Keel Bolts

NormanKlipspringer 7:28pm, 19 October 2007
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
I have just returned from one of those old fashioned emporiums that are a disappearing part of a bygone age.
The quest to purchase some new nuts for my keel. After having exhausted all of te chandlers I was directed to this guy who has a shop at the back of the high street that is like stepping back in time. Most of the stock was covered in a layer of dust and faded by centuries of sunlight through the filthy windows.
He didn't bat an eyelid when I asked for 4 x 1" Whitworth nuts (unlike all the other places I had been to including an engineering firm) "yes sir I can do those as many as you like £1 each !!!!!!
Unfortunately he was unable to supply any studding at the moment as Temporarily out of stock.
Anyone else want any nuts for their Keel let me know and I will send them on at cost + P&P
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
I have nuts and studding left over from Chille ...You should have asked,,,,
I can get as many as req from S J Andrews steel stock holders Redruth Cornwall They keep all kinds of whit rod and nuts etc ....
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
Look at first photo ...above
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
Hey Ron I seem to remember you moaning that you were charged £45 for 4 nuts and a length of studding...... £1 per nut seemed a good price
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
£45 for the nuts studding AND the high impact socket
All bought within 1/2 hr job done .
If you wanted some nuts I have spare ones FOC to you.
I also have studding as I had to buy 6 ft length cheap to members..
JUST ask !
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
thanks Ron .
Anyway bought the socket too today £10 Halfords will have to beach the boat sometime to change this nut that looks like it will disintergrate once a bit of pressure is applied. Hope it only takes 1/2 hour to do like yours. I have to admit to being a little afraid of stripping the thread in the Keel but I have been assured that this is unlikely .
I am counting on just having to replace the nut. I don't want ot risk undoing even justr one bolt whilst still afloat, though I am sure the other three are more than adequate to hold the keel on
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
I ment I bought the bits within 1/2 hr The job took a bit longer!
I dont think you will be able to move the nut by yourself, the socket tends to tip off when pressure is applied on one side .. an extension upwards is needed and T bar movement req,,,, one man each side with extension bars,
(chille prepper and me =32 stone) I dont think the thread will strip and if the bolt comes up with it all the better ,just renew the lot.
I can assure you the keel will not move if you remove one bolt at a time. so the job Could be done afloat .By the way I have some threaded rod for sale cheap-----------!!!
guillainevib 11 years ago
I'm getting really tempted to just replace the bolts as a matter of routine maintenance. Just shows what a truly sensible boat the A24 is. Can you tell me about another boat on which you can change the keel bolts for £45 whilst afloat? Bloody amazing if you ask me.
NormanKlipspringer 11 years ago
I think you will find it a hard job. I attempted mine in the yard when I first got Archimedes. Managed to get the nutd off with no real problem, once you have the right socket and heavy duty extension and lever, but the threded bar is another issue all together. the only way to get them off my boat would have been to weld nuts onto the studding and then hope. I gave up and replaced the nuts. The threaded portion I had uncovered looied like new.
Good luck.
Skykomish E29 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Skykomish E29 (member) 11 years ago
Actually guys I am hoping just to replace the nut as the rest seems ok so if the nut comes off great I feel that it will probably cut off if all else fails. If the stud decides to come out instead then so be it I shall rplace the stud as well.
I have no illusions as to this being an easy task, I have worked on enough old cars to know what a B*****d a rusty bolt can be.

Hate to sound finnicky but does anybody know if there is a Torque setting for the Keel bolts?
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
As tight as you can then a bit tighter.
If you only want the nut off drill a hole into the side and split with a sharp chisel ..
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