English Bogman 10:57pm, 22 October 2007
Has anybody looked at fitting a self furling main. I think I have seen one on one of the pool pictures. If so can someone give me some idea of the cost. I sail on my own mostly and would like to fit one if possable, if price permits.
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
Points to consider are 1 weight of apperatus to furl
2 weight of sail up mast
3 no battens
4 no roach (loss of performance)
5 more heeling due to poor sail shape and weight,
6 very expensive .
7 potential disaster when system breaks (no failsafe)
Conclusion. look at Blues lazy jacks!
I sail a lot by myself and find it best to drop main and sail with just genny.
blueachilles 11 years ago
I would agree, having used in mast furling on charter boats in the Med, its a pain and I would say unneccessary on a small boat like the Achilles.

It would always jam at an inopportune moment, as well as all the problems Ron has highlighted.

As Ron has said, lazy jacks are the way forward; the sail drops neatly between the lines and not in an untidy heap on top of the helmsman!

We got ours, incl stack pack, from Arun sails, about £300 if I recall correctly.

There are plenty of views of our setup on this site.
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
Looking at Rons points it occurs to me that you would be putting a lot of extra weight in the mast region and therefore possibly upsetting the Achilles excellant righting ability due to her normally superb low centre of gravity. I would go down the lazy jack route, far simpler.
English Bogman 11 years ago
Thank You Guys

Good advice as usual! I will have a look at Arun Sails.

Blue's looks very good and neat too.
English Bogman 11 years ago
Just in case anybody is interested.

I have a quote as follows, Profurl in boom system for Achillies 24
MK0 system , supplied complete with boom , Luff profiles and all components required for the installation £2,066 plus vat and delivery . We would recommend installation of the system by a qualified rigger.

The system will require a new sail as the sail shape and battens placement are different from that of a standard mainsail. The sail can be supplied by any good sail maker and we offer detailed instructions on the geometry and design of the sail.

And the quote for the Stackpack, including lazyjacks and gooseneck bonnet £300.00

Prices are ex vat, ex delivery unless otherwise stated.

We are currently offering a Seasonal Discount, for an order with deposit within the next few weeks we can offer the above price as vat inclusive which represents a discount of approximately 15%.

We have a range of colours, just let me know if you would like a colour swatch sending. Instructions are supplied and fitting is straight forward though it does mean going up the mast to attach the lazyjacks (or waiting 'til the mast is out for the winter).

Numbers and lettering - £3.15 + vat extra per digit.
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
I m not quite following this. In boom or in mast system ? In mast system cant have battens. and you wouldent need a new boom.
In fact you need an attachment to fit the back of the mast which furls like a jib. ?/???
English Bogman 11 years ago
In Boom, but this would cost too much what with a new main sail and having it all fitted.

Lazy Jack's look a much better option and I will probably fit them myself.

Has Blue had any problems with fitting Lasy Jacks with a stack ?
blueachilles 11 years ago
No problems, in fact dead easy. The fitting to the mast requires holes to be drilled either side to take a pop rivet to fix an eye on, to which is shackled a wire strop. This comes down about four feet to a block, which takes a light rope which again divides to take elastics which come down to three lashing points along the sail cover.

We originally had a mainsail with a boltrope, in a groove along the mast. With the sail cover/stackpack also in the groove, it made sliding the main in and out of the boom groove at the beginning and end of each season a real pain. We now have a loose footed main so the whole job is much easier; there is a piece of light line (a kind of separate bolt rope) holding the sail cover in.

If we had got a longer ladder on the day I might have drilled the holes in the mast a bit higher, but they are fine.

A bit of care is needed hoisting the main to ensure the battens don't get caught round the lazy jacks, but timing is everything!

Hope this helps; the system certainly makes life easier when hoisting and lowering the main.
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