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magaroonie ADMIN April 25, 2018

Group Description


7 Days of Shooting is a group where the photography displayed within the pool is on a central theme that lasts for 7 days. Within those 7 days, the sub theme changes daily.

Each week (starting Sundays) there will be a new theme of the WEEK.
Members can post a single image for each day on this theme - providing they comply with the guidelines for that DAY of the week.
For your convenience we have included the important tags in the discussion for the week.


If you'd like to leave a link back to this group in a comment please copy and paste the code below (between the lines) and paste it into your comment.


<i>Seen and admired in </i> <a href="" ><b>7 Days of Shooting</b></a>


It should look like this: Seen in 7 Days of Shooting

To view the group's interesting images:


Geometry Sunday - our photos will have a geometric feel allowing the inclusion of lines, curves, angles and various shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. If it is not obvious what form of geometry is being used this should be included within our descriptions.

Macro Monday - Focus just inches away from your subject so as to produce big close-ups, sometimes even larger-than-life size. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a macro lens: just get in really close with what you have. This shot should be as close to a true macro as you can create with the equipment you have.

Texture Tuesday - Texture in photography emphasises features and details, so the detail in the surface of the object(s) you are photographing should be the most important feature of the image.
We will not allow third party textures to be used, or indeed "home-made" textures, as we are looking for subjects that have identifiable textures contained within.

Black & White Wednesday - This will be totally black and white, and definitely will not contain any colour pops, or shades of a single colour. There is no need to add a coloured version of your black-and-white as a separate comment. However, if the weekly theme is colour related, the colour version should be posted in the comments.

Colourful Thursday - We are looking for subjects which are vivid and bold in colour - the first thing that we should notice with our images is the colour and brightness of the composition! Let’s brighten up each Thursday!

Focus Friday - An image that illustrates some aspect of focus, such as depth of field, bokeh, out of focus, or selective focus. The goal of this day is not to have everything in perfect focus.

Shoot Anything Saturday - Take it easier and shoot whatever you’d like that fits the weekly theme.

Images posted to the group must not only fit the theme of the WEEK, but also reflect the sub-theme of the DAY.

Group Rules


TAGS FOR SUBMISSIONS ARE MANDATORY TO ALLOW MODERATORS TO APPROVE A SUBMISSION. Tags containing the group name, weekly theme and day must be in the first line of your description, immediately below the title, eg 7DOS Lighting Tuesday. You may also add them in the tag box if you wish.
Should you forget the tags and fail to add them after being reminded, your image will be dropped from the pool.
There is a theme for the whole week, which changes every week, and 7 sub-themes or daily themes (one for each day) which are the same for every week.

Photos MUST adhere to the Weekly theme and the Daily Theme.

Members should post a single image for each day, according to their own time zone but to allow for time zone differences, a limit of TWO images per day is set. Admins and Moderators of the group will approve or deny images, according to their relevance to the theme of the week and day. Please do not post early or late. See FAQ below for further clarification.

Weekly Themes change on Sundays and run till Saturdays and new themes are posted to Discussions one or two weeks in advance.

Submissions that don't fit the themes OR do not have the tags applied may be rejected immediately, without feedback unless the moderator chooses to respond.

If you are undecided on suitability or need further guidance, either mail an Admin or Moderator, and/or search the group discussions.


The Group Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Also known as FIQ (Frequently Ignored Questions)

Please feel free to contact an Administrator or Moderator to ask questions, or you can post a thread - we're a friendly and positive group.
PLEASE - read the whole of this section first to see if your answer can be found. Oh, and no nudity...keep it family friendly please!

Q: Do I have to take a new picture every day?

A: Absolutely not. Of course, if you wish to - you may! Archive shots are acceptable at any time. The object here is a pool which has a consistency in the THEME of the images.

Q: My photo hasn't yet appeared in the pool. Why?

A: All photos require approval by an Administrator or Moderator, to ensure that the image is "on theme". If it is clearly not, or contains unsuitable imagery, then your photo will be rejected.

Q: I have tried to drop 7 images for the week into the pool, and it won't let me. Why?

A: To maintain the consistency of the daily theme throughout the pool, you may only submit ONE image for each day. This way when members/guests browse the pool they can clearly see the continuous theme. In time, it will probably be quite easy to work out the exact date on which images were posted, if you get the theme and sub theme right, going by the mood/subject of the picture.

Q: We all live in different time zones. How do I know that I'm posting on the correct day?

A: Easy! You post according to the time zone you are in.

Q: If I'm allowed to post only one image per day, why is there a limit of two images?

A: This is to allow for the fact that the group is monitored and even though you post your image on the correct day, it may not be allowed into the pool for some time. This could mean that when you try to post the next day's image, twenty four hours have not elapsed since your previous one entered the pool.
So, to reiterate, post a single image per day according to the time zone you are in and please do not post early or late.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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