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427 vs 911 ADMIN February 18, 2012

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Porsche: Vintage Porsche 911 as well as Porsche 356 and more are here:

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Group Rules

No Nefarious activity: Phishing, Spamming, Baiting...

No Misogynistic materials are permitted on this site.

Misogynous is an attribute which relates to having hatred for women. Misogynous and misogynistic are the adjective forms of the noun misogyny The behavior manifests in showing strong prejudice, imposing sexist views and indulging condescending behavior towards women.

Here are some actions which can be a part of misogynous behavior:

1. Restricting the freedom of expression for the woman. Banning her from speaking her mind and restricting her freedom of movement and choice.

2. Acts of physical abuse, molestation and rape. Most psychologists believe that acts of rape are a result of misogynous behavior hatred for women) rather than lust.

3. Looking at her as a pure sex object without giving her dignity as a woman.

4. An intrinsic mentality to think that women are inferior to men.

5. Using verbal abuse against women or referring to them by condescending language like chick, babe, bitch, bimbo etc. Though many will argue that these are slang, they actually are a part of the language that defer from treating women with respect.

It is improper to believe that it is just men who harbor misogynous thoughts against women. Sometimes women also have misogynous views against women, seeped in by an attitude which is wrought in jealousy, envy, vanity and anger.

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