santalars 9:43pm, 26 October 2007
The Autum quote for Crusader is € 699 for the Main.
Hong Kong Sail Makers have an unbeatable € 502 incl. delivery.
Sanders Sails (made sails for Chris Butler 30 years ago and have original designs) are around € 900.
Dolphin Sails are £ 500
Hood Sails are £548
Kemp sails are £555

I have more prices and price info for genua also if someone is interested.

Has anybody heard about Hong Kong Sailmakers especially in terms of quality? I would be inclined to give them a go.
However, Crusader have an unbeatable price for European made sails and I think they will offer the far better service.
Skykomish E29 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Skykomish E29 (member) 11 years ago
I think it was yachting monthly who did a recent article on chinese made sails, interestingly a lot of "british" companies are actually supplying chinese outsourced sails.

I can only speak from personal experience but I cannot fault the service from Crusader and the quality of the sail that they produced was excellant, I also believe that others on here share that opinion.
You have the added advantage that if you have a problem with it, they are not the otherside of the world, so after sales service will be better.

Another plus point for Crusader is that they seem to be familiar with the Achilles and when talking to them on the phone they where extremely helpful with choice of fabric, shape performance needs etc.
blueachilles 11 years ago
Very pleased with Kemps, although on the ybw Scuttlebutt forum several people have had trouble with them.

As with Crusader, they know the Achilles, and know what they are talking about.
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
When I buy sails for Red Hot Goskar they will be Crusaider
Chilles are really good ,
Super Snoopy 050 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Super Snoopy 050 (member) 11 years ago
We bought Crusader at the 2006 London Boat Show. They were by far the cheapest and I can vouch for both the quality and service. I believe that they pride themslves in cutting all of their sails at their Poole loft. I'll be buying a spinnaker snuffer from Crusader at the 2008 show.
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
Ofer to pay up front . we had £50 off .
Andrew Curry 11 years ago
Have bought of Crusader and had a few problems. It took 4 goes for them to make the main sail. 1st sail was the wrong spec without the extras i had requested.2nd sail was to long in the luff by about 6 inchs. 3rd sail was the 2nd sail which they shortned by cutting 8 inchs off the foot which i refused to accept. The final sail is good sail
and sets really well. On price they are hard to beat but sorting out problems and telling the customer what is going on is not there strong point.
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
posted a note on here to bring this topic to the top of the list for Neils benefit, so that he can revue our comments regarding new sails
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
Clever old B arn t you! I still type with one finger .!
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
well you are a bit older than me Ron so allowances have to be made for your senior years........
rothwell_neil 11 years ago
Thanks for the link, having read the earlier comments and as a matter of interest the quote for the hong kong sail came from CJ International from Saltash, the original contact was direct to the loft.
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
You wont catch me on the water though!!!
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
I shall leave that to Ian... i think that there will be a bit of fierce competition at Loe beach next summer!!!!
rothwell_neil 11 years ago
New sail from Crusader arriving tomorrow, excellent service and communication from them and looking forward to seeing sail on boat.
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