disgusted impulse [deleted] 1:16pm, 23 April 2008
Hi All!

I'm curious: some people just have a couple of pics from/about Pétanque or Boule. But do you also play yourself?

Myself I've always thrown lightweight (leisure) boules during holidays in France - but recently I've got some 'real' boules (Obut Match120), and I will play now regularly, also at home in Germany.

inetbas 10 years ago
Hello Heiner,

I do play petanque and in competition.
My club is a Belgian club called SPEM


some pictures are here:

Actual the whole family is playing petanque at that club.
My youngest daughter is the top player of us. She represents Flemish Petanque Federation as Belgium Champion in her category.


For the boules I play with Ton'r 690/75.

Mit freundliche Grusse,

My private Petanque/ Boule Place in my garden:

Mein Boule-Platz im Garten

baras99 10 years ago

I am from Lithuania Boules.lt club.
macvee34 9 years ago
Hi I've just joined this group. I play Petanque in England competing in 6 a-side and 9 a-side leagues and regional competitions. I play to the English Petanque Association rules. This Association is affiliated to the French Federation de Petanque. What I would like to know, is everyone worldwide who plays this game, playing to the same rules or are there many different variations and local rules depending on where you are ?
Sandy Austin PRO 9 years ago
Hi - nice to see a group for Petanque. I play at the Herne Bay Club in Auckland (New Zealand), three times - or more a week - socially as well as interclub tournaments.
chrku1 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by chrku1 (member) 7 years ago
Hi, I live in Munich and play pétanque since 1993. In earlier times I played often tournaments around Germany. 1998 I had an accident with my bike and now I like more to make photos from tournaments.
Sometimes I still play tournaments this year Travemünde it's a place
with a beach next to eastsea.
Allez les boules!

You can see pictures on my homepage:
evrYpicturEtellSaLie 7 years ago
I play pétanque on a regular basis. Our Jour fixe in Frankfurt am Main is Sundays at Goetheplatz in the city center.
Check out: www.petanque-frankfurt.de (sorry: german only)
Tina Kino 7 years ago
Hi Horst,

that is looking rather nice!

I live in Berlin, playing since 2009.
MatthewGibPhotography 6 years ago
I play in Gibraltar and I am the competitions secretary for the federation

Just search 'Gibraltar pétanque' on google

Everybody is welcome to come and play

Just email gibraltarpetanque@gmx.fr to arrange a visit
Garret Veley 4 years ago
I learned to play a long time ago while living briefly in France. Now I play whenever I can in the US Pacific Northwest, or anyplace I can find a friendly game.

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