victoriabernal 2:31am, 4 December 2008
I was just wondering how one could see (photograph) the Box during it's stay in Los Angeles?

I'm planning to head down to the port tonight (it's expected to arrive in LA around 8pm)...but am pretty sure security won't let random people explore as containers are being loaded/unloaded from the ships.

Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated...
espeeboy 10 years ago
This update is a little over a day late - sorry.

Wednesday night or early Thursday morning the BBC box (NYKU 8210506) went via highway truck, yes as in via clogged L.A. freeway mode of transportation from the Port of Long Beach to BNSF Railway's East Los Angeles Hobart intermodal yard (Vernon).

BBC might have known in advance about it's arrival into the East L.A. BNSF yard. The bright but now slightly weathered red container was apparently coned off to be viewed by a private party today. A known L.A. "railfan" (train spotter to you Brits) named "Mr. MRL" located and posted photos of the BBC box within the BNSF train yard this afternoon. Actually, this railfan railroad employee who first found "Waldo" (a newly adopted nickname for it here in the States) is a known BNSF locomotive engineer (no, not a "Train Driver"), awesome model railroader and very good photographer. He generously posted some digital images and a short blog on a popular railfan discussion website,,1818209

As can be read in the link, rumors have the BBC 40' container "box" departing from Los Angeles on an eastbound BNSF intermodal "doublestck train" at approx. 9:30a PST Friday morning. Click on the link above for details and further updates (membership is required to view the full size images).

Hope this info helps...

espeeboy 10 years ago
The box left L.A. in the wee hours Friday morning a little earlier than expected. It is already over Cajon Pass East of Barstow out of Needles, CA at 8:05a on the BNSF intermodal train symboled Q-LACNYC6-04A. Destination is Croxton NJ (via interchange to the Norfolk Southern from Chicago). The rail car it is riding is BNSF 238338.
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