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blueachilles 12:49pm, 19 December 2007
I re-read the article on Cruising Chutes in this month's Yachting Monthly over breakfast this morning, and they seem to be very effective and easier to manage than a spinnaker, which we have but are not brave enough to use.

Has anyone had experience of a cruising chute, on an Achilles, is it as easy as Tom Cunliffe says, and how much would one cost for an Achilles?
NormanKlipspringer 11 years ago
You might find htis interesting.
I have no experience of a cruising shute, but have tried using my spinnaker as one by using the spinnaker pole as a bowsprit. It worked ok, but probably not as good as a specially built cruising shute. I would imaging the main difference from a handling point of view is that the CS is not flying free since the luff is fixed to the boat. This would make it more controlable.
If you give Crusader sails a ring I am sure they would give you a price for a CS
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
We often use Chilles chute . My logo is a picture of it ! We find it easer than the spinny and tamer .and its useable on a beam reach If you want Dimensions Chilles is a perfect size rather than risk it with a estimated one from a sailmaker .
Unfortunatly Goskar has not got one either!
I think there are some pics of Chilles chute on the site.
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
Ok for those of us who don't know could somebody describe the difference between a cruising chute and a Spinnaker, and how the Cruising chute is fitted. Thanks.

From Chilles pictures it looks just like a large Gennoa
blueachilles 11 years ago
See YM's latest issue! but basically, the cruising chute has a tack which is a couple of feet off the stemhead, whereas a spinnaker flies a good deal higher up, and both bottom corners, clews I suppose, are flying free.

Your description of a large genoa is right. It looks easier to get up & down, esp with a snuffer.
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
Yes Blue i have the article but am ashamed to say that Christmas has been consuming my time both at work and home, even my Day Skipper course has taken a bit of a back seat....... Scrooge was really onto something I think!!!
I really raised the question for those who perhaps hadn't read the article , like me, or not got a copy of YM.

I agree with Norman that Crusader #Sails could probably give a good quote and sound advice.

They do sound a lot less hassle than a Spinny.
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
You wont need a snuffer , just a bit of rubber tyre on the helm while
Di gently releases the halliard and you gather in. We have not got Chilles wet yet (we only use it in light winds)
I will measure up Chilles when I can find it (I think under Ians bed with the new sails!) and let you know.
New sails,, new winches.... new chute... are you sure you dont want to catch Chille?????
Have a good Christmas Ron and Sue.
rothwell_neil 11 years ago
Have posted a picture of a proper chute on the France 2 when I was sailing on France 3 in the solent. If you ever fancy a day out this is excellent, about £300 for full day and £150 half day but can get deals on the day if they are short of people. A really good day on a fantastic boat, the acceleration is stunning. Could quite easily gybe and tack the chute. Pulling it back down below deck and rebagging it was interesting. To get this amount of cloth down actually put genny back up and pulled it down against the genny.
NormanKlipspringer Posted 10 years ago. Edited by NormanKlipspringer (admin) 10 years ago
Did you ever measure Chilles cruising chute? I would be interested in the details, (including the type of cut) since I am considering one for short handed sailing (by myself), rather than using the spinnaker with a snuffer. I think it would be less complicated and easier to handle?? Also where do you attach the tack of the crusing chute?
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
No but I will , Ian is bringing it down .
Attachment is a long strop off fore stay point,
Daddsie 10 years ago
A cruising chute is a big genoa except that you gibe it around the front of the forestay very much like an asymetric kite.

Now that is a subject that a few of us Achiles owners have chatted about down here, an asymetric for our boats, not so good deep, but lets you sail a lot higher and faster.

Have race on non asymetric boats that use a tack line through the bow roller, makes for interesting peels to an ordinary spinnaker!
Amrum 9171Y 10 years ago
The Achilles 24 I borrowed for 2 months in the summer had a cruising chute. I'm used to gennakers from my Sun 2000, and we quickly sorted the c/c out and found it very effective, and easy to control. I fitted a short length of rope through the bow roller as Daddsie says, with a carabiner on the end for quick attachment and release to the c/c tack. We flew the tack about 2 feet above the roller, and it set well. The loose end of the tack line went through the bow roller and was tied off with a couple of half hitches after going through a loop tied in the tack line below the carabiner to allow for adjustment, but 2 feet quickly proved about right to get the required luff tension. We could hold it quite close to the wind in up to force 4, and down wind goosewinged it if we needed to go deep, although like a gennaker it preferred to gybe downwind. With 2 crew it was easy to handle, and kept the boat up to hullspeed. Snifter comes with a c/c and snuffer, which although it might make it easier to use singlehanded does look a complicated solution to the problem. I'll try it next year and see if it works. Incidentally, I use the gennaker on the Sun 2000 singlehanded launching and retrieving into a bag in the hatch, and that would probably be my preferred approach for Snifter.
busy home [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by busy home (member) 10 years ago
Norm ,,Foot 14ft 6 in
Luff 25ft
leech 24ft
Works well on chille with two , Hoisting single handed couldbe fun!
Made by Butler Verner Newgate Lane Fareham Hampshire,
NormanKlipspringer 10 years ago
Thanks Ron, for the info and pic - it is much appreciated.
Land&Sea 10 years ago
As I don't live where my boat is I pay a friend of mine to excecute small (or bigger jobs on my Achilles)... As I sail alone much and do not feel confortable to hoist the spi I had asked to measure the boat and order a Genaker. When I came to sail the boat the next spring I found that in his enthusiasm my friend put on a bowsprit!!! I was not very happy with this for several reasons but it was there now (and can be removed without serious damage to the boat) so I decided to try out how it worked. I got a Gen with a sock for hoisting and have found it works very easy, however not all socks are good ones. For example, the ropes to pull up the sock must be worked away such that they cannot get entangled with the sail! As to the Gen. I typically hoist the sock from the cockpit sitting under the boom and pulling it down behind the main work easy, again from the cockpit. I was very disappointed as the sail was not cut properly and simply would not stand still at all. I brought it back but the problem was not solved. Appart from the sail not working, A Genaker is a great puller for lighter winds and I would highly recommend it. The bowsprit is annother story. Clearly it gives more room for the sail and it will scoop more wind but not sure about estetics and obviously had prefered to be involved in the desision on putting one, how, and what material. Right now I consider either a new Genaker or buying a Parasailor... expensive sail but from what I read it should double up as a Genaker/Spi and much easier to control, hence good for single handed sailing...
Amrum 9171Y 10 years ago
I'll be interested to see photos of your bowsprit. My Sun 2000 has one for the gennaker, but that is a much bigger sail than the Achilles cruising chute.
I thought I'd have a look at the c/c which came with Snifter this afternoon, and have posted pictures of hoisting it against the garage door. The chute looks old but in excellent shape, and the snuffer worked ok, although I can see risks of rope and sail tangles, as wouterkool comments above.
Wouterkool - when you hoist and drop from the cockpit, you presumably have the tackline coming back to the cockpit as well, so you can release it, get the chute behind the main, and then pull the snuffer down?
I've got quotes today for a new main and genoa from Crusader, and also Momentum (who made my racing sails for the Sun 2000). Interestingly Crusader are much cheaper on the main, and Momentum on the genoa. I did like the pictures of the Crusader main on (?) Chille's photostream - what is the genoa like?
busy home [deleted] 10 years ago
Tri radial ,,, Very good but needs leach line tweeked a bit .Ive not got a good photo, Well made and looks very strong,
rothwell_neil 10 years ago
I like my Crusader main and they certainly know Achilles, I intend to use them for a new genoa but need to take out existing one in a big blow to damage it as still functional and still efficient just old. I also know that Lars had good experience with HK sailmakers.
NormanKlipspringer 10 years ago
Do you happen to know the dimensions of your cruising chute? Do you intend to use the cc and snuffer? If not are you interested in a sale?
Land&Sea 10 years ago
Snifter/Guys, I hope to be seeing my "Julia" this month and will take a bunch of photo's of a couple of modifications I made over the years including this bowsprit of course, and will post on this site - stay tuned.
As to hoisting and dropping the gen. from the cockpit - yes, I have the tackline come back to the cockpit using the "eyes" on the deck leading to a clamp situated on the right side of the cabin. Also the lines controling the snuffer normally, I keep tied to the wooden handle bars on top of the cabin roof when the gen. is hoisted.
Amrum 9171Y 10 years ago
Hi Norman
I do plan to use it when I get Snifter in next April. I'll measure it up and let you know the dimensions when I get a chance. As I intend to do a lot of singlehanded cruising, I hope it'll be easy to use - wouterkool's approach to luanching and dropping from the cockpit sounds good. I look forward to seeing Julia's mods in due course.
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