
lucky old you Rod hopefully there will be an improvement in the weather Hope you have a good pair of sunglasses for when Ron launches Goskar I think the shine will dazzle half of Cherburg!!!!
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
Is Cher bug near Mylor?
Rod should have come down yesterday it was lovely.
We have not polished Goskar yet!!!
blueachilles 11 years ago
Just back from a great weekend; got a good deal of jobs done on the boat, but plenty still to do.

A lovely walk this morning round the headland near Padstow, very spring-like.
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
What a lovely day! did lots of work on Goskar,
Email me when you need us ,
blueachilles 11 years ago
Ron, we have decided there isn't time to do the roof properly before the beginning of the season now. It'll wait till next year, and we can take our time.
Many thanks

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