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Trees planted after WWl, in honour of those local soldier who served in the military.

There has been confusion about the exact number of trees planted, and at what locations.
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20080720_0419 Avenue of Honour, Duncans Road, Werribee

5 Kurrajong trees in Duncans Road, Werribee. (One was removed by Council in 2008)

"In the 1997 Heritage Study, the five Kurrajong trees are purported to have formed an Avenue of Honour, planted after WW l. While this is not able to be verified, the trees have historical value as they are estimated to be over 40 years old, and are significant within the landscape of the Werribee township." W.C.C. 21 Aug 2006.

These trees are in a photo near Station Street, and were a substantial size then.
- Werribee Banner of 23 Jul 1969, page 7.

Heritage History
1997 - Council Wyndham's Heritage Study adopted : p.243
02 Jul 2001 - Council Heritage Overlay : ?
(approved by Planning Minister in Jul 2003)
2004 - Council did further research into sites of local
significance and interest. Review produced 90 sites : ?
2006 - Planning Scheme amendment to include 95 sites : INCLUDED
2008 -

Wyndham Planning Scheme: HO44

Significance Rating : Local significance.

Werribee Shire Council 'THURSDAY, MARCH 13th, 1941 Present. - Cr. Ryan (president, in the chair) and Crs. Shaw, Hayes, Lohse, Bailey, Finch, Carling, Grant, Murphy, Davis, O'Colmor, Bugg and Taylor.

Cr. Hayes moved and Cr. Davis seconded that Kurrajong trees be planted on both sides of Station Street, between Watton and Synnott Streets.
from Werribee Shire Banner of 20 Mar 1941. p.1.
Wanton Destruction Of Public Property EARLY MORNING CAPTURE BY POLICE. About one a.m. on Tuesday last three airmen who were engaged in wanton destruction of a young tree and tree guard were surprised by the appearance of First-Constable Brown, of the local police station, who appeared while they were perpetrating their act. The tree was one of ten recently planted in Station Street by the Council at the side of the Shire Hall, and was the one nearest Watton Street on the south side of the road. When Constable Brown arrived on the scene three pickets had been wrenched off the tree guard and the tree, which had been tied to a stake, pulled out and broken at the top, while the tree guard was lying on the ground. The men were taken to the Werribee police station and, after their names were ascertained conveyed to their headquarters under escort.
from Werribee Banner of 08 May 1941, p.2.
A. E. Delaney, park ranger for the [Werribee] Shire, said that he had previously erected tree guards in Station Street. On the morning of May 6th he inspected the guards and found that the pickets had been pulled off one guard and, that it had been pulled practically out of the ground. The cost of repairing it would be about 5/.
from Werribee Shire Banner of 22 May 1941, p.3.
The increasing number of horses being used for carting as well as private travel in Werribee has resulted in the decision of the Shire Council to provide a hitching rail near the old power house, to which the trusty steeds may be tied while their, owners do their shopping. The trees recently removed from between Watton and Station Streets served this purposes during the past, but lately horses have had to be left at the side of the road.
from Werribee Shire Banner of 19 Jun 1941, p.2.
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RIMG0033 Kurrajongs in Duncans Road

Council defers future of the Kurrajong trees
The Kurrajong trees in Duncans Road are safe for now
The Werribee Council has deferred making any decision about the future of several trees in Duncans Road shopping strip, following a public outcry over the suggestion that they be cut down and replaced with plane tree saplings.
Last week, Member for Werribee, Dr Ken Coghill, launched a petition to save the mature kurrajong trees in Duncans Road, between Watton Street and Synott Street.
He said residents in the area had received letters from the council stating that the trees would be removed because the roots had damaged the footpath and leaves had caused a problem with building gutters.
"Kurrajong leaves and seed pods are much less a problem than plane trees. Plane tree roots are also known to lift kerbs and footpaths more than those Kurrajongs." Dr Coghill said.
"The existing trees provide shelter in all seasons. They could not be replaced by trees of similar size."
Werribee director of building and special projects said that given the strong reaction to the proposal council had decided to put its decision on hold. We've come to the conclusion that it would be a touch premature to cut down the trees now. We are in the process of developing a townscape strategy for Duncans Road and Watton Streets and will wait for these recommendations. However the roots of the trees are causing problems and so are the leaves that settle on the building's roof. The new strategy will help us decide how to incorporate the existing trees if they are seen as appropriate."
Dr Coghill said he would continue to circulate the petition to save the trees he believes have been "earmarked for destruction. The trees are a very attractive feature of the street and there is a link between them and the magnificent spreading Kurrajong outside the old shire offices and the trees on the western side of Duncans Road.

- Werribee Banner of 15 Jun 1994, p.3
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By Donna Sharrock.
One of Werribee's greatest historical war memorials has been forgotten despite the annual reminder of the ANZAC motto, "Lest we forget".
And, while servicemen from previous campaigns marched to honour their fallen comrades on Saturday, Werribee's "Avenue of Honor" was quiet as a graveyard.
Nobody paid tribute to the 12 gnarled but majestic eucalyptus trees that were planted in 1918 in rememberance of both the war deadand returned soldiers of the Great War.
It is believed the trees, which originally started on the south side of the channel bordering the Werribee Civic Centre and finished at Vera St [opposite Sneydes Road], off the Princes Highway, once bore name plaques of these "war heroes".
There is no doubt the Avenue of Honor exists despite the mystery and speculation that surrounds the issue.
And, considering that there is no official listing of war memorials in Victoria, it is understandable that local residents have been in doubt for many years.
In 1962, former Werribee High School principle George Morris wrote about the memorial in a June edition of the Werribee Banner newspaper.
He described the Avenue of Honor as a tribute to the returned soldiers of World War 1.
The article mentioned that an opening ceremony of the Werribee Avenue of Honor was held on 07 Aug, 1918.
During the ceremony, the names of the first men in the Shire to enlist, Privates Conran, Latham and McTigue consecutively, were placed on the first three trees of the Avenue.
Of these, Pte Faulkner Conran was the only soldier who didn't survive the war to see the planting of the memorial landmark.
Pte Edward James Latham, a returned soldier who served in France, died several years ago. His widow, Mrs Freda Latham, who now lives at Manor Court in Hogans Grove, Werribee, said she couldn't recall any official ceremony for the openingof the Avenue but added that these men had their names placed on the trees in honor of their service.
But what kind of progress is acceptable if it means the destruction of a war memorial an an important, if not invaluable, part of the town's history is lost.
Many of the gum trees were destroyed in road widening projects during post-war years and more recently in 1976-7.
The only reason that the Avenue of Honor hasn't been completely wiped from the historical slate is because it has been kept alive in the minds of Werribee's more senior citizens.
Residents such as Ms Vera Davis, Ms Norma Griffiths, Werribee RSL members Mr George Tinkler, Mr Laurie Earl and Mr Warwick Cayley.
It can now only be hoped that a plaque can be erected along the Avenue of Honor, so that we do not forget the tribute the magnificent trees pay to soldiers to this very day.
- Werribee Banner of 19 Apr 1987, p.1.
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WERRIBEE AVENUE OF HONOR. Various suggestions have been made from time to time as to how the residents of Werribee should permanently honor the brave men from this district engaged in the great war. No honor we can bestow upon our boys can be too much, and we who have remained at home, under practically pre-war conditions, must forget what we have given, and what we will yet have to give, to Red Cross funds. Let us do something in addition and show our further appreciation of our gallant boys. The Merrymakers - girls of Werribee - come to the rescue, and with your assistance their proposal will be accomplished. What is it ? A most suitable proposition, viz., that an avenue of trees be planted along the Melbourne - Geelong road, at the entrance to the town, and each tree will have the name of a Werribee soldier attached. You may say, " Well, this is very good, but it is going to cost something. Of course it will, the same as everything else, but when a number of people contribute a little, the cost to each is not very much. Someone may be disposed to contribute the whole cost of a tree, or a number of trees, but this is not essential, the object being to let every one contribute a little, and the avenue will be entirely paid for by the ever generous people of the district as a whole. The "Merrymakers," under the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Colin Campbell, have undertaken to raise the amount required, and all you will be asked to do will be to patronise their many concerts at the nominal charge of 1/ or 2/. Will you assist to give the "Merry- makers" a good send-off in their noble effort by attending the public meeting on Saturday evening, at the Shire Hall, at 8 p.m.
From Werribee Shire Banner of 23 May 1918, p.3.

AVENUE OF HONOR. A very enthusiastic meeting was held in the Shire Hall, Werribee Saturday evening last, to arrange about an Avenue of Honor to all men who have enlisted from the Shire of Werribee. It was proposed to plant an avenue of sugar gums on the Melbourne - Geelong Road, starting from the East and West side of the town. Cr. James Browne has very kindly donated all the trees, and it is estimated there will be approximately 500 trees planted, and that, therefore, there will have to be a public appeal made for assistance. The trees will be planted, and guards erected in proportion to funds in hand. The following donations have been promised : - Mr. W. Ison tree guards ; Mr. W. Densley, tree guards; Mr. C. Campbell, tree guards, in honor of employees; Mr. W. Hill, 1 tree guard in honor of employee. Don't forget, this is the time to plant gums, so if you intend making a donation do it quickly, so that we may know how much planting we can do. Subscribers are asked to make their donation to D. A. Little, Esq,, chairman, C. H. Campbell, Hon. Sec of the fund, or the "Banner" Office. A Shilling Fund is open for amounts from one shilling upwards.
from Werribee Shire Banner of 30 May 1918, p.2.

A CONTINUOUS AVENUE. A meeting of those interested in the proposed Avenue of Honor, will be held in the Shire Hall, Werribee, on Saturday, 15th inst, at 4 p.m., to discuss some important business in connection with same. A well attended meeting was held at Laverton on Wednesday evening (Cr. B. J. Maher, J.P.,in the chair) in connection with the proposed Avenue of Honor to be planted along the Melbourne-Geelong road at the east and west approach to Werribee. All present agreed that it was the right thing to do, and while some thought that each district should have its own avenue, it was finally decided to support the larger proposal with the object of making the Avenue a continuous one. In connection with the names published last week of those who had contributed to the fund, the name J. Harrison should have been Harrison Bros.
From Werribee Shire Banner of 13 Jun 1918, p.2.

A movement is on foot to create an ''avenue of honour, "-- perpetuating the memory of soldiers who have enlisted, - along the Geelong road, from Melbourne to Geelong. It is proposed to erect trees on either side of the roadway and on each tree will be attached a brass tablet bearing the name of a soldier enlisting from the district through which the "avenue" runs.
An outline of the scheme was given by Cr Shillabeer [Footscray] on Tuesday, when replying to a deputation, (Messrs J. Twist and D. Bayley) which suggested that an "avenue of honor" should be made in Footscray.
The deputation had suggested that a public meeting be called, and sub-committees appointed. The duty of these committees being the caring for, and maintaining of, a section of the avenue which would be allotted to it. An alternate scheme for maintenance of the trees was that returned soldiers be employed to do the work. The deputation thought it would be one means of establishing a fitting memorial and showing loyalty to the men who had enlisted. It may also be the means of encouraging others to do so, they thought.
Cr Shillabeer, in promising the support of the council, and under taking to call a public meeting at an opportune time, suggested that Footscray Council might get in touch with the adjoining councils immediately, secure their opinion, and urge that the proposal should be pushed along as speedily as possible. The task was too big an undertaking for Footscray alone, the avenue would reach to within two miles of the Werribee town ship.
The Mayor promised to call a public meeting at an early date,
from Yarraville Weekly of 08 Jun 1918, p.3.

--------------- ------------------- -------------------- ---------------------
In 1919, the Werribee Shire Council received a letter from C. H. Campbell, hon. Sec. Werribee Avenue of Honor, asking that Council accept the responsibility of watering and tending trees planted, by the public in the avenue on the east and west side of the township of Werribee. Resolution - To be complied with on the motion of Cr McMurray, seconded by G Beamish. (Werribee Shire Banner of 30 Jan 1919.)

AVENUE OF HONOR. (TO THE EDITOR). SIR, - May I make an appeal to the residents' of the Shire of Werribee to assist the Avenue of Honor committee to finish their avenue, there being still 150 guards wanted. This is, I think, the only incomplete Avenue of Honor in the State. There are 250 guards erected, half at each end of the town, which will all be planted by the end of this month. Owing to voluntary labour not being available to erect the guards, this heavy expense has had to be borne by the funds which were not received for that purpose. General Brand, in unveiling the Honor Board in the Shire Hall, said he thought it should have been in a more public place. The Avenue of Honor, when completed, will carry out General Brand's wish, and show to the public outside what a great number of men enlisted from our Shire, and who they were. I think after waiting till all other patriotic appeals have closed my committee may now safely ask for support. I would especially like to see the Shire Council identified with this movement, who, I am sure if approached properly, will do so. Yours. etc.,
COLIN H. CAMPBELL, Hon. Sec. Avenue of Honor,' Werribee.
from Werribee Shire Banner of 24 Jun 1920, p.3.
The trustees of the Avenue of Honour Fund, inaugurated during the war, have decided to spend £100, representing the balance of the fund, on tree planting on the Prince's Highway at Werribee.
The Argus of 10 Aug 1928, p.16/18.
[Location unknown]
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We would again remind our readers of the plain and fancy dress ball to be held in the Werribee Mechanics' Hall on Wednesday next, for the purpose of raising funds to continue the planting of trees to the, memory of those who took part in the great European conflict, thus assisting to protect the principals of Australian democracy. The proceedings will commence sharp at 8 o'clock, and it is to be hoped that there will be a bumper attendance. The ladies - and the Werribee ladies are noted for their superiority in the culinary art, and for their generosity - who wish to contribute refreshments are asked to leave them at the Hall in the afternoon, so as to enable the committee to have everything in readiness for the successful carrying out of the arrangement in the evening.

from Werribee Sire Banner of 12 Jun 1919. p.2.
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A meeting of the tree-planting committee appointed by the Council at its last meeting was held on Wednesday. The President and Crs. Cherry and Wall attended. A personal inspection was made of various sites where tree-planting can be carried out with advantage to the Shire. Trees will be planted this season in the township of Werribee, at Little River, Tarneit, and Truganini. The committee inspected a vacant piece of Crown land south of St. Andrew's church, Werribee, and it is probable that a recommendation will be made to have a portion of the land vested in the Council and planted with trees.
from Bacchus Marsh Express of 16 May 1896, p.3.
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19870318p3a Werribee Avenue of Honor

Search for old trees - by Donna Sharrock

Has Werribee forgotten its memorial to the soldiers of World War One?
That is the question raised by Werribee resident Mr Richard Barker, who recently claimed that Werribee had its own “avenue of honor”.
Mr Barker, 85, of the Princes Highway, has lived in Werribee for the past 57 years and he remembers when the, now, giant gum trees along the Princes Highway were protected by wire guards bearing tags with the names of World War One servicemen.
According to Mr Barker the trees were planted from the Civic Centre to Vera Street between the service road and the Princes Highway. He said he couldn’t recall the facts but was adamant that they served as a memorial in the past.
“It seems logical because the trees originally marked the entrance to the town.” Mr Barker said. “The trees were surrounded by wire or wooden guards and I’m sure they had plaques attached to them. Whether the name tag hung from the tree or the guard I couldn’t say for certain.”
He added that some of the families who lived in Werribee during the 1920’s might have erected the guards themselves.
Despite the uncertainty about the plantation, the fact remains that many Werribee residents agree with Mr Barker.
Mr Laurie Earl of Wattle Avenue, came to Werribee in 1926 and knew the Avenue of Honor as a memorial for returned World War One soldiers. He recollected that wreaths were hung from the trees in the 20’s.
It is believed that the confusion surrounding the issue stems from road-widening projects during post war years and more recently in 1976-7.
Many of the trees along the Princes Highway were chopped down to make way for a double lane highway. It is now unclear which trees represent the Avenue of Honor, particularly since none of the guards or plaques remain
The issue came to the attention of the Werribee Historical Society last year. Society spokesperson Gwen Hames said they were aware of the existing Avenue of Honor and had recently begun making inquiries into the matter. “The Avenue of Honor was definitely along the Princes Highway,” Mrs Hames said. “Of course, when the road was widened people just didn’t care. They chopped the trees down and threw out whatever they wanted on the rubbish heap.”
The Historical Society is concerned that many of the remaining gum trees are still in danger. “If we can identify them as being part of the World War One memorial we could put them on the registration and save them,” Mrs Hames said. She added that the only evidence the society had to verify the issue were the early minutes recorded by the Werribee-Country Women’s Association which mentions the Avenue of Honor.
from Werribee Banner of 18 Mar 1987, p.3.
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Prior to 1941, it appears that Station Street ran from the Werribee railway, through the War Memorial Gardens, south across Watton Street, and continued on to Beamish Street. (at this point the street changes direction and then became Duncan’s Road ?)(For some reason, part of it was later incorporated into Duncan’s Road.)
Early in 1941, the existing native street trees in Station Street, between Watton Street and Synnott Street were removed by Council, and replaced by Kurrajong trees.
In March 1941, the Werribee Shire Council approved the planting of Kurrajong trees on both sides of Station Street, between Watton and Synnott streets.
Ten trees were initially planted, and they were protected by tree guards made from pickets. The Werribee Shire Banner of the time reported on several attacks by vandels on these trees, soon after they were planted.
At the time that the Wyndham Heritage Study of 1997 was prepared, 5 Kurrajong trees had survived. Since that time a further tree has been removed, reducing the number to four.
I believe that the 1941 planting of Kurrajong trees formed an avenue that approached the War Memorial gardens in Watton Street, and they then became associated with the cenotaph and park. Through this association, they would have assumed a degree of significance to local residents.
Further replacement tree plantings in Station Street were proposed by Council in July 1941, in the section between Synnott Street and Beamish Street. Cr Bugg offerred to donate ornamental trees for the project.
Werribee Shire Banner of 02 Apr 1931, p.1.
Werribee Shire Banner of 20 Mar 1941, p.1.
Werribee Shire Banner of 08 May 1941, p.2.
Werribee Shire Banner of 22 May 1941, p.3.
Werribee Shire Banner of 19 Jun 1941, p.2.
Werribee Shire banner of 17 Jul 1941, p.1.
Werribee Shire Banner of 10 Jul 1941, p.1.
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20131006_2022 fallen Avenue of Honour Tree
This eucalypt, near the Sneydes Road junction fell in a recent wind storm.
Not many left now!
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20091013_4218 Princes Highway Werribee
from Werribee Shire Banner of
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Opening on Thursday.
More than 10,000 trees are ready for planting in the Calder Memorial Avenue at Werribee after the official opening by His Excellency the Governor (Lord Somers) on Thursday afternoon. Lord and Lady Somers, the Premier and Mrs Hogan, the Lord Mayor and Lady Morell, Mrs W. Calder, and the Chairman of the Country Roads Board (Mr. W. T. B. McCormack) will plant trees in one of the plots of the Calder avenue and later in the Werribee Soldier's Memorial Avenue. In addition trees will be planted in 28 plots by persons or firms which have given £50 or more towards the establishment of the avenue.
The appeal committee met yesterday to make final arrangements, and the programme adopted is as follows:-
The Premier and Mrs Hogan and the Lord Mayor and Lady Morell will arrive at the end of the Werribee avenue at a quarter to 3 o'clock.
His Excellency the Governor and Lady Somers will arrive a few minutes before 3 o'clock. After a formal welcome by the shire president speeches will be made and trees will then be planted in the official reserve. Lord and Lady Somers will plant the first trees, and they will be followed by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress and Mrs W. Calder.
Later the official party will plant trees in the Werribee Soldiers' memorial avenue.
After the official ceremony trees will be planted in the other plots. Allotment numbers and planters are :-
Nos. 1 and 2, Werribee;
No. 3. Official reserve;
No. 4. Buckley and Nunn;
No. 5. Melbourne City Council;
No. 6. Mrs H. P. Lock;
No. 7. Prahran City Council;
No. 8. Myer Emporium;
No. 9. South Melbourne City Council;
No. 10. Dunlop Rubber Company;
No. 11. Brunswick City Council;
No.12. Australian Cement Ltd.;
No. 13. Williamstown City Council;
No. 14. Mr. W. B. Carr;
No.15, South Barwon Shire Council;
No. 16, the "Age";
No. 17, Ringwood Borough Council, Blackburn - Mitcham Shire Council, Lilydale Shire Council;
No. 18, "The Argus";
No. 20, The "Herald";
No. 21, Manufacturers' plantation;
No. 22, Vacuum Oil Company, The Shell Company of Australia;
No. 23, Mr. J. Cockbill;
No. 24, Institution of Engineers, Australia (Melbourne Division;
No. 25, Neuchatel Asphalte Company;
No. 26, Institution of Civil Engineers, London (Victorian Divisionn);
No. 27, Cuming, Smith, and Co. Pty. Ltd.;
No. 28, Royal Automobile Club of Victoria; No. 30, Glenlyon Shire Council.
from the Argus of 04 Sep 1928, p.9.
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Were these two reserves near the B24 Hanger part of the Avenue of Honor?

Anne st reserve gov gaz 1988 p1814b
Anne st reserve gov gaz 1988 p1814a

from the Victorian Government Gazette of 1988, p.1814.
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You have probably observed in the press a letter written by Captain Dyett to the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, urging that advantage should be taken of the present planting season to employ returned soldiers to plant suitable avenues of trees. This proposal was to plant completely 550 acres of reserves under the City Council, the name of a soldier to be memoralised on a medallion affixed to each tree. This Melbourne movement, initiated by the Victorian Minister of Forests (Hon. T. Livingston), has been followed in other localities, such as Ballarat, Chelsea, Northcote, and other municipalities.
It is desired that your municipality should at once take advantage of the present season by planting with suitable trees all the necessary avenues in your gardens, reserves, roads, and streets.
This will enable returned soldiers, to be employed with great advantage both to them and to the community generally. It is desired that no time should be lost. Your example will stimulate the neighbouring municipalities and the municipalities in other parts of Australia to do likewise. May we ask that you have a special meeting of your council or of your parks and gardens' committee to give the necessary instructions forthwith. It would be a crime to neglect so suitable an opportunity to give returned soldiers employment, and if the next few weeks are not utilised the whole year will have been wasted. May we ask for an early reply.
Yours truly,
W. K. BOLTON, President.
E. C. EVANS, General Secretary.
G. J. C. DYETT, Organising Secretary State Recruiting Committee of Victoria.
Letter published in the Werribee Shire Banner of 23 Aug 1917.
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