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Wayne Kennedy 1:40pm, 15 September 2007
Hello again!

I have just uploaded a pic of the engine installation on my Achilles. Not sure how to link it from this post, but it's the only pic I have uploaded to Flickr, so should be easy to find! :)

In response to my comments on the other forums, chille replied:

"Sorry to be negative but my advise is use the engine as a mooring block and buy a new 4 hp outboard If you have not got an inboard well bolt abracket on the stern.If the inboard was a Dolphin ,thats a different matter!"

Now, I am of the opinion there there is no such thing as negative advise. If it's offered honestly, and I have the option to take it or leave it, then it's all good, right? :) With this in mind, I am considering my options for how to refit the engine on this boat. My options seem to be:

1. Keep the Vire 6 and get it running again. This could be a LOT of work, and is impossible to predict the costs as I don't really know what condition the engine is in.

2. Replace the 6 with a Vire 7, which I can purchase in a 'restored and tested' state from Nick Le Feuvre (Vire spares importer).

3. Replace the 6 with some other inboard engine. This would most likely mean some major restructing work for the engine bearers and propshaft / prop. Any suggestions for relatively easy conversions?

4. Use the 6 as a mooring block, and buy a new outboard, as Chille suggests (and as several marine engineers I have discussed this with also suggest!). :)

My main concern with option 4 is how do you run any onboard elecrics, which you have an outboard lacking any form of dynamo to charge a battery? Do you rely purely on shore power to keep batteries topped up at the start of a trip? I don't intend on having LOTS of electrics on board, but I'd like to cater for at least a safe bilge pump setup and some basic instruments and lights.

Any advice based on your experiences would be much appreciated.


blueachilles 11 years ago
I can only answer your last point, because we have an 8hp Evinrude in the cockpit well to power Blue.

Its a biot of a pain to lift the engine in and out of the well and stow it under the cockpit, and when we do take it out while sailing the difference in boatspeed is noticeable.

But regarding batteries, we have two leisure batteries on Blue which we cannot charge from the engine. They generally last the season; we sail probably two weekends a month between beginning of April and end of September, mostly day sails or one/two nights each time.

I may investigate the idea of shore power over the winter. I gather you can get electric hook up kits from camping/caravan stores which are made for tents, and a battery charger attached to this for a night or two would probably ensure that we have plenty of juice.

Hope this helps.

Wayne Kennedy 11 years ago
Thanks Rod. Although I can see it would be a bit of a pain lifting an outboard in and out of a well, I think I would prefer this. Unfortunately, my boat had an inboard from new, so the there is no well in the cockpit/hull. However, I noticed today that there are 4 bolts on the transom that do not connect to anything, so I assume that at some point Adlib has had an outboard mounted on the transom (spacing and height look about right).


blueachilles 11 years ago
With the lazarette, main sheet horse and pushpit, I think an outboard on the transom might prove to be a bit of a pain - difficult to control throttle, forward/reverse etc.

I know nothing about the relative merits of engines, but we would love an inboard - if I was in your position I would go for the new engine, and perhaps restore the old one and sell it to recoup costs.
Skykomish E29 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Skykomish E29 (member) 11 years ago
We have a 6 h.p. Outboard which has a charging circuit that recharges our single 80 amp hour battery whilst motoring., I believe these can be fitted to most outboards by a competent dealership. As we have to use our Outboard on entering and leaving the marina we leave it permanently in the outboardwell.
The battery is on permanent trickle charge from a largish solar panel when the boat is not in use and this delivers about 1 amp i sunny conditions, i can actually run the vhf on this alone but only on low power.
I top up the battery now and again on shorepower via an "intelligent" battery charger so that it never runs below the recommended 50% discharge.
I would imagine that the outbord bracket on the transom was for an auxillary unit, rather like Norman has on Archimedes.
Like Rod I cannot advise on the various inboard options but am inclined to agree that whereas it may not be the perfect option it may in your case be the simplest to just bite the bullet and replace the inboard.
I know a couple of owners have had the cockpit well cut out and glassed into place but this is not a job for the faint hearted.
Norman has a Vire 7 inboard which I understand has had some work done to it and therefore could probably help point you in the right direction. Pictures are on the site.
Also check out his pictures of Archimedes on the early pages as this shows his supplemental outboard in situ
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
Wayne. Click on your picture that you uploaded, click on the icon above the image that says "send to group" a list of groups that you belong to will appear, click on Achilles 24 and then ok. Your picture will be uploaded to group.

Norman was going to post some simple instructions on here but so far I think it has slipped his memory.
blueachilles 11 years ago

I may have asked you this before; if you leave the outboard in permanently how does it cope with corrosion/barnacles/weed etc?
Skykomish E29 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Skykomish E29 (member) 11 years ago
Not well, I tend to take it out periodically for a jet off and I am a little alarmed at the rate I get through anodes (I am on my second this season) but they are only very small zinc squares and the engine itself is showing no signs of corrosion on the leg. I intend to have the engine out throughout the winter obviously , and give her a service.
I am considering antifouling the bottom section of the leg next year to see if that helps. The biggest worry is the build up of weed and jelly type growth as this can block the water intake. Fortunately being on a marina finger berth it is not a problem to take the engine out and jetwash it off, I can see that for you guys on swing moorings this presents a greater challenge.

We will be down in Cornwall for about a week from the 23rd so hope we will get a chance to meet up, if the weather is kind and Ron and Ian Likewise hope we can get out on Chille again.
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
We have used the 3.3 merc more lately and it has ample power to max hull speed . Against wind and tides we would put the 5 johnson in .The 3.3 lives on the pushpit when not in the hole.We have a very cheap £12 solar panel Idont know if it helps much, We have one 55 amp hr battery which I have recharged once this year ,its not too heavy to lift .A lot of the racers in Falmouth have very small outboards on brackets but it depends where you are .If its choppy the motor will lift out .I sailed on a 1930s racing yacht with a vire .out of hayle .It seldom got us home without trouble (fuel vaporising)we cursed it .
If money was no object a yanmar 1gm would be in Goskar with a good folding prop.But we are ok with Chilles setup .By the way I am fitting a sculling oar to Goskar!
New sails on Chille perfect awsome brilliant superb exellent wonderf
NormanKlipspringer 11 years ago
Yes I have a Vire 7 which was a pain to get going after I bought the boat. Nick LeFevre was very good. I was able to discuss problems over the mobile while working on the engine. I fitted a new carb, which seemedd to be the main problem. i paid Nick to come to Burry port and set the engine up. Make sure you ahve a good fitler since the carb is very prone to problems from dirt or water. My main problem was air leaking into the fuel supply. Petrol of course is inherently more dangerous. I have a petrol sniffer fitted so that an alarm goes off if petrol vapour is detected. I also open the covers over the fuel tank to ensure that any vapour escapes before I start the engine. You could fit a bilge blower. I replaced all the petrol feed pipes, tank, cutoff switch and filter to try to ensure safety. As far a si know the only other viable engine is the yanmar 9HP single cyclinder diesel, which just about fits. The Vire 7 option would be easiest. Why not discuss the Vire 6 with Nick to try to get a feel for what is invloved in repair. I believe he will part exchange. The Vire 7 certainly pushes the boat along at a suitable speed (5-6 knots) and has proved reliable since I got it sorted by Nick. I have an outboard mounted on the transom (Toahatsu 4hp 2 storke) which I have found excellent as an auxilliary engine.
busy home [deleted] 11 years ago
The carb used to :ice up : on the racer i sailed we cured that buy spacing it off the engine about 1/2 in with a tuffnall block .
Using the correct marine oil is important too,marine engines run a lot colder than air cooled motor cycles !!
NormanKlipspringer 11 years ago
Thanks for the reminder. i have now created a topic on posting photos to the group, including how to insert photos or links to photos into the discussion. Enjoy
Skykomish E29 11 years ago
Thanks Norman I am sure that it will prove useful
Phil Thomas1 11 years ago
Wayne..for what its worth my A24 has a Tohatsu outboard mounted on a bracket at the stern which has functioned OK so far. I have a small solar panel and a wind generator which were on board when I bought. They are connected to the battery through what appears to be an isolator (though I am no electrician), presumably to prevent overcharging(??). All I can say is no probs so far. If it will help I can get some photos of the wiring etc for you.

Good luck

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