Seb Huruguen 6:15pm, 6 September 2008
Hello everyone i'm a french Tokina user since it release in 2007, i actually use it on a 1D mark II body, but i've used it on a 400D body too.

So here is a personnal artical / test written in french about the Tokina 10-17 fisheye and the other fisheye lens, a review of the fisheye possibilities for DSL-R with small sensors...

Here it is in french :

Here is the google translate english version :

Seb Huruguen -
brawny haircut [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by brawny haircut (member) 10 years ago
Examples are fascinating. I can see hood on your full frame. Is this how my DA 10-17mm fisheye zoom pictures will look on a full frame pentax body sometimes soon?!

thank you, I'll keep APS-C sized sensor body for now.

The lenses are identical by the depth of field, their optical quality, their strong CA as well.

Seb Huruguen 10 years ago
Yes, but the 1D mark II is not full frame, it's APS-H sensor (x1.3), between APS-C (x1.6) and full frame (x1) sensor size.
It's the 1Ds and 5D witch are full frame sensors.

On my 1D i've to zoom between 12 and 13mm focal if i don't want to see the sun hood in the pictures, it's logical. That's what i show on the second pictures.
Joseph Bergdoll 10 years ago
Because the 1D sensor is bigger you're seeing the lens hood at 10mm... you still get the same distortion at 12mm on a APS-H that you would at 10mm on a APS-C. If you put it on a full frame body, hypothetically you should get the same amount of distortion with no hood at 16mm.
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