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spɹɐɥɔıɹɥɐuuɐɥ 2:34pm, 6 January 2010
PLR IP Holdings, LLC, owners of the Polaroid™ brand, today announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Lady Gaga, who will serve as creative director for a specialty line of Polaroid Imaging products. The partnership brings together one of the world’s most iconic brands with today’s fastest rising musical artist and cultural trend setter, known for her string of smash global hits including Paparazzi, Bad Romance and Poker Face, her fashion forward design aesthetic and her exceptionally close connection with her fans.

Lady Gaga will make a special appearance at the Polaroid booth at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Thursday, January 7 at 10:45am to talk about her new creative and business relationship with the Polaroid brand.

"I am so proud to announce my new partnership with Polaroid as the creative director and inventor of specialty projects,” said Lady Gaga. “The Haus of Gaga has been developing prototypes in the vein of fashion/technology/photography innovation--blending the iconic history of Polaroid and instant film with the digital era--and we are excited to collaborate on these ventures with the Polaroid brand. Lifestyle, music, art, fashion: I am so excited to extend myself behind the scenes as a designer, and to as my father puts it--finally, have a real job."

“Lady Gaga's broad creative talents and the way she connects with her fans in her own, unique manner made her a natural choice for Polaroid,” said Stephen Miller, co-CEO of PLR IP Holdings. “Polaroid has had a special connection with its customers for years, we are delighted to be partnering with Lady Gaga to continue with that tradition and bring new and exciting products to the next generation."

The partnership with Lady Gaga is the most recent in a string of partner announcements by PLR IP Holdings, LLC (PLR), the new owner of the Polaroid brand. In the past six months, PLR has assembled a family of Polaroid partners for product development, marketing distribution and licensing. Building upon Polaroid’s rich history, the Polaroid partner network will support fans and users of classic Polaroid products and deliver new Polaroid products to a new generation of Polaroid customers while staying true to Polaroid's long-standing values of fun and simplicity.

New products by Polaroid and Lady Gaga are to hit retail shelves starting in late 2010.

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queermountainman 9 years ago
If I'd never seen photos of Lady Gagya, I would have assumed she was a drag queen.

She's hardly Sir Larry. Yet another nail in Polaroid's coffin.

PS: One of the things that made Polaroid a success was the use of Polaroid materials by professional photographers. Hardly folk you'd associate with "fun and simplicity".
Option8 9 years ago
I can honestly say two things:



London Calling! 9 years ago
it's a world gone mad. This is the strangest, most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. What a fucking joke.
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
Expect to see Gaga cams (just like Barbie cams) going for 99p on ebay before the year is out.
At least this news shows that the buyers of the Polaroid name are "serious" about marketing. It's just that the market they are aiming at doesn't match the people in this group.
I don't know where one could get the idea that Polaroid was about Professional Photographers. Yes, Ansel Adams used polaroids. Yet his use of them was for rough compositional guides for his final works done with more sophisticated cameras. Remember the Polaroid OneShot. These were consumer oriented cameras.

I don't really see a connection between Lady Gaga and any kind of photography but she seems to be the flava of the moment and has a large young following. If it brings Polaroid back into full market exposure again than I couldn't have any objection to it.

Back in the day James Garner and Mariette Hartley did ads for Polaroid in the late seventies. The company has a history of using celebs for its promotional endeavors.
planetbh 9 years ago
I am not a Lady Gaga fan, and think it's a big eye roll, but if it helps bring back the old Polaroid products we know and love, then I am all for it!
///Brian Henry 9 years ago
I am laughing so hard.

but I guess it's a good thing for instant film...

unless it's more focused on projector head pieces, tv sunglasses and strobe panties.
AndyWilson 9 years ago
Given that the biggest market for polaroids used be people wishing to take photographs in their bedrooms, maybe someone from a different branch of showbusiness would be more appropriate?

Someone from a home makeover show maybe?
prickly branch [deleted] 9 years ago
omatix 9 years ago
never understood what the fascination is with her...
London Calling! 9 years ago
^ I think the fascination stems from - what the hell ?
oh for F's sake.
• g. • 9 years ago

this was instant fun, indeed.
fixed addition [deleted] 9 years ago
apparently the price for bringing back Polaroid is... this.

Meh- I'm fine with it.
Ghostfury Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Ghostfury (member) 9 years ago
Not a fan of her music, but I like her weird clothes, energy and business attitude.
john_fobes 9 years ago
Anyone for a gag order?
Dustyn Lyon 9 years ago
Is this a film camera or a PoGo type product?
JolietDeltaTango-0505 9 years ago
I thought Nikon was bad using Asston Kutcher to hawk their wares. This is just a travesty.
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
Will she remake the Paparazzi video with a team of people holding Polaroids?
CRTdrone 9 years ago
So is this lady gaga a drag queen? I did a search on google images and I am more confused now, ladyboy?
queermountainman 9 years ago
I love the way people deliberately misread postings.
CRTdrone 9 years ago

Who the fcuk is Lady Gaga? Freddy Mercury and Cindy Lauper love child?

Funny, I would think that would be a good thing if she was.
///Brian Henry 9 years ago
photos, released. OMG.

sneak peak at her first product:


Happy 2010!
barharbor04 9 years ago
@ QMM: HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! ... I would have assumed the same thing!
In fact I might stop fighting the madness and adopt a new image that includes a HUGE Excalibur-type sword regularly strapped to my back while SIMULTANEOUSLY acting real 'queenish' like Dean Stockwell in "Blue Velvet" ... ascot, earrings, cigarette-in-a-holder, hint of mascara, etc. ...

(P.S.: Regarding yesterday's "Yet Another Niche Polaroid Group" comment: The "prodigal tenant" finally did come home. He "merely" risked driving to the local (very near us) Amtrak station whereupon he parked his car in 'longterm parking' and railed-off to visit his father ... presumably to beg him for rent money, no doubt! But I'm still not totally out of the woods yet as his probation ends in April, and if he does wind-up behind bars, his dad's either paying in his absence or he's out!)
omatix 9 years ago
is this for real? or maybe just a gag...a.
CRTdrone Posted 9 years ago. Edited by CRTdrone (member) 9 years ago

If she was wearing a NES Power Glove in her right hand I'd be on board.
David Adam Salinas 9 years ago
lady gaga is fucking stupid....i dont understand why there are soo many people out there with shitty tastes in music. her music sounds like bad pre sets on a groove box.....hahahahah wtf! i feel like the world we live in is like the movie Idiocracy. wow.
e m m a j a y Posted 9 years ago. Edited by e m m a j a y (member) 9 years ago
Like most of you I don't care for her or her tunes.

But consider this - she has a massive target audience that is consumer hungry and are all about jumping on any cleverly-marketed bandwagon that any celeb is paid to spruik.

The fact (above) that she's being used to promote Polaroid should send it's revamped image (and sales) skyrocketing.

The antlers and disco-ball sunnies aren't any sane person's cup of tea, but shit, if it helps the resurrection of Polaroid I guess we should be happy - or should we?

If her celeb-status is being used to flog a digital-style of polaroid then she can get back in that F***ing pool now!

Although, I think that clever bit of photoshopping, the SX-70 on her noggin, may not have anything to do with the new campain at all.

Let's wait and see what is unveiled in Vegas today before we throw her back in the pool ourselves!
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
Right now, there is no musician on the planet that is as popular as Gaga. I don't know how much she is being paid, but her appearance at CES is creating tons of publicity for the Polaroid brand. She's also a kind of role model to millions of (pre-)teen girls. No doubt some of the new camera models will be horribly blingy, but I don't think the (new) Polaroid company could have picked anyone more in tune with youth culture.
All the other companies have celebrity endorsements. (Nikon has Ashton Kutcher for god's sake!)
queermountainman Posted 9 years ago. Edited by queermountainman (member) 9 years ago
Few people seem to agree with any of my views on the history or importance of Polaroid and its products. Nevertheless, I offer the following spew: Polaroid's decline can be traced from the introduction of the Swinger and Colorpack II. They were brilliantly engineered and wildly successful products, but they began the process of cheapening Polaroid's image.

You don't enhance a "high-class" image with inexpensive products, or by no longer advertising your products as being used by professional photographers. You definitely don't market your products at children, who are devoid of taste and intelligence, * and who mindlessly jump from one trend or fashion to another. It might temporarily fatten the coffers, but it will never build a stable base of users.

The problem with Polaroid instant photography is that its basic function -- the pleasure of seeing a good picture right away -- has been largely subsumed by digital photography. If you're going to get people re-interested in Land pictures, it will have to be on the basis of their remaining unique qualities -- not the immediate satisfaction of seeing them. It's unlikely that brainless teenagers will have any interest whatsoever in the niceties of photography.

PS: The one good thing about the promo image is that it revives -- in altered and somewhat distorted form -- the classic "crossed polarizers" Polaroid logo.

* Not that the parents are much better.
barharbor04 9 years ago
Hear hear AGAIN, QMM, very well said. Glad I caught this just before leaving for Saranac Lake / Adirondack Mts. this morning, and like I said previously the ultra-bitter cold is a good "excuse" for finishing-up my small supply of 120 400 B & W for my Christmas Holga. It sure beats chasing windblown paper tabs across a frozen lake or freezing one's own fingers off just trying to keep a print warm in a Cold Clip!
KyleMistry 9 years ago
I'm calling it now: World's first fifty-lens reflex camera, and it'll be a Polaroid.

It'll also have more mirrors on the outside of it than on the inside.

And the film, well. It's special and does what it wants, how it wants. It'll develop on its own accord.

I'm pretty much indifferent to Gaga as a musician/pseudo-fashonista, but putting her as creative director for her own line of Polaroid products is going to be pretty good from a business perspective, at least in the short-term. Possibly very short-term.
KyleMistry 9 years ago
And now, a song.

I wanna hold a model three SX-70
I wanna load it up with 8 shots of Artistic Z
Exposure, composition, photograph of little ducks
And after he's been hooked I'll make the film cost ten more bucks

Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, ohh-oh-e-ohh-oh-oh
I'll take a shot, it comes out the slot
Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, ohh-oh-e-ohh-oh-oh,
I'll take a shot, it comes out the slot

Can't see my, Can't see my
No I can't see my Polaroid
(it will develop soon)
Can't see my, Can't see my
No I can't see my Polaroid
(it will develop soon)

P-P-P-Polaroid, P-P-Polaroid
(Mum mum mum mah)
P-P-P-Polaroid, P-P-Polaroid
(Mum mum mum mah)
tubes. 9 years ago
I was hoping for Pee-wee Herman but oh well.
queermountainman 9 years ago
If we had to had someone "odd" promoting Polaroid, I'd have voted for Brüno.

Sasha Baron Cohen almost certainly could come up with some really funny and genuinely "hip" ads.
• g. • 9 years ago
just quoting the original queen 'radio gaga' lyrics would have been sufficient for the whole thread, imho.

ps: i have nice hips, too.
JolietDeltaTango-0505 9 years ago
Will someone please tell me that the image of Lady GaGa is a cleverly Photoshopped joke and not a real marketing photo? Please?
queermountainman Posted 9 years ago. Edited by queermountainman (member) 9 years ago
As HAL would have said... "I'm sorry, Dave, but I can't do that."
KyleMistry 9 years ago
It's just a Photoshopped joke.

The real thing is going to be much worse.

Or...much better?

I'm looking forward to a dress made entirely out of 600-type shots of the human anatomy corresponding to their placement on the dress.
• g. • 9 years ago
what's the difference between a cleverly photoshopped joke and a real marketing photo?

(i think dave came right after the sorry. the 'but' was what HAL had to learn ;)
• g. • 9 years ago
BUT gisele bundchen already wore a dress out of integral polaroids (in the photo issue of the esquire, october 2004) ...
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
Polaroid exhibit, press conference etc. (Gaga doesn't appear until about 15mins in. (I've not yet watched it all. Press conferences are dull).
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
Would you buy a camera that was (supposedly, but not actually) designed by this woman?
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
P.S. I'm gonna call new fans of Polaroid the "Polarazzi" :)
donwalheim 9 years ago
Well, that pretty much settles it: nothing but digital storage and display devices. Whatever Miss Gaga's creative input will be, it sure isn't going to deviate from the platforms they''ve presented here. Period.
donwalheim 9 years ago
Arty: And the people that pose for the new Polaroid, "The Polarati."
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
donwalheim Yeah. All the info available is in that video presentation. "Lady Gaga is a big fan of Polaroid instant photos... so we're going to carry on trying to be in the top 10 LCD TV and DVD manufacturers".
Brittany Chretien 9 years ago
I'm still not quite sure what to make of all this. :/
///Brian Henry 9 years ago
The press conference started well.
and then everything was zink pogo zink shit.

and they didn't mention the Impossible Project.

And the camera looks like shit too.

I was expecting:

On the bright side. HYPE HYPE HYPE.

R.I.P. Polaroid.
geoffy 9 years ago
i'm actually kind of excited....
but i bet it will just be pogo stuff, which would be lame
e m m a j a y 9 years ago
Brian Henry:
You are very clever ;->
You're right on the money with your interpretations . . . very creative
Think the hairy bow might need to be a little spikier ;->
Meleager 9 years ago
My kids like her. The rumors of her being a guy have been around for a long time, but before she was "Lady Gaga" she had a well known history as a singer songwriter, and is clearly a girl. Anyway she's a huge star, so for Polaroid to have booked her is a good thing in my book.
queermountainman 9 years ago
I've seen enough transvestites and transsexuals in my day to be reasonably certain that Lady Gaga is fully female. But I could be wrong.
tubes. 9 years ago
If it bothers you when people call you a hipster for using Polaroid, just wait until they say "You're just into Polaroid because of Lady Gaga."
• g. • 9 years ago
queermountainman 9 years ago
@tubes. ... That is exactly the point.

Lady G is being used to promote a product, regardless of its utility or merits. Polaroid used famous spokespeople -- everyone from Steve Allen to Laurence Olivier -- but the (uh) focus was always on the product and what it could do -- not the person selling it. \

Why should anyone buy something because somebody famous endorses it? Big deal.
memoirs-in-digital Posted 9 years ago. Edited by memoirs-in-digital (member) 9 years ago
As to the male-female question - there are some nude and clothed erotic (not porn unless you are a Republican) images floating on the net and published in Vogue Hommes Japan. They were done by a famous Japanese photographer - Nobuyoshi Araki.

She is female.

I know about the images because there was a mention on a blog I follow with a couple of thumbnails. Looks like something out of a 50s magazine (hard light, deep shadows - flash bulb feel) that somebody put paint splotches on. One of the images could have been shot on peel apart......

Her demographic has a lot of spending power. Maybe it will bring in enough money to get a small stockpile of newer film.
AndyWilson 9 years ago
I do feel like Polaroid are taking advantage of all the work that TIP have done in getting publicity for instant film.
tubes. 9 years ago
Agree with Andy. Seems like they're treating them like their supply warehouse rather than the people that brought it back from the dead.
Option8 9 years ago
The "polaroid" that gave it all up no longer exists since Petters...one could only speculate if the current "Petters 2.0" holding company ran it during that time if things would be different.
moominsean Posted 9 years ago. Edited by moominsean (member) 9 years ago
i'm indifferent to lady gaga...not my kind of music. but i find it hard to believe that the title "creative director" is a literal title. that would imply that she is in charge of all the design, adwork, etc. and employees actually answer to her. my guess is that she is more of a spokesperson, and that they may design stuff around her image, or she may have some input into design with approval by an ad or art department.

but i don't know anything about her. maybe she has a master's in design from some big art school. she is 23...plenty of time to gain ample experience in the world of design. ha.

of course, it does just say a "specialty line". that's like saying there is a specialty line of barbie branded polaroid materials. gimmicks to sell to a certain population.
Airchinapilot 9 years ago
This is the same thing as celebrity perfumes. Do you think they actually do any chemistry?
nostalgic lettuce [deleted] 9 years ago
Ahhhh... so she was exposed to Nobu Araki... There you go. The most prolific Polaroid shooter ever (aguably?).
Here is an example of one of his exhibitions, 6000 polaroids stuck on 3 walls last July!
POLART 6000 Nobuyoshi Araki 01
Perhaps she was affected by him in some way?
b=o=b Posted 9 years ago. Edited by b=o=b (member) 9 years ago
The fact that you can't buy the film at B&H, but you can at Urban Outfitters, says it all (I mean about where "Polaroid" marketing energy is going).

P.S. Lady Gaga = Madonna = who cares = it's all the same = anyway
queermountainman 9 years ago
I don't like repeating myself, but this needs repeating... Land photography should be appealing to consumers because it is itself appealing -- not because some dork-of-the-moment is promoting it. The "ideal" celebrity spokesperson is someone who demonstrates what can be done with Land photography that you can't do with digital -- because that's the only way you're going to sell it to a new market.

When Polaroid introduced practical instant photography in 1948, it was an instant success, beyond what even Dr Land expected. * People loved having photos right-on-the-spot, and that love continued for another half-century. Digital photography is almost as good -- it lets you see an image immediately, and if you want a copy, you can run one off on your printer, or shove your memory card into the printing kiosk at Costco. ** Distributing your sanpshots is a simple as attaching them to e-mail. Where does this leave Dr Land's amazing invention?

Land photography has its place; it would be unfortunate if it disappeared. For it to live long and prosper, it needs to develop a stable user base of adults who, for whatever reasons, enjoy using Land materials on a regular basis. You cannot develop such a base by pushing instant photography at nitwit teenagers! ***

Buggy whips are a great product -- if you own a horse and buggy. But not enough people do to justify making them. **** All technology eventually becomes obsolescent, then obsolete. Land photography currently sits on the dividing line between escent and ete. We might have to accept the fact that there will never again be a large enough market to support a wide variety of instant-picture materials at reasonable prices, let alone new, high-quality cameras.

If this disturbs you, take comfort (???) in the thought that conventional silver photography is also threatened, and will eventually be used only by enthusiasts working with materials that are expensive and hard to obtain.

PS: I hope to find time this weekend to post some of my better 'roids. I have been lax in this.

* Jordan-Marsh sold out all the cameras and film the first day. This was amazing, as the camera cost $95, a week's pay for many people.

** When I visited the Immortal Beloved in 2007, I shot a roll of color-print film, which we had developed at Costco while we ate and browsed. This was almost as enjoyable as Polaroid shots, and the image quality was far superior. I was also able to use a more-versatile camera with a zoom lens, and take a wider variety of pictures. Bigger, too -- 4×6 rather than 3×4. And they cost half as much as Polaroid prints did 40 years earlier.

*** It was believed the Swinger would create a new generation of Colorpack users, but this apparently did not happen.

**** I stand corrected: jedediahsbuggywhip.com
larrymac 9 years ago
Option8 Really? I guess I'm glad that a) I have a scanned a few of my instant shots and uploaded them to flicker, and b) that I usually don't bother actively posting to this group.

I hate scanning. Hate it hate it hate it. I have several hundred instant shots in my closet, from Mio/Instax Mini to Spectra to Chocolate from the ProPack to 669 from the Vivitar slide priner. I can't be arsed to scan even a small fraction of them. I still have a mini-fridge packed with all kinds of film, and I won't be scanning many of the shots resulting from that either. Maybe @underneath doesn't even have a scanner. If you want to disagree with him/her, that's fine, but to I don't see in the group information that some photographers are more equal than others.

On topic, I think the Lady Gaga thing is great for the Polaroid brand that exists today. I don't think it does much at all for instant photography and I don't think it's sustainable. But for getting heard above all the noise at CES, instead of just mentioned at the end of an article about the latest in 3-D television? Bravo for PLR.
filmwasters 9 years ago
> As to the male-female question - there are some nude and clothed
> erotic (not porn unless you are a Republican) images floating on the
> net and published in Vogue Hommes Japan. They were done by a
> famous Japanese photographer - Nobuyoshi Araki.

> She is female.

At the time of the Rathole Gallery exhibition, Araki was male:
Nick Leonard has some good shots of Lady Gaga on Flickr speaking about being the new Creative Director for Polaroid at the Polaroid booth inside the CES show.
AndyWilson Posted 9 years ago. Edited by AndyWilson (member) 9 years ago
but Lady Gaga isn't a man - which was the point.

And as for QM's continuing denigration of "hipster teenagers" - you may not remember but most teenagers turn into something resembling adults, with disposable incomes, hobbies and influence.

Selling to them is EXACTLY what you need to do to build an interest in instant photography.

I first bought an SLR partly as a result of seeing Blow Up in the 70s. Thought I'd be a trendy young guy irrestistable to the chicks.

Didn't work. Never did get to frolick with a couple of models in a studio though :(

I am spending silly amounts of money on photo stuff 30 or so years later though.
JolietDeltaTango-0505 9 years ago
Look what hipster teenagers did for Lomo and Holga and Diana...
queermountainman 9 years ago
And who gives a damn about what hipster teenagers think or feel or like or dislike?
JolietDeltaTango-0505 9 years ago
Who gives a damn about what old Polaroid snobs think? Apparently not Polaroid.
sweet distin 9 years ago
yay! this is fun :)
barharbor04 9 years ago
I came back from the beautiful Adirondack Mountains to the most corrupt state's Capital District for THIS bickering?! The Saranac Lake village Army-Navy store there is for sale ... I just might go to the MOB for a loan, even if my Christmas Holga's shutter almost froze up there (leaving my Model 800 home this time was a smart move indeed)!

"Montani semper liberi" (and I turned 53 TODAY too!)
sweet distin 9 years ago
happy birthday, oldie!
instant satisfaction 9 years ago
a CNBC interview with Lady Gaga about her role at Polaroid. The interview is rather light on details about the new products but she sounds pretty serious about her role:
From another source: "Lady GaGa insisted her involvement in product design went much further than simply endorsements and marketing campaigns, and posted a picture of herself on Twitter holding up her new Polaroid business card."
prickly branch [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by prickly branch (member) 9 years ago
Everybody was a teenage hipster once, and every teenage hipster eventually becomes a cantankerous old fart (barring an early demise).

Any kind of publicity can be spun into good publicity, blah blah blah.

edit: happy birthday!
moominsean 9 years ago
one thing i've always found odd is how quickly people dismiss stars and musicians, as if they can't enjoy the exact same things as the rest of us. maybe she really digs polaroids. maybe she takes a lot of polaroids. who the hell knows? but being famous doesn't automatically make your likes and dislikes inaccessible to the general population. the media may make it seem that way and that famous people are all oddballs and couldn't possibly have a brain or like mac and cheese, etc., but there are just as many nutters in amongst the "normals"...they just don't get publicity, and i'm sure just as many goofy famous people like lady gaga like most of the same things we do. she is just in a position to do something different with it.
napagels 9 years ago
What I don't get is all the hipster/bulldagger kids that I know who actually like Lady Gaga.
queermountainman 9 years ago
You have it backwards, moominsean. My problem isn't whether Ms G likes or dislikes photography in general, or instant photography in particular. It's rather that she is being used to promote instant cameras and photography to people who are easily (and pointelssly) swayed by celebrities.

It's not like, say, Ansel Adams telling the viewer how some of his best photos were taken with Polaroid materials. Adams' fame is secondary to the quality of the photographs.
sweet distin 9 years ago
i'm sure she doesn't mind being "used" and i'm sure that the teens will be rushing to buy polaroids because of her.

it's fun, gaga is fun, being a teenager is fun, polaroids are fun, what's the problem?
queermountainman 9 years ago
Of course she doesn't mind being used * -- she's being paid, isn't she? The problem is that getting teenagers to buy Polaroid products because someone "fun" promotes them does nothing to reestablish a stable base of users.

I never had fun as a teenager, and rarely had fun as an adult. Life is not about "having fun", and all but one of the friends I had any fun with are dead. See my Flickr page.

* The emphasis in my posting was on "promote", not "used".
sweet distin 9 years ago
well i think getting more people to use polaroids is exactly what you need to do to get a growing number of people becoming 'stable users'.

and i'm really very sorry about the fun part.
sx70manipulator 9 years ago
After watching the interview (thanks ) it seems that she understands Polaroid's branding better than Petters. It also sounds like she'll be pushing Zink and not film (even though I don't think anyone can save Zink). I don't see how this is a bad thing. Hiring one of the "hottest" pop stars to promote your product seems like a smart thing to do if you want a to appeal to a younger market.

She also mentions "several web sites" that were devoted to Polaroid film. Maybe she's even submitted her photo to Save Polaroid under her "real" name...what ever that is. Who knows, maybe she's always been a fan.

I'm just glad Polaroid is investing in promoting photography (I'm sure she wasn't cheap) and not crappy televisions.
instant satisfaction 9 years ago
"Wearing a black see-through dress and a blonde sunhat made entirely out of her own hair, she described herself as a “Polaroid girl” and said she was “outraged” when the company filed for bankruptcy in 2001."

I think you are right. I also had the impression that she wanted to save the iconic look of polaroid film but not necessarily through film. For what it's worth, these are headphones she designed and presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas:
Felix Owl 9 years ago
Some bitter old men in here, eh!

Polaroid doesn't need Gaga. But she helps bring in a new audience.

The minute they start selling Polaroid film again is all that matters. The market is and always was there.
moominsean 9 years ago
qmm: i don't think most companies are interested in building a stable base of customers anymore...it's all about "how much money can i make today?"

and using celebrities to sell products is certainly nothing new. you may not like the current celebrities, but it's been going on a looong time.
///Brian Henry 9 years ago
I'm curious what everyone expected out of Polaroid in 2010, without Gaga being hired? We knew they were going to put out new film cameras and we knew they would put out their more "modern" digital things.

Having someone step in an take interest in creating something new and different, doesn't seem like such a bad thing to me. I admit, I thought the Gaga thing was a joke and that it was a hint that the end of the world was coming, but I think I'm starting to like the idea of it. At least after seeing her speak in the interview, I have a new respect for her.

Polaroid obviously can't bring back instant film. They don't even own a factory to do so. Those of us who have worked with Polaroid FILM for years, (decades for some), all probably have a harder time grasping the concept of this pogo shit.... but the I guess the idea is the same??? (Though I hate to admit it).

While the main focus of Gaga will probably be creating these new instant photography products, I hope it will encourage people to shoot the Impossible Films; it can't do any harm to the Impossible Film, considering they will be designing cameras for the product.

Regardless of what people have to say on these Flickr groups, there is a whole (unbiased) world out there.

People here seem to think they can predict the future.
queermountainman 9 years ago
From my perspective, there is and always has been something "magical" about Land photography, something you don't get from conventional photography. Perhaps it's the way the act of "making" the picture falls so close in time to the act of taking it. And then there is the fun of experiencing that little photographic masterpiece you didn't expect when you pressed the shutter button.

In his typically hyperbolic fashion, Dr Land described instant photography as a completely new kind of human experience. If you don't get some of that feeling, you'll probably never be much interested in instant pictures (especially the peel-apart kind).
barharbor04 9 years ago
@ QMM: (I'm completely sober, all thawed-out, AND re-acclimated to the lower altitudes now by the way!) While it was my dad's 110A that made me love both instant photography and the 'sterile, otherworldly' world of black & white as well, I'm also a realist, and the veneration of realism and 'naked' common sense often means a compromising of one's theoretical absolute values.

I do like the instant thrill, BUT if an extenuating photographic circumstance (such as my Adirondack trip) makes this extremely difficult-to-impossible, I choose conventional film. This is the REAL reason why integral became so popular, and NOT because its first representative could barely fit inside a suit jacket pocket as you seem to eternally believe. Now if a photo geek like myself believes that 'peel-apart is sometimes a royal pain', then how do you think the average 'Joe/Jane' will feel? Probably more negative, I'd guess!

I still say a QUALITY integral / digital hybrid would have had the best potential for financially saving Polaroid, and if they were serious about preserving peel-apart's best aspect, they never should have discontinued Type 665 P/N.
napagels 9 years ago
Queer Mountain is right! Life is not about having fun, it's about checking forums and message boards on the internet 70 times a day. I never had any fun when I was a kid either, and boy am I sure bitter as hell about it. Damn you all to hell!!!!!
Felix Owl 9 years ago
QMM - you do have a habit of being quite rude about certain demographics, namely people under 60. How about you just post some more pictures!

What do you do on Flickr if not post pictures?
queermountainman 9 years ago
I have close to zero respect for people under 30. Most are poorly educated, know little about anything, and are mostly interested in what is new, hip, or trendy. Big effing deal.

What I do here is try to help people with Polaroid questions.
amuderick 9 years ago
now now qmm...don't be too old and grumpy. ;-) many of us fall into that category.
moominsean Posted 9 years ago. Edited by moominsean (member) 9 years ago
i think most people over 30 fall into the exact same category, except they don't know what's hip or trendy, as well.

and respect is earned through actions, not age or position.
Felix Owl 9 years ago
Say's it all really, QMM. God, you must be lonely.
j0ames 9 years ago
I think that if gaga actually has some input into the design of Polaroid cameras she could do it right. She has the style to understand how beautiful the older cameras were. I think we should give her a chance.
JolietDeltaTango-0505 9 years ago
qmm: Just because you didn't have fun as a kid does that mean nobody is allowed to have fun ever again?

Big deal. You hate everything new. I hate Lady GaGa too, but I really don't give a crap if she's hired to promote Polaroid. You don't have to look at her. Go take some f'n pictures and quit yer bitchin'.
philippe* 9 years ago
Don't be unfair with QMM, please! He IS actually helping people, he has a great sense of humour ("why would I kiss someone without a beard", haha, can't forget this one) and, above all, I love when he quotes french. His analysis are relevant and I even like his grumpy side. And I find life difficult, too, that doen't mean we're not allowed to have fun (on the contrary)...
barharbor04 9 years ago
@ philippe*: Don't forget it was I who first INSTIGITATED QMM to make the "beard" remark - apparently hot-looking 'trannies' don't do anything for him if you recall. I also used to love when Snoopy the dog went through his "French" phase and conclude comic panels with phrases like "How blase", "How blanche", "How gauche", etc ...

But Good Grief, QMM, you really DO have to be a 'photo-geek' to put up with peel-apart's goo and litter - it just 'taint gonna go mainstream anymore and ultimately Polaroid axed first what should REALLY have been last as far as pack-films go: 665 P/N. In fact once I bought my Spectra in the 1990's I entirely stopped shooting Polacolor pack film altogether, and stand by my last post.
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