unclearimage 6:50pm, 17 October 2009
picked up a set after seeing some results from NIZOMI and did some tests. here's the resulting data if anyone is interested. got my set, new, with a leather carrying pouch off the bay for $24.99

600se with Hoya 55mm Diopter lens set including +1 +2 +3 diopter

127mm lens (shortest focus distance 3.5 feet without diopter)
with diopters:
W/+1 = 19"min to 36"max
W/+2 = 13"min to 19"max
W/+3 = 10"min to 13"max
W/+4 = 8"min to 10"max
W/+5 = 6"min to 8"max
W/+6 = 5.5"min to 6.5"max

150mm lens (shortest focus distance 6.6 feet without diopter)
with diopters
W/+1 = 26"min to 40"max
W/+2 = 15"min to 20"max
W/+3 = 11.5"min to 13.5"max
W/+4 = 9"min to 10.5"max
W/+5 = 7"min to 8"max
W/+6 = 6"min to 6.5"max

to attain +4 +5 & +6 lens are stacked together. to use the diopters a ground glass focus screen is required
amalia chimera 9 years ago
This is incredibly helpful, thank you so much. I always hated that I couldn't get very close on the 600SE, but the camera is so friggin' amazing that I got over it. But now, thanks to your info, I can finally get closer :)
pim (pimbert) rdwrt Posted 8 years ago. Edited by pim (pimbert) rdwrt (member) 8 years ago
Ok, considering this on my 150 for the 'portrait' feeling.

- Does the minimal focal distance stay the same with the rings on?

- How do you focus with the rings on?
pim (pimbert) rdwrt 8 years ago
To solve at least the second question: focusing has to be done with a grounded glass plate....
unclearimage 8 years ago
i edited the original post to clarify a bit more. hope it helps
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